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texxtoor Business Model
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texxtoor Business Model


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  • 1. texxtoorExpert’s Knowledge.Made Online.
  • 2. The Innovations at a Glance
  • 3. Innovations at a Glance Free Content – Open Content Augmentation consolidates media Collaborative production – empowering the authors Customized printing on demand
  • 4. Free Content –Open Content Free Access  Many Readers online & offline Automatic app creation
  • 5. Augmentation Consolidates Media Printed Books as „third“ screen SmartPhone & eBook compatible
  • 6. Collaborative Production Empowered authors through reused content Delivers content Takes content Adds more Delivers new content
  • 7. CustomizedCreation on Demand Everybody gets „his or her“ content Free combination of content parts Segments and fragments, semantically tagged with revolutionary editor technology
  • 8. Revenues and Flow of Money at a Glance
  • 9. Revenues – ForSources Context and Usage Sensitive Ads Premium Services (Subscription) Printed and Augmented Copies Distinct Rights for Commercial Use
  • 10. ContextSensitive Ads High quote of returning users High click-through rate Exact knowledge about our users Precisious and long lasting user profiles
  • 11. Premium Services Ad free areas Collaboration on content Private content Access to customized printing Access to customized apps (iOS, Android, Windows 8, and more)
  • 12. Printing on Demand Legacy print ordered by the authors Printing on Demand Printing of custom formats
  • 13. Marketing of Rights Rights for classic publishers Studies and whitepapers for enterprises
  • 14. Technical and Organisational Realisation
  • 15. How does it work How publishers and authors earn more than ever before How a classic media becomes more attractive How free authors are able to create more and better content How reader does pay only for what they really want
  • 16. Free Content Content is available for free Revenues are generated through Advertisments, rights, premium subscription Commercial publishers pay as well All revenues are shared among the authors through a simple formula
  • 17. Augmentation texxtoor-Tags in the printed book Scan with Webcam and Smartphone Activates active content through an App, Link into Web, Video/Audio, augmented reality
  • 18. Collaborative Creation Author publishes content Other refine, extend, add, change, adapt:  Translator translates into another language  Designer add images, graphics, drawings  Editors revamp the text, cajoling it into another style  Lecturer watch quality and consistency  Experts correct content Revenues will be shared among participants
  • 19. Customized Printing Print as many pages as really needed Exactly the content the reader wants Has its very own comments and annotations added to any media In any circulation, starting with 1 copy On all media (eBook/EPUB, Web, Tablets, Smartphones, …)
  • 20. Contact Augmented Books GmbH c/o Jörg Krause Hafersteig 113 D-12683 Berlin +49/(0)172/324 31 89