Housing in the Philippines


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Housing in the Philippines

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines TARLAC STATE UNIVERSITY Tarlac City Housing in thePhilippinesEDUARDO A. PANTIG JR. MAEd - TLE
  2. 2. List the factors affecting housing needs.Identify the housing problems in the Philippines. Know the government’s help to solve housing problems.
  3. 3. FACTORS THAT AFFECT HOUSING needs The first step in buying a home isknowing what type of housing bestsuits your family needs. Housing needsvary according to family life stages, oryour perception of what you needin a house.
  4. 4. FACTORS THAT AFFECT HOUSING needs1. CLIMATE can vary from warm tocold, and from dry to humid.
  5. 5. FACTORS THAT AFFECT HOUSING needs2. LOCATION the specific placement of ahome.
  6. 6. FACTORS THAT AFFECT HOUSING needs3. COST Cost is a crucial factor inhousing needs for almosteveryone.
  7. 7. FACTORS THAT AFFECT HOUSING needs4. TASTE This is the sense of what isfitting, harmonious or beautiful.
  8. 8. FACTORS THAT AFFECT HOUSING needs5. LIFESTYLES When selecting a home, oneneeds to consider the lifestyles ofall family members.
  9. 9. HOUSING PROBLEMS Why Juan andMaria de la Cruz are homeless inthe Philippines?
  10. 10. HOUSING PROBLEMS1. Migration of people from rural areas to urban areas.
  11. 11. HOUSING PROBLEMS2. Robust population growth.
  12. 12. HOUSING PROBLEMS3. Poverty due unemployment.
  13. 13. HOUSING PROBLEMS4. Industrialization.
  14. 14. HOUSING PROBLEMS5. Minimum Wage of Filipinos.
  15. 15. GOVERNMENT’S HELP TO SOLVE HOUSING PROBLEMSGovernment funded housing was establishedafter the need for safe and affordable housingpresented itself. Once created, low-incomefamilies were provided with a roof over their headthat they could afford. Government fundedhousing is not just reserved for apartments, butsingle family homes.
  16. 16. GOVERNMENT’S HELP TO SOLVE HOUSING PROBLEMSHUDCC (Housing and Urban DevelopmentCoordinating Council) - created thru ExecutiveOrder No. 90, is the highest policy making andcoordinating office on shelter. It is an umbrellaorganization which consists of heads of fourhousing agencies.
  17. 17. GOVERNMENT’S HELP TO SOLVE HOUSING PROBLEMS1. NHA (National Housing Authority) - is agovernment-owned and controlled corporationoperating under the policy and administrativesupervision of the HUDCC. The NHA is the solegovernment agency to engage in shelterproduction, focusing its efforts to provide tohomeless, low-income Filipino families.
  18. 18. GOVERNMENT’S HELP TO SOLVE HOUSING PROBLEMS2. Pag-IBIG Fund (Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan:Ikaw, Bangko, Industriya at Gobyerno) - To provide itsmembers with adequate housing through an effectivesavings scheme, Pag-IBIG Fund harnesses these foursectors of Philippine society: financial institutions, theindustrial sector, the government, and the Filipino people.The Fund was created to address two of the nations basicconcerns: (a) the generation of savings and (b) providingshelter for Filipino workers.
  19. 19. GOVERNMENT’S HELP TO SOLVE HOUSING PROBLEMS3. HLURB (Housing and Land Use RegulatoryBoard) - is a national government agency tasked asthe planning, regulatory and quasi-judicial body forland use development and real estate and housingregulation. These roles are done via a triad ofstrategies namely, policy development, planningand regulation.
  20. 20. GOVERNMENT’S HELP TO SOLVE HOUSING PROBLEMS4. HGC (Home Guaranty Corporation) - is thegovernment-owned-and-controlled-corporation (GOCC)mandated by law (Republic Act 8763) to promotesustainable home ownership by providing risk coverageor Guarantees and tax/fiscal incentives to banks andfinancial institutions/investors granting housingdevelopment loans / credits, and home financing. AsHGC focuses on promoting home ownership to middleand low-income families.
  21. 21. GOVERNMENT’S HELP TO SOLVE HOUSING PROBLEMS5. NHMFC (National Home Mortgage FinanceCorporation) - mandate of increasing theavailability of affordable housing loans tofinance the Filipino homebuyer acquisition ofhousing units through the development andoperation of a secondary market for homemortgages.
  22. 22. GOVERNMENT’S HELP TO SOLVE HOUSING PROBLEMS6. SHFC (Social Housing Finance Corporation) -mandated: (a) to undertake social housing programsthat will cater to the formal and informal sectors inthe low-income bracket; and (b) to take charge ofdeveloping and administering social housingprograms, particularly the Community MortgageProgram (CMP) and the Abot-Kaya Pabahay Fund(AKPF) Program.