So You Have an Enterprise Social Network Now What?


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At first it's daunting... An Enterprise Social Network ESN is mostly about culture and very little about technology. With so many deployment failures, it's there are areas to focus that will make a big difference in the success of your deployment. Roles such as network administrators and verified admins are focused more on the technical side. Community managers and business social ambassadors really make a difference in managing the network. In this webinar we discussed many of the roadblocks to success including ways to remove road blocks.

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  • POINTS:Internet + easy access to free or inexpensive collaboration tools & apps = lots of downloading, file sharing, etc.And that’s a GOOD thing: it raises productivity & collaboration by 20-25%! It also helps speed learning (74% stat from Participo paper) & innovation72% of orgs are using social tech,d.aWc slide 11, 14Right now, as you read this, it’s going on in cubes, conference rooms, and even out in publicplaces like coffee houses. Your employees can’t get enough of it.And most employers are all too happy to encourage their behavior.More and more companies are investing in their collaborative environments because they allowtheir users to share information like never before. This leads to increased productivity andenhanced innovation.
  • So You Have an Enterprise Social Network Now What?

    1. 1. So, you have an Enterprise Social Amira Hemani, Enterprise Collaboration Advisor Network... Now What?! Joel Oleson, Directory of Technology Evangelism
    2. 2. About Joel & Amira @joeloleson First SharePoint Admin #1 SharePoint Influencer by Forbes Column Most Popular SharePoint Blogger Community Voted – Epic Traveler – Speaking and Traveling to over 140 Countries @ViewDoAmira Enterprise Collaboration Advisor Yammer Certified Power User & Administrator Background in SharePoint and other Microsoft solutions Currently in Boston area
    3. 3. Agenda Why Social? Enterprise Social Maturity Spectrum Roles Needed for a Successful ESN Enterprise Social Successes & Failures
    4. 4. EVERYBODY’S DOING IT. 72%: Of enterprises have adopted social technology
    5. 5. Enterprise Social Maturity Spectrum
    6. 6. Enterprise Social Maturity Spectrum The everywhere enterprise has optimized their social interaction and its use is truly pervasive and highly integrated into a wide range of core business processes. Organizations have built structured efforts and the majority of their operation are embracing social communication channels in (at least) small, but measurable ways. After experimentation has been completed, lessons learned are noted and start expanding to other parts of the organization. Pockets of social users begin to surface as both successes and failures are documented. During the experimenting phase of the social journey, one group takes a leap of faith and puts social theory into practice. The effort is focused on a specific need and all goals are set around that narrow initiative.
    7. 7. Roles Needed for an ESN Technical Roles Cultural/Business Roles Verified Admin ‘Community Manager’ Network Admin IT/Infrastructure Support Group Admin ‘Delegated Community Mgr’ Power User Actively Engaged User
    8. 8. Endorsement • Line of Business • Department Heads • Executives
    9. 9. Got Roadblocks? 10
    10. 10. Success! Social Successes/Failures
    11. 11. About ViewDo Labs About ViewDo Labs ViewDo Labs is a pioneer in enterprise social network analytics and governance. We offer a unified view of what’s happening with Yammer, SharePoint and more – across the enterprise, and around the world. Increase adoption while lowering the risks of collaboration. We help orgs fuel innovation, better leverage their business data and intellectual property and realize value from their next gen social enterprise investments. Our flagship product, ViewPoint Enterprise, is now generally available. For more information and a free sample, visit us at For a free copy of our Enterprise Social Maturity Spectrum white paper, go here:
    12. 12. Contact Us @joeloleson @ViewDoAmira