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    Viddy Viddy Presentation Transcript

    • MyPrize Application Design Presentation by Joel Lim and John Connole
    • I’d like you to see something you’ve never seen before.
    • ? What if we could create an app that heaps of users will love and want immediately? What if we could develop that app for mobile phones? What if we could harness the power of 4G net- works - high-speed Internet and mobility - to give users what they want when they want it? What if we could let users share their experiences like never before?
    • Say hi to Viddy.
    • Viddy is an app that: - captures emotions of users and records events as they happen - lets users express themselves in casual or deliberate ways - recognises that smartphones have video shooting capabilities built in - is the simplest way to shoot and share your videos with friends anywhere
    • Viddy is social networking in full motion picture colour! Life: Recorded or brought to you, live.
    • Viddy’s users: Viddy’s made for the young and old. They are Web-savvy. They are familiar with online applications like Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, as well as apps made for mobiles. They like to share experiences - good and bad. They tell stories, send greetings, check each other out, etc, online.
    • How Viddy works - Andrew SIGNS UP for a Viddy Channel on the Viddy mobile Website. He also DOWNLOADS the Viddy mobile app for his phone. - Andrew finds and adds friends on Viddy mobile site. He also sends out invitations to his buddies who aren’t on Viddy. - He SHOOTS and UPLOADS his video with his mobile phone. He decides to SHARE his videos on Facebook. - Later that day, he STREAMS LIVE VIDEO to his Viddy page. This way, his friends are watching what he’s watching in REAL TIME. - Andrew creates a VIDBOMB by simply SHOOTING and then adding the LOCATION. In other words, a Vidbomb is an uploaded video which is tagged with location information. The Vidbomb will be automatically added into an interactive map which is visible to his friends. - Andrew watches and COMMENTS and RATES his friend’s Videos and Vidbombs.
    • Information Architecture (Sitemap) Home MyViddy Make a Viddy Friends Comments Share Favorites Search Stream Search My Comments Facebook My Faves Latest Record Add Friend’s Comments Twitter Vidbomb Review Edit Share Edit Edit My Profile Edit
    • Indicative Viddy GUI Designs MyViddy Page - User’s collection of videos - Comments and ratings by friends
    • Indicative Viddy GUI Designs Shoot Page - User can Record or Stream - Streaming video is watchable live
    • Indicative Viddy GUI Designs VidBomb Page - User can geolocate the video via GoogleMaps - Other users can find Vidbombs and watch them
    • Viddy Team Member Viddy Team Member Joel Lim Jo Han John Connole Viddy Interaction Designer - Team Leader Viddy Interactive Designer Joel is a Malaysian who has recently completed John has recently completed his Master of his Master of Creative Industries, Interactive Creative Industries, Interactive Design, at Design, via scholarship at Queensland University Queensland University of Technology. He of Technology. He is currently employed in has set up his own interactive design agency Tribal DDB Malaysia as an associate CD. Joel and setting his eyes on greater things. John is passionate about all things Web and hopes has a remarkable gift for sound design and to pursue app development for desktop and music production. John resides in Brisbane, mobile. Queensland. e: joelnow@aol.com e: john@johnconnole.com m: 016 6601406
    • Thank You! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about Viddy.