SharePoint 2013 Usage Analytics and Making Metrics Actionable


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SharePoint 2013 Usage Analytics and Making Metrics Actionable

  1. 1. Making MetricsActionable:SharePoint 2013 Usageand AdoptionJoel OlesonManaging Director of Salient6@joeloleson
  2. 2. SharePoint Joel• Recognized as #1 SharePointInfluencer 2012 in• Voted Most Popular SharePointBlog 2012 –• Global Epic Traveler – Buildingfriendships in over 130 countries
  3. 3. Are Your MetricsActionable?• Usage Reports don’t have to be boring…– What will you do when X happens?• What are you looking for when you look at your usage logs…– Adoption– Who is using it? What departments and offices/cities/regions/areas– Mobile Adoption– Browser Changes & Usage– Maturity – wouldn’t it be great to understand - How it’s being used?– Impact to your roadmap?– ROI and Business Value Planning– Something to share with the working groups, committees, or CXOs…
  4. 4. It’s Ultimately AboutUnderstanding Your Users
  5. 5. Consider the following• Fulfilment – if you want to see what path your usersare following through the site• Top documents, filetypes, sites, pages – while you mayget top sites in a site collection or top destinations on aportal• How is the product being used?– many site collections, how many unique owners, and onand on about details about file types used, and sitetemplate types used• Enterprise rollups –– how IS search being used and what people are using it.
  6. 6. Agenda• Browsers + OS - Standards and Support• Mobile Usage - OS, Devices• SharePoint 2010 vs. 2013 Browser + Mobile Support• SharePoint 2013 What’s New• Locations - Multilingual, Bandwidth, Global Usage• Popularity and Search• Resolution - Screen Size• Responsive Web Design
  7. 7. Browsers + OS
  8. 8. Top Browser Report
  9. 9. Operating Systems
  10. 10. The Browser Wars Continue
  11. 11. Mobile Usage
  12. 12. Sales Today…Smart Phones+ Tablet > PC
  13. 13. Mobile OS + Device
  14. 14. Mobile vs. Desktop WebTraffic
  15. 15. Top Mobile Platforms(ComScore)
  16. 16. Browser 2013 Supported 2010 Supported 2007 SupportedInternet Explorer 10 X X (Win 8) LimitsInternet Explorer 9 X X X (SP2 Compatibility Mode)Internet Explorer 8 X X X (SP2)Internet Explorer 7 - X X (SP1)Internet Explorer 6 - - (publishing sites only) X (SP1)Internet Explorer Mobile on WP7.5+X Limited requires configGoogle Chrome (latest) X Limited *Mozilla Firefox (latest) X Limited * Limited (SP2)Apple Safari (latest) X Limited * Limited only Mac (SP2)iOS Safari X Limited requires config -Android 4 (latest) X - -64 Bit IE Browsers – better than 2010, but I still recommendavoiding them they have problems with ActiveX, this goes forWindows 8 and Surface as well.Avoid.Relies heavily on ActiveX Controlswhich only work in IE 32bitAvoid (Considered Tier 2)
  17. 17. SharePoint 2010 vs. 2013+ Mobile Support
  18. 18. SharePoint 2013 DeviceSupportMobile Device OS OS BrowserSmartPhoneDeviceSlate or TabletDeviceWindowsWindows Phone7.5 or laterversionsInternet ExplorerMobileSupportSurfaceSupportediOS5.0 or laterversionsSafari SupportiPadSupportedAndroid4.0 or laterversionsAndroid Support Verify
  19. 19. Locations, Departments, Languages
  20. 20. Departmental% of VisitsSales HR Finance IT
  21. 21. Site Types & Service Offering
  22. 22. Sales Regions or Areas
  23. 23. Understanding Languageand Location
  24. 24. Adoption
  25. 25. SharePoint 2013What’s New?
  26. 26. What’s New in SharePoint 2013Usage & Analytics• Lots of New Excel-based Reports– Site and Search usage report (Excel)• Catalogs and Popularity• Usage in Search Analytics• Search Driven Content Web Part Integrationfor Showing What’s Popular (What’s Hot)• Item Usage Reports
  27. 27. Worse in 2013• No Browser Reports• No OS Reports• No Top Pages• Unique Visitors is daily count to createmonthly
  28. 28. Usage Details: ViewsSite Collection: Team Site
  29. 29. Search
  30. 30. Popularity andSearch
  31. 31. Most Popular Items
  32. 32. Most Popular — SearchIntegration
  33. 33. Office365
  34. 34. RWD – Responsive WebDesign• Responsive Web Design – Designing for Many Resresolutions provides different content based on realestate
  35. 35.
  36. 36. Take aways• SharePoint 2013 Usage Reports are worse.• Popularity and Usage in Search is for thebetter, but practical fundamental traffic metricsare harder to get.• You need to dig into the Usage Analytics databaseor analyze the IIS Logs• Bots with free product will get you some basicanswers on specific pages• Many customers who care about creating actionbased reporting will get a third party product.