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Video presentation final 1080p

  1. 1. The Basics of Video Marketing
  2. 2. What do we want to accomplish today? I want to give you your whys for doing video You should be able to go home tonight and set up a YouTube channel You should be able to do a video tonight with existing equipment What equipment do you need?
  3. 3. How to upload and then make sure the video is seen by the public? What do we video about and how often? How to spread it to social media? Introduction to multimedia and listing creation sites How to use video for email?
  4. 4. My Top Ten You Tube Facts 1. It is owned by Google 2. Over 6 billion hours are watched each month 3. 100 hours are uploaded every minute 4. It is the second largest search engine, Google being the first
  5. 5. 5. reaches more 18-34 year olds than any cable channel 6. Millions sign up every day 7. 190 million Americans watched 75.6 Billion videos in January 8. $8 Billion will be spent on online video ads by 2016 9. It is estimated that no more than 4% of REALTORS® use video 10. Probably 1% do it consistently
  6. 6. The Small Bang Theory You don’t have to be Grumpy Cat or Sweet Brown to be successful in connecting with clients on YouTube. Here is an example of this theory: 6 new listings per year at $8000 per listing=$48,000 12 new buyers per year at $6000 per buyer sale=$72,000 6 homes listings where you sold the both sides at $8,000=$48,000 6 FISBO conversions to listings at $6000=$36,000
  7. 7. If you could connect with 30 new clients and have commissions equaling $198,000 from video, would that make you happy? If you paid $400 for a custom YouTube channel setup with branding and video bumpers, $385 for a video studio home setup, and $960 per year for outsourcing your complete video editing to achieve $198,000 in sales, isn’t that a great return on investment?
  8. 8. Easy Video Recording
  9. 9. Home Studio Equipment
  10. 10. The essentials of your YouTube channel 1. First you name the channel
  11. 11. The essentials of your YouTube channel 2. Create a branded banner
  12. 12. The essentials of your YouTube channel 3. Picture of our agency or ourselves
  13. 13. The essentials of your YouTube channel 4. Hyperlink a website or landing page
  14. 14. The essentials of your YouTube channel 5. Create an Intro Video
  15. 15. The essentials of your YouTube channel 6. Be sure to follow NAR social media guidelines of identity
  16. 16. The essentials of your YouTube channel 7. Subscribe button
  17. 17. The essentials of your YouTube channel 8. Playlists
  18. 18. Completed Channel
  19. 19. Simple elements of a YouTube video The intro should be either a spoken bumper or a graphic bumper or both and identify who you are. “This is Joe Pryor with The Virtual Real Estate Team in Oklahoma City”.
  20. 20. Remember that YouTube has voice recognition so keyword phrasing with geography, real estate, or real estate specifics are important. Just don’t game the system and speak authentically and conversationally like you were talking one on one with a client face to face and that includes eye contact. Unless it is complex information try to keep your video less than 4 minutes to not lose your audience. Remember that series work well and can be put in a playlist and think about two 3-minute videos instead of 1 six-minute video.
  21. 21. Make sure that you add a call to action at the end so that they have a reason to email or call you. “New home construction is rising quickly along with interest rates so contact me now while your dream home is still affordable”. The exit also should be a spoken and/or bumper that again includes you and possibly your slogan or positioning statement. “This is Joe Pryor with The Virtual Real estate Team in Oklahoma City where we deliver traditional real estate values at the speed of technology”.
  22. 22. What can I video about? Community and market based videos connect with 86% of online house hunters. People want to know about where they are buying and what is around them that matters.
  23. 23. Listing videos connect with 70% of potential online homebuyers. The presentations can be video, virtual tours, or multimedia presentations. How to or informative videos connect with 54% of all people who do general real estate searches. This can be your expertise and is most effective in a series but on a playlist.
  24. 24. Testimonials connect with 30% of buyers and sellers but should be considered a rising category as more REALTORS® create them. They are the most believable and maybe the best time to do them is at closing. About me or us connect with 25% of online real estate searches but to get bigger numbers they should be value based so that it becomes about them more than you.
  25. 25. The uploading process Clicking the upload button After the upload button is clicked
  26. 26. Managing your video settings (basic) Adding a title Adding a description Adding tags
  27. 27. Managing your video settings (advanced) Adding a category Adding a date Adding a location
  28. 28. How to network the video
  29. 29. Outsourcing your video work If you want to create personal branding you can use or to create banners, positioning statement or slogan. Use or to hire someone to customise your channel. Use outsourcing to find a video editor who will be able to create your video bumpers, use your uncompressed video to create an MP4 and edit it for you.
  30. 30. Most of this work is going to be coming from outside the United States and you will be getting multiple and competitive bids to get your business. Once you have established these relationships you can keep going back to the same expert or experts. Learn how to use and how to share a folder with your expert. Raw video is large and difficult if not impossible to share by email.
  31. 31. Using HDHat and Animoto for Home Videos puts together your videos with music and narration and is also a video store for equipment and accessories.
  32. 32. is a combination of a video, multimedia, and PowerPoint like presentation site where you create home videos, personal about me real estate videos, or community videos.
  33. 33. Video marketing for email The Pro version is $99 a year. It can be branded but one bit of caution is that it uses Adobe Flash so if using a MAC there will be a time delay. This is going away in the next few months.
  34. 34. This is a more sophisticated program with many more templates for email messages like newsletters, birthday greetings, etc. It is also more expensive with 1-500 contacts at $25 a month or a yearly contract that discounts you 30%.
  35. 35. Wrap up and questions Thank you for coming. This presentation will also be available on I will get you the web address location after this session.