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Rotary International uses Social Media to tell their story. This presentation includes case studies and resources available to effectively uses social media as a communication channel.

Rotary International uses Social Media to tell their story. This presentation includes case studies and resources available to effectively uses social media as a communication channel.

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  • Introduction Slide
  • Public Relations is all about telling your story. Everyone in this room has a story to tell and in order for Rotary to continue to grow in membership as well as become a credible organization, we must tell our stories. Over the course of this presentation, I will share the resources that are available to Rotary clubs in your region.
  • Unlike major corporations like Coca-cola, Nike or Toyota, Rotary does not have billions of dollars to spend on marketing and advertising. [Slide Transition] However, Rotary’s strength lies in its 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs around the world – strength that can rival that of many large corporations. Rotary International’s Board of Directors confirms that improving Rotary’s public image is critical to making our organization a vibrant community force. At the same, Rotary leaders also recognize the challenges of developing a public image campaign that will work in every community around the world. Public relations efforts are vital to Rotary’s continued growth and service. Creating a positive image for Rotary is the responsibility of every Rotarian, both locally and globally. Effective PR campaigns build positive, strong relationships with their audiences. Think local and act local reminds us that All News is Local, and starts at the local level. Rotary International’s Board of Directors confirms that improving Rotary’s public image is critical to making our organization a vibrant community force in the new Rotary century.
  • Today I will share with you resources that will support you in your new role as Rotary Public Image Coordinator We provide Rotary clubs and districts with creative resources including pre-produced advertisements including: video, radio, print, billboard and Internet as well as counsel to help you share the Rotary Story 2) We provide you with financial resources including Rotary’s District PR Grant 3) Finally we provide you with human resources through the Public Relations Division. Each region has a media specialist to help you share the Rotary story.
  • Creative Resources Rotary’s Humanity in motion public service announcements are p re-produced: television, radio, print, billboard and Internet materials available in nine languages. Rotary Clubs are encouraged to customize materials to create a more regional message. The focus again -- is on telling our story: how the power of working together -- or building communities – such as improving literacy, and providing clean water, ending polio and Rotary’s programs and network that promote peace and understanding. All of Rotary’s public relations tools can be previewed at
  • Here are a few examples of Rotary’s pre-produced Humanity in motion materials
  • Over the last year, we have worked with a company that works to harness the power of entertainment for the benefit of nonprofits. Our celebrity outreach strategy, not only includes securing their participation in our new campaign, but also encouraging their participation in polio immunization activities.. The top-tier celebrities incorporate a mix of areas, including film, sports, philanthropy, entertainment and music.
  • Our new Media Center makes it easier than ever to download Broadcast Quality video, high resolution ads and radio-ready announcements. We are currently migrating all of RI’s creative content to this site. It also serves as another place to share Rotary news and easily add video, images. You can download This Close campaign materials in your language directly from this site
  • Here are a few examples how Rotary clubs have already worked to place these ads.
  • Effective Public Relations guide offers insight on PR 101, PR writing, media training, case studies, beyond traditional media. It is a purchase item. It also has a section on new media and includes new case studies of how clubs have had success with their PR efforts The Media Crisis Handbook helps clubs and districts implement a crisis strategy and offers communication tips while dealing with the media in times of crisis. Both resources will be updated this year
  • Rotary PR Tips reaches more than 13,000 people in 120 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Many of the topics featured in this electronic-newsletter focus on social media and ways Rotarians can utilize it to promote Rotary
  • Global Outlook: This guide was featured in the February issue of the Rotarian magazine – as well as the 31 regional Rotary magazines filled with information and tools to better equip your club to strengthen the Public Image of Rotary
  • This 27-minute DVD can help you share Rotary in many ways: as an inspirational club program, to introduce the organization to prospective members, or to encourage public service in your community. Clubs are also encouraged to take this DVD to local community access television stations. Working with the station, you may be able to have all or part of This Is Rotary broadcast to your community. The station may also be interested in learning about – and reporting on – what your local club is doing. Order at
  • To date, the feedback we have received from the PR Grant program has been very positive. In effect, the PR grants function as seed money -- With some funding support from RI, districts are able to extend and multiply the dollar value of the program to promote Rotary. The program budget for 2010-11 was US$2 million allocated throughout the world. Each grant included: at least 1/3 matching contribution from the district And, each grant is required to have some donated value from the partner media. Here is where the dollar value is multiplied as districts use contacts to gain price discounts or donations from media – donations can be extra airtime on TV or radio, additional billboards and print ads or other discounts on typical prices. - RI Received approx US$12.1 million in paid placements
  • Working with a public relations firm for placement, the three districts of Spain (Districts 2201, 2202, and 2203) placed Humanity in Motion Street, transit and billboards promoting Rotary’s efforts to end polio to improve Rotary’s public image in Spain
  • As part of a multidistrict grant, Districts 5130, 5150, 5160, 5170 placed Rotary’s This Close advertisements in the airport on buses and on billboards throughout the San Francisco Bay Area Photo provided by District 5170
  • The capitol building in Puerto Rico was illuminated with an End Polio Now message which was part of an integrated campaign that included billboards, radio and interviews with media.
  • Changes for next year include: Increase in funding per district from US$10,000 to US$15,000
  • Our final resource is human – and that is the most powerful one we have: Rotary’s 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs around the world Rotarians who are in public relations, marketing, journalism or have working knowledge of communications. They are there as a resource for you. The talents and abilities of the 40+ members of the president-appointed Public Image Coordinators Ideally, you can help the group in one of their key goals. Training -- support and conduct PR sessions at major Rotary training events. Together you are integral parts of the leadership team for the zone. RI Public Relations staff – we are here to help.
  • Social Media is all about telling your story online I am proud to report that Rotary is using social media to reach both Rotarians and non Rotarians like never before. I would like to start off by sharing a short video that demonstrates what social media is, why we are using it, and how we are using it.
  • Short video launches
  • With over 50% of the world’s population under the age of 30… many of them currently spend several hours a day using social media to connect to others on line – as well as receive and share content. This is the generation that is causing the culture shift and by utilizing social media, this is our opportunity to share what Rotary is and what Rotary does with a new audience. If we go to where they are, who knows what kind of exposure Rotary will receive. What are we telling this audience about Rotary? but more importantly, what are they saying about Rotary
  • Social media is a conversation. Click slide. (Allowing people to connect online --. to create, share and comment on content such as: News Photos Video It can be used for compelling reasons – such as support for causes, disaster relief, as well as enhancing an organization’s public image. A very powerful communication tool that breaks down the walls between people around the world. Just remember, Its all about your story
  • For Rotary, social media is important: Technology is changing how people communicate. Members have always talked to each other, now with social media we can facilitate this interaction as well as introduce Rotary to new audiences Social Media allows RI to learn more about what interests Rotarians at the grassroots level – we can listen and learn from our members more easily. We also see social media as an external communication tool where we can introduce Rotary to new audiences through inspirational stories, images and videos about the work of Rotary including potential members, younger members. It also provides a platform for Rotarians to connect. Lastly. Social Media increases traffic to . This increased web traffic can provide visitors with more information about Rotary and can encourage them to become a part of Rotary
  • Now, let’s look at a few ways Rotary is using social media
  • With over 116,000 Fans on Facebook, Rotary is sharing its story through images and video to new audiences. Every time Rotary posts new content to this page, each one of its 116,000+ fans receives that content directly in their personal news feed. This is significant outreach and allows us to extend further with new audiences.
  • Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting . Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations. The great thing about Twitter is that you don’t have to tweet to receive value from it. You may start by following Rotary along with our other 87,000 followers Look for more PR stories and tips on twitter this year
  • LinkedIn allows Rotarians around the world to connect with each other better. Sign up to interact with the more than - 13,000 active members in Rotary discussions now.
  • YouTube makes it easy to share and embed video. Visit YouTube to watch and embed Rotary videos on your website or blog
  • Anyone can upload images to this interactive photo sharing site. Experience the Family of Rotary through our Flickr Page
  • Let me tell you more about the resources we have to support you using social media
  • Everyone should know where to find Rotary’s official social media page. Visit Join a network and see what we’re doing Interact with us and others start sharing Rotary’s story through video, images, news, comments. If you have an Interact or Rotaract club… invite them to be involved. Visit to listen to past social media webinars from earlier this year
  • If you already have a social networking account, you should know that every news story on comes equipped with share buttons. We have also added these share buttons to each of our press releases as well. Little steps like these… travel very far online
  • Global Outlook: This guide was featured in the November issue of the Rotarian magazine – as well as the 31 regional Rotary magazines filled with information and tools to better equip your club.
  • In closing. Public Relations is simply telling a story. All of these tools just facilitate you to share it easier and faster. These are just new channels to help you share your story with the world. I encourage you to: Try it out, take risks, but most importantly… have fun with this


  • 1. 2011-12 RPIC Training Meeting PR Resources and Social Media Jane Lawicki Public Relations Division
  • 2. Resources to help you tell the Rotary Story
  • 3. 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs around the world
  • 4. Rotary’s PR Division Support
    • Creative resources
    • Financial resources
    • Human resources
  • 5. Creative Resources
  • 6. Humanity in Motion PSA campaign Download at
  • 7. Sample Print Ads
  • 8. ‘ This Close’ Global PSA Campaign
  • 9.
  • 10. This Close placements
  • 11. Training materials
  • 12.
  • 13. Global Outlook: Public Image
  • 14. This is Rotary DVD
  • 15.
  • 16. 2010-11 PR Grants Grants In millions (US$) $2.2M $1.2M $8.7 District Contribution In Kind Donations Public Relations Value $12.1
  • 17. Spain
  • 18. California
  • 19. Puerto Rico
  • 20.
    • Up to US$15,000 per district
    • Districts must contribute one-third match
    • Early bird deadline: 15 July 2011
    • Application deadline: 15 August 2011
    • Applications available at
    2011-12 PR Grants
  • 21. Rotary’s 1.2 million members People Rotary has helped Rotary Public Image Resource Group (Public Image Coordinators) RI Public Relations staff [email_address] Human Resources
  • 22. Rotary & Social Media
  • 23.  
  • 24.  
  • 25. Social media is a conversation
  • 26. Rotary’s Strategy
    • Listen and learn
    • Communicate to new audiences
    • Connect better in the 21 st Century
  • 27. Our Social Media Presence
  • 28.
  • 29.
  • 30. Linkedin
  • 31.
  • 32. Flickr
  • 33. Rotary Social Media Resources
  • 34.
  • 35. Share Rotary News
  • 36. Global Outlook: Social Media
  • 37. Thank you Search Rotary