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Executive Summary Tmss

  1. 1. G-ILS Global Intelligent Logistics Services TMSS Transportation Management Sales System Executive Summary Detailed Prepared By: Joel Sellam, CEO Version # 1.0 Updated on Sunday, February 22, 2009 Effective Sunday, February 22, 2009 executivesummarytmss-124353410941-phpapp02.doc Last printed 7/27/2004 22:50:00 a7/p7
  2. 2. Executive Summary Acknowledgments The contribution of the following individuals in preparing this document is gratefully acknowledged: [Contributors/reviewers/developers] Role Name Phone # E-Mail Address Owner Joel Sellam +972 544 676730 Joel.sellam@gmail.com Author Contributor Reviewer Approval Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 2 Version 1.0
  3. 3. Executive Summary EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 Mission Statement To be the leaders in providing a sales system On Demand (SaaS) web-based TMSS (Transportation management sales system) for the logistics & Transportation industry where our clients trust the integrity of the solutions used to achieve their sales, customer services (customer maintenance) and management objectives. 1.2 General System Description TMSS ( Transportation Management Sales System) is an innovative, first of its kind product dedicated to the transportation, freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain management industries and does cover a fully fledged CRM ( Customer Relationship Management, dedicated industry) sales force automation, various elements of pricing which includes high level optimizations based on historical and forecasted data. The complete system has high level business rulings which provides detailed elements of service measurements as well as complete measurements of the various parties linked to the system. Optimization tool linked to the service module provides in real time best services utilized. Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 3 Version 1.0
  4. 4. Executive Summary 1.3 System Description (Detailed) The system is directed to the freight forwarders, transport companies, logistics companies, courier companies, airlines, shipping lines, post offices and rail companies. The utilization of the system by sales people, customer services people, management which makes about 70% of the employees in a traditional transport and logistics organization. The system does cover two main areas. The one is for new customers and the second one is for customer maintenance, however as an addition to the system comprehensive functionalities, there are seven different optimization engines whereby four of them are addressing pricing issues, one is addressing services, and two are addressing sales optimization innovations. TMSS combines fully dedicated CRM for the industry (which is completely different from the traditional CRM and does cover all the needed functionalities to create real opportunities through several automation capabilities as well as covers maintenance of existing customers with the potential of maximizing opportunities throughout the multi- module environment (air, sea, road, courier, logistics, transport). The two areas of coverage, the new business and the existing business has comprehensive amount of tools (some in an automated functionalities, capabilities) and they do cover full customers data, new and existing as well as profiling, opportunities, pipeline, sales leads, also automated (based in INCO terms), full marketing functionalities with internal full optimization engine (area of innovation). Additionally as mentioned there are four areas of pricing optimization tools whereby one is addressed at internal pricing (in between branches globally), the other one is based on external pricing which is addressed to importers and to exporters. The third optimization engine is addressed at the bidding industry needs, and the forth one is addressed pricing comparison. All these pricing optimization tools has comprehensive ‘achieved’ pricing which are based on INCO terms, volume, actual weight, density calculation, commodities and services benchmarking. Next optimization engine is addressed at the service area and it does cover massive amount of events measurement, KPIs to the servicing vendors as well as to the employees as well as great amount of benchmarking which brings best service scenarios in real time. The other two are related to the sales process and will be presented should the relevant company will be interested in pursuing negotiations. Being SaaS application developed on .NET which certainly opens a massive door to 87% of the SMEs in the transport industry globally whereby there were no such products to accommodate their sales and business maintenance needs. The system will not be replacing any of their existing systems. It would simply be positioned on top of their current operational and financial systems and they would have the options to either integrate TMSS through very simple web services to their operational and financial systems. They would also have the option to host their database at their premises or utilize our hosting services. My guess would be that 90% of them would recruit the TMSS system hosted by us. Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 4 Version 1.0
  5. 5. Executive Summary 1.4 Customer Type Freight forwarders, airlines , shipping lines, courier companies , NVOCC, rail companies, custom brokers, post offices, trucking companies, third party logistics, 1.5 Individuals to utilize the system Sales executives (at all levels), managements (at all levels), customer services and operation people (at all level) GLOBAL MARKET SIZE There are 300.000 companies globally with 22 million people operating within the industry whereby the potential users for TMSS are 72% of the total number. 1.6 The Application SaaS (Software as service) platform web based on demand 1.7 The Platform .NET , C#, SQL, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 5 Version 1.0
  6. 6. Executive Summary THE PROBLEM 1.8 Industry Problem Each of the listed 300.000 companies are aiming to play a global role, therefore they will be utilizing different agents in different part of the world. Each of these agents will be utilizing different operational systems (ERP) as well as different financial systems. This creates a massive gap on utilizing the information correctly and does leave the operational people in the different offices to make judgments that are not necessarily will give the best benefits to their customers, their own company, their own profitability. Adding to this is the fact that most individuals are not well qualified as well as the different time zones, languages and cultures does bring different level of expectations as well as mistakes. The high value transactions (27-29 million shipments daily) does put at risk all parties in the process and at most times distort negatively the profitability of the transport company involved. THE SOLUTION 1.9 TMSS Complete solution TMSS ( Transport management sales system) , a SaaS web based application brings a complete change in decision making, profitability, service level, gain and loss customers and skill set management. Being a web based platform it has the ability to bridge between any number of systems at any number of agents trough comprehensive play and plug web services. The large amount of business rulings in all modules helps and directs individuals in real time. Any of the individuals listed above would help them to make large amount of decisions that would benefit their customers’ needs, benefit their own company and dramatically improve the business loss, profitability and margin percentages. The system will offer a dedicated transport and logistics business intelligence that will be based on each level of individuals, groups, companies and global structures. The business intelligence will include automated alerts that would be communicated thought various mode of communication, i.e. e-mail, SMS and any other form of communication required. TMSS will not be replacing any of the operational or financial processes or systems. However it will be placed on top of these different systems in order to bring minute by minute the best value proposition and decision making to all parties involved. • Specific for the logistics industry; • On Demand; • Fully integrated to any ERP or accounting systems; • Personalized BI by individuals, groups, company and customers; • 3 Way Opportunities (maximizing customers opportunities); • Customer Loss Rulings (Customer retention); Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 6 Version 1.0
  7. 7. Executive Summary • Customer Profit and Loss Rulings; • Automated Pipeline Engine (Sales & customer services); • Comprehensive Internal and External Proposal Engine for all Mode of Transport; • Bidding Module and Optimization Pricing Engine; • Service Measurements Ruling; • High level Pricing Module for all Modes of Transport; • Automated Activities Module • Optimization Engine 1.10 Sales & Marketing Strategies The product will be sold to all level transport organization. Being a SaaS application would facilitate an easy deployment to any level transport company from the smallest one to the largest one. The industry has several sales channels that TMSS will be sold trough. (1)Direct sales (2) VAR sales (ERP hosted services industry related) (3) Freight Associations (4) Government institutes (5) Agents in various countries (6) Microsoft VAR Network (7) Oracle packaged industry focused (8) SMB Financial local package manufactures (9) Transportation & Logistics Consultants (10) AMR Research Network All these have been researched and found more than suitable to sell successfully this complete package product whereby they all represents different verticals within the transportation, logistics and supply chain management industry. In the initial stage we would be having between 10 and 12 beta customers that would help us to complete the product in full and get it to the various sales channels accordingly. 1.11 Total Cost of Ownership Being a SaaS web based application; the TCO (total cost of ownership) would represent a high level of return (by individuals) in a fairly short period and would allow very fast deployment with very accurate measurements. 1.12 Concessions & Incentives There are various organizations that have attractive packaged incentives which represent a complete returned cost on every individual of about 70%. This is not taking into consideration the tax benefit as well as the tax elimination for the company for a period of 5 years. Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 7 Version 1.0
  8. 8. Executive Summary 1.13 SaaS/TMSS Advantages CRM SaaS Advantages SaaS CRM solutions are a catalyst for how organizations change their use of front office software systems and put users in control of customer facing business systems for the first time. SaaS enablement of software utilization without extended implementation time frames, software modification without IT bottleneck, world class infrastructure without capital expenditures and 24 by 7 uptime without around the clock staffing are a few of the compelling advantages of SaaS. Other key benefits include the following: • Low cost of entry and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) - elimination of capital expenditures and dramatic reduction in IT salaries • Vested vendor interests - if the application utilization is not successful, the vendor loses the customer revenue opportunity • Much lower risk - faster implementations and outsourced expertise dramatically lower risk • A more powerful and secure IT infrastructure - few organizations can match the infrastructure and security investments made by SaaS vendors 1.14 Cost/Pricing Module • Simplicity of SaaS model puts the focus back on user based pricing. Cost per user per month highlights the elegance of simplicity. Business leaders easily understand pricing by users and not by revenue or their business success. • Inclusion of maintenance, support, and upgrades raises the bar. Unlike traditional models which tack on 15 to 25% in annual maintenance costs and may or may not include the apps and technical foundation upgrade, SaaS pricing eliminates this level of complexity. Users neither worry about the cost of upgrade nor worry about the testing and certification costs. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE IN HIGH TRANSACTION INDUSTRIES – LOGISTICS / TRANSPORT / SUPPLY CHAIN For organizations that have shifted their business processes to the web, or are in the process of doing so, implementing a web transaction monitoring solution provides actionable, real-time data for online business applications and transactions. This monitoring system is an extremely important component for all e-commerce businesses, providing back-end analytic engines in order to deliver real-time, identity-based pervasive monitoring of user and business activity. With this real-time access to critical data, organizations can take full advantage and optimize all their business processes and enhance the customer experience. Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 8 Version 1.0
  9. 9. Executive Summary Through online, TMSS Business intelligence comprehensive tools, companies can easily deliver readily available, real-time business-level events to back-end analytics systems. The right web transaction monitoring solution requires no time-consuming batch processing or costly integration of business applications. Instead, it should provide instant access to actionable information by connecting the infrastructure of an organization's data operational & financial to important business needs. This increased functionality will enable vital business capabilities such as transaction assurance, real-time business intelligence Real-Time Business Transaction Monitoring Properly analyze business activity with the real-time data capture abilities of web transaction monitoring. Quality monitoring solutions capture all transactions from web channels (web services – integration to operational & financial systems) and dynamically feed appropriate transaction data into business decisions. While helping to deliver faster ROI at lower costs, this data will provide a clearer understanding of business-level events than standard log information. Unlike batch-dependent Business Intelligence (BI) approaches, the goal is to drive the real-time enterprise and avoid providing lagging data back to the organization. A highly scalable, easily configurable, and non-invasive web transaction monitoring. TMSS Web Transaction Monitoring Solution When an organization is looking to capture real-time data for a high level of business intelligence, TMSS provides a web transaction monitoring solution to help increase the visibility of all business-level events and data. Traffic between the user and the web servers, transforms the raw data into useful business events, and immediately feeds real- time business-level events to back-end applications, enabling the real-time, event-driven enterprise. • Business Intelligence (BI) • Complex Event Processing (CEP) for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) • Business Process Management (BPM) • Web Analytics • Web Services • Marketing Systems Driving the Real-time Enterprise with Real-time Intelligence Organizations today rely on the World Wide Web to deliver complex web applications running critical software applications on distributed hardware platforms. These vital applications provide companies with opportunities to improve their revenue streams with • Enhanced customer awareness • Improved business processes • Faster response times to customer needs But this can only happen if businesses can capture and use this critical online transactional information. In short, this intelligence can drive the real-time enterprise and deliver an improved customer experience. Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 9 Version 1.0
  10. 10. Executive Summary 1.14.1 Make Business Decisions Faster Business processes can be enhanced with deeper knowledge of user interactions. By using the real-time intelligence generated by a network-based appliance, companies can • Drive real-time, operational business intelligence • Deliver detailed user transactions for web analytics • Promote and market relevant offers and services to online users • Meet compliance and regulatory demands • Off-load logging services from web servers By implementing a business-smart network that captures user transactions in real-time, companies can make business decisions faster. Companies in the transportation & Logistics industries can react to each transaction as it occurs, resulting in a better user experience, improved enterprise security and increased revenue generation. 5 YEARS SALES FORECAST Year ONE TMSS Forecast Revenues $282 720.00 Concessions $150 000.00 Expenses $572 000.00 Other Expenses $0.00 Other $0.00 Profitability $139 280.00 Year TWO TMSS Forecast Revenues $1 822 560.00 Concessions $300 000.00 Expenses $1 069 000.00 Other Expenses $0.00 Other $0.00 Total Budget $1 053 560.00 Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 10 Version 1.0
  11. 11. Executive Summary Year THREE TMSS Forecast Revenues $7 134 480.00 Concessions $450 000.00 Expenses $1 896 000.00 Other Expenses $0.00 Other $0.00 Total Budget $ 5 846 480.00 Year FOUR TMSS Forecast Revenues $15 096 000.00 Concessions $693 500.00 Expenses $2 849 000.00 Other Expenses $0.00 Other $0.00 Total Budget $13 140 500.00 Year FIVE TMSS Forecast Revenues $21 297 600.00 Concessions $942 000.00 Expenses $3 789 000.00 Other Expenses $0.00 Other $0.00 Total Budget $18 751 100.00 Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 11 Version 1.0
  12. 12. Executive Summary APPENDICES 1.15 The leading team Background of management Joel Sellam – CEO Joel Sellam is a well-regarded executive with over twenty years of broad sales and strategy experience from premier leading global companies such as Symantec AA Group and BAX Global Pittston’s Group of companies where he was a member of each company's distinguished leadership teams. Having advised executives, boards of directors, on value-creation activities including new markets, change management matrix management creation evaluation and extensive Sales & MARKETING strategies, global product structure, major technology decisions, and developments; Mr. Sellam brings a unique point of view at the intersection of Sales, Marketing processes, strategy, global markets and finance. Ron Moritz – Advisory Board (Special Technology Advisor) Ron Moritz is senior vice president and chief security strategist at CA. He is responsible for maintaining CA’s technical lead in world-class information security software by shaping the strategic direction of CA’s eTrust™ security solutions brand. Moritz joined CA after founding Moritz Technology Corporation, a management advisory firm serving emerging security technology companies and the venture capital community. Earlier, he served as senior vice president and CTO of Symantec Corporation and as CTO of Finjan Software. As an internationally recognized cyber security expert, Moritz is a spokesperson to the business community on security issues, solutions, and strategies. He has contributed to five books, including Inside the Minds: Chief Technology Officers, Internet Management, and Financial Services Information Systems, published numerous articles, and presented at many international conferences. He is frequently quoted or featured in publications, media outlets, and television programs. Moritz serves as co-chair of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Security Summit task force on Security Across the Software Development Life Cycle. He is also a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Homeland Security Policy Committee and co-chair of the subcommittee on Security and Privacy. Previously he served as a member of the U.S. delegation to the G8 meetings on international cybercrime and cyberterrorism. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Moritz earned an M.S. in computer engineering, an M.B.A., and a B.A. in mathematics from Case Western Reserve University. Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 12 Version 1.0
  13. 13. Executive Summary Alain Brockmann - Advisory Board (Industry Expert) ToolsGroup Executive Director – Europe Defined and Implemented Value Based Sales Strategies. Developed Partnership with Consulting Firms and Software Houses, Major contracts at United Technologies, Barilla, BP Castrol, Delphi, Colgate Palmolive, Rexel; Viewlocity General Manager South Europe Setup SCEM entity: recruit technical, sales and administrative staff, Led the negotiations around the sale of the EIA business line to Sopra , Delivered the operational and financial planned objectives, Achieved by large the Best Corporate Revenue (+275% growth) and Margin Results, Satisfied the service indicators required by Carrefour, AutoDistribution, W&W and Philips Manugistics Business Development Director – Europe , Planned and Implemented Commercial Strategies, Developed Partnership with leading Consulting Firms (Accenture, Cap Gemini, IBM…), Achieved President Club in 1998, 1999 and 2000, World-wide contracts with Michelin, BMW Geodis, Danone, Barilla, Nestlé… Cosytec Sales & Marketing Vice President Defined the Short/Long term Strategy, planned Marketing Product and Communication Developed Partnership and Alliances with software houses and software vendors º +80% Sustained Annual Growth between 1992 et 1996, Contracts with Peugeot, DaimlerChrysler, Dassault, Michelin, Lufthansa, SAS, Total, BP, Erg Petroli … Asael Karfiol – Advisory Board See attached CV Chief Technology Officer To be recruited, at least 10 years in Enterprise software (SaaS – Cloud computing), Chief Marketing Officer To be recruited, at least 8 years in Enterprise software (SaaS – Cloud computing), Vice President of Sales To be recruited, at least 8 years in Enterprise software (SaaS – Cloud computing); – .NET High level programmer To be recruited; – .NET High level programmer To be recruited; – .NET High level programmer (BI) To be recruited; – Graphic & content expert To be recruited; Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 13 Version 1.0
  14. 14. Executive Summary 1.16 BEST VALUE PROPOSITION Gartner (Michael Maoz – Senior CRM/ERP/TMS analyst) “Best Technology seen for some time” “Guaranteed success” Microsoft (: Daniel Tian Sio Po, EMEA VP Dynamic CRM) “Very impressive” “That it is a great one and a very high level one” “Certainly by far better product then many of the many developed products in the market;” “I feel that this looks like a guaranteed success” 1.17 The University of Sheffield; (PROFESSOR SIAU CHING LENNY KOH BEng (Hons) PhD MIEE MIOM MCMI MIET) Director of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) Research Group 1.18 “We found it extremely useful and it isolated a number of potential areas for collaboration in the future.” 1.19 “We also have a lot of contact and network with the major logistics hub in the UK. If necessary this can be exploited to ensure success.” “We are also interested in becoming an agent for your system.” John Fontanella, AMR Research 1. The system does solve a long standing problem in the industry; 2. The system has great functionalities and easy to be used; 3. Customers can greatly benefit by getting a direct upgrade of the system added values; 4. AMR Research will support the system, will cover this by the following possible actions; a. Write Up’s through the AMR Research network; b. Help with possible beta and Alfa customers; Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 14 Version 1.0
  15. 15. Executive Summary John Fontanella AMR Research – Joint call with CH Robinson http://www.chrobinson.com/ (7 Billion dollar company) As a data point, Joel and I walked CH Robinson’s director of global sales and customer systems through the G-ILS product over the Web last week. As he realized the power of the system he got very excited and animated and a follow-up call with a broader team from CH Robinson will be scheduled. (CH Robinson <www.chrobinson.com/>, of course, is a significant third-party logistics player and a strong representative company in our target market.) 'John Fontanella' AMR Research – Joint call with Tom Weisz (Chairman of the board)www.tmwsystems.com Another positive data point came earlier this week. Joel and I spent two-hours on a call with Tom Weisz, chairman of the board and founder of TMW Systems (www.tmwsystems.com), one of the top software companies in the field of dispatch and transportation solutions (which was sold to Wachovia Capital Partners and Peppertree Capital Management in October, 2005). Tom was impressed with the software (we walked him through the solution online) and offered several positive observations: “I got a good idea of what the system is supposed to do and it looks like a well thought out system.” “I think this is a good system that has a lot of potential and a lot of companies will have an interest in this.” “From the system it is clear that you understand processes and know this business.” “Now I understand what you mean and why you think Salesforce.com is competition; there are good concepts there [in the TMSS System].” It is exciting to see a customer so tuned into and excited about a product – that certainly does not happen often– and it is always nice to get validation and an “ata-boy” from industry insiders. Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 15 Version 1.0
  16. 16. Executive Summary 'John Fontanella' AMR Research – visit to MIT University Larry Lapide Larry Lapide, Ph.D. Director, Demand Management MIT Centre for Transportation & Logistics Global Intelligent Logistics Service (G-ILS). G-ILS is pre-revenue but it is a fascinating seed / early-stage opportunity. As you know, the global transportation and logistics market is a bit of green field vis-à-vis certain technologies and automation, especially front-office operations. Larry understood immediately that G-ILS creates a bridge between the revenue and demand generation and operations sides of the transportation industry. G-ILS is not about cost control; it is not another ERP back-office application for the industry. Rather, it is a revenue-enhancing technology that will be introduced where no automation currently exists (truly “first-to-market” technology). Like Salesforce.com, it is a CRM on a SaaS platform; unlike Salesforce.com it is tuned to the intricacies and nuances of the transportation industry such as the complexities of pricing. Effective Sunday, 22 February 2009 Page 16 Version 1.0