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SharePoint 2013 Business Value in the Real World #SEASPC


Session on determining business value in SharePoint 2013... should you upgrade now or wait? What are your needs as it relates to browsers and devices? Do you need search? We break it down.

Session on determining business value in SharePoint 2013... should you upgrade now or wait? What are your needs as it relates to browsers and devices? Do you need search? We break it down.

Published in Technology
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  • 1. 1 Making the SharePoint 2013Business Case in the Real World Joel Oleson USA
  • 2. 2 SharePoint Joel Recognized as #1 Influencer in SharePoint in Forbes Study Voted Most Popular SharePoint Blog Traveler: Over 100 UN Countries - 130 TCC Countries
  • 3. Joel @ LDS 3• 12 Years in SharePoint• 7 Years at Microsoft• 3 Years with Partners• 2 Years with Customer• Currently with LDS Church• The Church is 14+ Million members• First missionaries came to Hong Kong in 1853• Hong Kong was 49th temple of 140 temples• LDS Asia Area offices in HK
  • 4. 4Laying the Groundwork
  • 5. The Business CaseA Business Case is a persuasive and compelling argument advocating a course of action intended to achieve one or more business objectives.What are your key objectives?
  • 6. 6Today BYODDevices & Browsers: Challenges with Macintosh users for business adoption as well as users of Chrome and Firefox due to ActiveX controls and lack of support for working with multiple files. iPad support sometimes works with lots of scrolling, without customization.
  • 7. 7Search TodaySearch provides poor results, requires maintenance
  • 8. 8Today Publishing & IntranetsDifficult to navigate across sites and remember locationsIntranet pages go stale and require maintenance
  • 9. 9Today Dev StoryDepartments that want to deploy third parties have to buy multiple server licenses often won’t apply to their site onlyLacks broad development support - .NET teams don’t want to write in .NET 3.0 and have a challenge learning to write solutions that IT teams don’t want to deploy or support
  • 10. Business Objectives We want 1st class support for Safari on Macintosh, and no drawbacks on Chrome, Firefox on PC Devices support for sharing files including iPad, iPhone, and Android We want Search that’s intuitive and just works Unified Workspace – My Files & Storage, My Tasks, My Calendar, My Contacts, My Notifications, My Favorites and Following Support streaming video for end users
  • 11. 115 Real World Business ValueExamples in SP 2013
  • 12. 5 Examples of Business Value to Plan 12to Deploy SP 2013 and Not Wait Adoption & Productivity Broader OS, and Browser Support BYOD - Tablet and Mobile Support Search Relevancy Cost Savings through Redundancy Shut down collaborative File Sharing Infrastructure – SkyDrive Pro Digital Assets – Pictures and Video support
  • 13. Why build a business case forSharePoint 2013?Should I wait or start with deployment?Should I skip 2010?Should I implement best of breed solutions for Doc Mgmt, Blogs, and Records Mgmt.Should I wait for others to adopt first?
  • 14. 15Intranet build or buy… Demo
  • 15. 16 $$ Bring Your Own Device…What will it cost to make your current Intranet support –iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac OS, HTML 5, Chrome,Safari, and various devices yet to come out…
  • 16. 17
  • 17. Is Your Intranet Touch friendly?
  • 18. Don’t just ask what browser…OSBrowserDeviceResolution…What will you support?
  • 19. 20Reality Check… Devices!
  • 20. 22
  • 21. 23
  • 22. SharePoint 2013 Device SupportMobile device Operating Smartphone Slate or tablet operating Browser system version device device system Windows Phone Full read and Windows Internet Explorer Office Web Apps 7.5 or later write with Ofice Mobile Read versions Web or Client iOS Read/Write 5.0 or later Office Web Apps Office Web APps Safari versions Read Client App Coming Android 4.0 or later Office Web Apps Read + Android Chrome versions Read Verify
  • 23. Win 8 + WP 7.8 & 8 iOS Android Surface (iPad & iPhone)SharePoint Mobile(Newsfeed) Only Mobile Immersive IE Mobile Safari Mobile AndroidBrowsing mobile
  • 24. 26SkyDrive ProHow much will it cost you to deploy another Box.NET orDropbox when you’ve already invested in SharePoint…
  • 25. 27SkyDrive Pro
  • 26. demo
  • 27. 29Reality Check… Storage andSharing!
  • 28. Expected Outcomes New SkyDrive Pro Service with Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone, WP8x including update to Macintosh Office 2010 connector Search 2013 provided as a service Profiles 2013 integrated with PeopleSoft for 100% people search
  • 29. 31 Digital Asset ManagementWhat will you deploy to support videos and images?
  • 30. demo
  • 31. Examples of Success Criteria Adoption by .NET team Business Critical app adoption App Store adoption for third parties with limited support Enterprise App Store adoption by Dev Teams Search adoption used as uber solution to the enterprise (now seen as SharePoint and portal search) Mobile usage increase including home and remote usage by tablets such as iPad, Kindle Fire, etc…
  • 32. 34Search 2013 Demo w/ Popularity
  • 33. 35Reality Check… Search in theEnterprise!
  • 34. Reality Hits: Questions left to be 37answeredWill there ever be an Android Markplace (Google Play) for Office and SharePoint (SkyDrive Pro sync)?How/When will we do Skydrive Pro sync with Mac OS?Will I get selective sync with SkyDrive Pro?
  • 35. 38Waiting for more…iOS Apps for Office & SharePoint (SkyDrive Pro)Update to MAC OS Office 2010 Connection UpdateSharePoint App for Windows 7.8
  • 36. 39Takeaway Where is your company in it’s considerations of SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013? How important is Device and Browser Support… determine your needs How important is out of the box improvements in Search?
  • 37. Thank you to our sponsors 40