Oleson Family Christmas Letter    It’s been an incredible year. We’ve been in Utah for nearly 2 years. It’s    hard to bel...
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Joel Oleson family christmas letter 2012


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Oleson Family Christmas Letter for family and friends

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Transcript of "Joel Oleson family christmas letter 2012"

  1. 1. Oleson Family Christmas Letter It’s been an incredible year. We’ve been in Utah for nearly 2 years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, but at the same time it seems like it’s been longer. We hope everyone has been doing well. We pray for our friends and family. Our family took a Southern Caribbean cruise this summer we all enjoyed. Dean will be 4 in May. His last day of nursery was today and he’s moving into sunbeams. You should see his houses and castles in Mindcraft. He’s amazing on the iPad. Creative little guy. He’s learning the letters and colors and be ready for Kindergarten in a year. Jared is 13, he recently had his first Orchestra concert. He plays the violin. Smart kid, he recently made the honor role. He’s very excited about new pets for Christmas. You’ll have to ask him about them. Scott 15 is all about the electric guitar, music, and bands. He is really getting into his guitar. He can now play along with many songs on the radio. He’d love to play for you and a thousand other people. He’s in a rock band class at school and has a guitar class which he just loves. This summer he went to EFY and loved it! Virginia has been baking cookies, fudge, and all sorts of goodies for the holidays. Keeping Dean entertained, and teaching sunbeams, now cub scouts (wolves.) When not chasing Dean she’s family chauffeur. Joel hasn’t slowed down. He went to Antarctica in January and is up to 127 countries on his country list. His biggest accomplishment was hiking Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa (19,341 ft.) He became scuba certified and drove in Zanzibar.He was also recognized as #1 influencer in SharePoint. His visit to Ethiopia with the kids there was a big impact to him. In this blessed New Year, we pray for our friends and family. We hope you achieve your deepest desires. From our family to yours Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!