Mashup #2 (kerloon)


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Mashup #2 (kerloon)

  1. 1. Three Game Changing Ideas
  2. 2. Social TravellingWhat if an airline, or a 3rd party company, could tell you whether a friend isalso travelling to the same destination on the same flight? Or able to find outwho else would be at the airport at the same time•  If no friends, fill out a simple psychographic profile of and enable system to match interests with someone compatible –  Choose whether to sit together with that person during the flight...has to be a mutual consenting process, of course.•  Personal profile is pulled up that after checking in at airport that shows what books I like, what shows I watch, how influential I am (Klout), how frequent I travel, how I like my meals, etc•  A message is sent to me to physically check in at a customer service counter, not check in the flight, but to receive a welcome gift/beverage while at the same time relevant retail and F&B promotions are sent to me based on my interest. 2
  3. 3. Social Brand Loyalty ProgramsTwo words: mobility and crowd-sourcing•  We dont need to swipe loyalty cards to earn points. We simply need to check in•  We dont need a list of unattractive, repetitive and over-valued items. We redeem for the things we like and consume like a pint of beer, get upgraded to first class, a free movie ticket, etc.•  In fact, if a bunch of friends check in together and spend a good time buying stuff, wed get extra benefits/points. –  We can share part of the benefits with other friends and poof - instant customer referral.•  New customer visits from friends as a result of our recommendation will give us referral points for being a good customer friend.•  For thrifty consumers who would rather save, continue to offer big ticket items as redemption for larger cumulated points. 3
  4. 4. M-Commerce – Selling an experienceTailored and private mobile shopping•  Create an avatar of myself that allows me to try on clothing before I buy.•  While browsing goods, Im able to see if my friends are shopping as well - Id have in-shopping chat with a friend while contemplating on purchase.•  If privacy allows, Id also be able to see what other friends have bought and recommendations of relevant items. Upon purchase, I get to share a RM20 coupon with a friend for the same clothing line.•  Most importantly, while all the shopping happens, Ive total control over whether anyone has view of my purchase.•  Retailers should do it the Zappos way: purchase returns at full refund within a 365 day grace period. 4