Communities together presentation sept 2012 draft (3)


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Communities together presentation sept 2012 draft (3)

  1. 1. Domestics and H&S
  2. 2. B• We are a registered Charity• Been in existence for more than 10 years• First known as Racial Justice Forum• In 2004 changed our name to Communities Together to broaden our focus on - Community integration - Promotion of diversity
  3. 3. Primary Objectives as per Constitution• Promote equality of opportunity• Promote good relations between all groups within the community• Advancement of public and schools education regarding diversity and faiths• Reducing causes and effects of racial discrimination• Reduction of Hate Crime
  4. 4. How?• A calendar of diversity events – International Markets – Family Fun Days – Bring a “Dish” Day – Cultural Shows• Interfaith Project• Hosting school visits to religious establishments• Making visits to schools• Diversity Day with Schools D-Factor
  5. 5. How? (continued) • Engaging minority communities in broader discussions • Supporting diversity events in Grimsby Institute • Partnership working like Shoreline, Migrant Needs Health Assessment, Prevent, Hate Crime –So do we • Focused on “Hate Crime”
  6. 6. HATE CRIME(Communities Together Perspective.) SUCESSES – Now a priority with Humberside Police and Safer and Stronger Communities – Has got attention and focus – Multidisciplinary team – linking into communities and CT members – Working well together – being provided with statistics and type of incidents to raise awareness to members
  7. 7. HATE CRIME(Communities Together Perspective.) WORK TO BE DONE – Continue to increase awareness of Hate Crime/Incidents – what it is, what can be reported – Increase skills and knowledge of dealing with incidents across NE Lincs (education, community, victim, police, other organisations) – how to challenge – Promote reporting of incidents
  8. 8. HATE CRIME(Communities Together Perspective.) WORK TO BE DONE – Continue to work with statutory bodies to improve service – Police : Crime vs incidents, officer training to provide better service by understanding the impact of hate crime, call handling – IT systems – Housing : Anti Social Behaviour/victims of hate incidents in neighbourhoods – is the victim moved?
  9. 9. HATE CRIME(Communities Together Perspective.) WORK TO BE DONE – Council : community engagement at all levels, education, services, employer. Cross county celebrations of events – harness activities delivered in pockets to present to wider community as positive imaging. – Large Organisations : workers coming in from other countries. Organisation role in promoting and reporting hate incidents. Are employees/contractors victims of hate crime. Is it reported – do they know they can or how to?
  10. 10. HATE CRIME(Communities Together Perspective.) WORK TO BE DONEBiggest job of all – educating the whole community on diversity, equality, acceptance, tolerance and ‘what is a hate incident’ and the law.Agreement with Shoreline, N E Lincs Council, Humberside Police, NHS and Grimsby InstituteMulti-layered and everyone’s responsibility!