Android development orientation for starters v4 seminar


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This slide was created for Bohol Island State University - Calape Campus Android Development Seminar on December 08, 2012

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Android development orientation for starters v4 seminar

  1. 1. AndroidDevelopmentfor Starters
  2. 2. Objectives Define Android Enumerate Android Versions Identify tools in Android Development State components in Eclipse Run Android Application in Emulator
  3. 3. Android Devices
  4. 4. What is Android?o Open mobile platform by Googleo Defined as Software Stack for mobileso Start of Open Handset Allianceo Maintained by Android Open Source Projecto Brought from Danger Inc. by Google
  5. 5. Android Versions
  6. 6. Android Version Market Share
  7. 7. What will you need?
  8. 8. InstallationPlease refer to:
  9. 9. Android Development Tool
  10. 10. Application Components Activity - java class that extends Activity Services - runs in background for period of time Broadcast Receivers - receives and react to broadcast announcement Content Providers - store and retrieve data for all applications Intents - the intention of an action
  11. 11. Activities
  12. 12. Services• Run in the background• Can be bound to an application• Needs to be declared in manifest file• Like Activities, has a structured life cycle
  13. 13. Project Components
  14. 14. XML• Used to define some of the resources o Layouts (UI) o Strings• Manifest file• Shouldn’t usually have to edit it directly, Eclipse can do that for you• Preferred way of creating UIs o Separates the description of the layout from any actual code that controls it o Can easily take a UI from one platform to another
  15. 15. R Class• Auto-generated: you shouldn’t edit it• Contains IDs of the project resources• Enforces good software engineering• Use findViewById object to access the resources
  16. 16. Layouts• Eclipse has a great UI creator o Generates the XML for you• Composed of View objects• Can be specified for portrait and landscape mode o Use same file name, so can make completely different UIs for the orientations without modifying any code
  17. 17. Running in Eclipse• Similar to launching a regular Java app, use the launch configurations• Specify an Android Application and create a new one• Specify activity to be run• Can select a manual option, so each time program is run, you are asked whether you want to use the actual phone or the emulator o Otherwise, it should be smart and use whichever one is available
  18. 18. QUESTIONS???
  19. 19. Resources & Acknowledgements• Installation:• Google API:• Android Developer’s Website :• Numerous Forums & other developer sites, including: o o o o
  20. 20. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!Joemarie Comeros AmparoAndroid DeveloperNano Equipment Pte. Ltd. –