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Brand Tools - The Future of Digital Branding
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Brand Tools - The Future of Digital Branding


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TV was a linear storytelling medium. The Internet is a non-linear enabling medium. Yet digital advertising has treated the internet like TV up until fairly recently. In fact digital advertising should …

TV was a linear storytelling medium. The Internet is a non-linear enabling medium. Yet digital advertising has treated the internet like TV up until fairly recently. In fact digital advertising should enable people, it should be tool-based--call them "Brand Tools." We should still be interested in awareness and storytelling, but only in so much as it helps us to refine the tool for the user, not to tell the perfect story. The social nature of the web allows people to tell their own stories--if we create useful and compelling enough Brand Tools, people will share and recommend them.

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  • 1. “ Brand Tools” to Drive Future of Digital Branding Joel R. Johnson/3.24.09 Source. © Joel R. Johnson BMW tagged in
  • 2. The role of brand used to be to “persuade” you © Joel R. Johnson
  • 3. … maybe even to tell you who to be © Joel R. Johnson Ad targeted in “Motringate”
  • 4. It was easy to “persuade” when the funnel was simple and linear Source. Forrester © Joel R. Johnson
  • 5. We told linear brand stories © Joel R. Johnson The Apple and PC guy
  • 6. Now, the center is everywhere © Joel R. Johnson
  • 7. So brands are still here © Joel R. Johnson
  • 8. But they must be here also… © Joel R. Johnson
  • 9. And we get to tell brands how we want the conversation to go Mcdonald’s Mommy bloggers © Joel R. Johnson
  • 10. Because the funnel is more complex Source. Forrester © Joel R. Johnson
  • 11. Therefore, the new role for brands is to “enable” us… + = © Joel R. Johnson Mcdonald’s Mommy bloggers
  • 12. While still driving results Online Ad Effectiveness © Joel R. Johnson
  • 13. Based on ever more complex behaviors © Joel R. Johnson
  • 14. And more channels Coca-cola crossmedia © Joel R. Johnson
  • 15. This is brand as “enabler” of everything Citi Mobile © Joel R. Johnson
  • 16. Enablers of productivity -> choosing and transacting Epson printer widget © Joel R. Johnson
  • 17. Enablers of community -> connecting and sharing Tide Load’s of Hope social media campaign © Joel R. Johnson
  • 18. Enablers of understanding -> learning and knowing NBC Universal “Green” crossmedia campaign © Joel R. Johnson
  • 19. Enablers of culture -> being and transformation Obama campaign © Joel R. Johnson
  • 20. The new metric is “engagement” Domino’s Pizza-Builder App © Joel R. Johnson
  • 21. Engagement promises new brand measures Source. Forrester © Joel R. Johnson
  • 22. From the social “sentiment” of brands for example © Joel R. Johnson Source. Visible Technologies Visualized social sentiment
  • 23. To Twitter conversations & topics Source. Information Aesthetics Source. Forrester Visualized Twitter conversations
  • 24. Engagement connects feelings about a brand with real interactions Celebrity Branded Entertainment © Joel R. Johnson
  • 25. Approach is now more tool-based, call them “Brand Tools” Nike+ Widgets © Joel R. Johnson
  • 26. Brand Tools have many channels Ads eCRM Utilities Banners Texts Microsites Keywords Branded Content Video eCommerce Websites Email Interactive TV Virtual Worlds Mobile Apps Widgets Social Media Interfaces Rich Internet Apps © Joel R. Johnson
  • 27. Brand Tools rely on a broader set of insights INSIGHT RESPONSE (to offers) Analytics EMOTION (of consumers) Strategic Planning USABILITY (of tools) Information Architecture © Joel R. Johnson
  • 28. Emotions still drive brands, but now they also drive behavior Porsche Configurator © Joel R. Johnson
  • 29. And understanding behavior informs digital brand design “PFM” © Joel R. Johnson
  • 30. While understanding all types of responses helps to drive better transactions The Apple store in Second Life © Joel R. Johnson
  • 31. The rules for digital branding are shaped by interactions and brand equities
    • Be authentic to the brand
    • Be transparent to users
    • Be open to comment
    • Be flexible to change
    • Be free
    • Be co-creative
    • Be useful to users
    • Be shareable around the web
    © Joel R. Johnson Skittles brand online is a social app
  • 32. Customers become collaborators Dell’s Ideastorm Brandtags P&G’s Capessa © Joel R. Johnson
  • 33. Digital branding’s new funnel in action Source. Forrester © Joel R. Johnson
  • 34. For better or worse, this is the new reality, but the upside is clear © Joel R. Johnson
  • 35. Once we weather the storm… © Joel R. Johnson Digital brand may not grow as much as last year Source. Analysts Forecasts Aggregated by Sapient Corp. Sources 2008 2009 2010 Barclays Capital, March 2009 9% 2% 6% Borrell Associates Inc., November 2008 (2) 10.40% 7.20% Citi Investment Research, January 2009 11.80% 4.30% 20% Collins Stewart LLC, November 2008 16% 10% 14% Cowen and Co., January 2009 11% -1% 9% Credit Suisse, February 2009 10.50% 0.10% 10% eMarketer, November 2008 (3) 11.30% 8.90% 10.90% Jefferies & Company, November 2008 (6) 15% 7% 8% JupiterResearch, December 2008 (7) 18.30% 14.80% LiveRail, September 2008 23.40% 19.40% 15.90% Morgan Stanley, October 2008 11.50% 9.70% 13.90% Myers Publishing LLC, March 2009 11.70% 2.90% 2.70% Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., February 2009 10% -2% 13% ThinkPanmure LLC, October 2008 11.60% 3% 14.30% UBS, February 2009 -0.60% -5% 0.90%