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Interdisciplinary presentation

  1. 1. The Value of InterdisciplinaryThe Value of Interdisciplinary Programs for Digital MediaPrograms for Digital Media Silos don’t come from Lebanon CountySilos don’t come from Lebanon County Joel Kline, APRJoel Kline, APR Director, Digital Communications ProgramDirector, Digital Communications Program Asst. Professor of Business/Digital CommunicationsAsst. Professor of Business/Digital Communications Lebanon Valley CollegeLebanon Valley College June 13, 2006June 13, 2006
  2. 2. “…With our expertise in interdisciplinary problem-solving, MIT is uniquely equipped, and obliged, to make a critical difference: to do the analysis, to create the innovations, to fuel the economy, and to educate the leaders the world needs now.” Dr. Susan Hockfield, President of MIT
  3. 3. OverviewOverview What is DM?What is DM? Why teach it using an interdisciplinary orWhy teach it using an interdisciplinary or cross disciplinary approach?cross disciplinary approach? Examples of Interdisciplinary FieldsExamples of Interdisciplinary Fields
  4. 4. InterdisciplinaryInterdisciplinary ““I didn’t think we needed to be concernedI didn’t think we needed to be concerned with design in this class.”with design in this class.” LVC Digital Communications student who had just finishedLVC Digital Communications student who had just finished 2 design classes and was entering a Writing for Digital2 design classes and was entering a Writing for Digital Media English Course…Media English Course…
  5. 5. Sample Interdisciplinary FieldsSample Interdisciplinary Fields HCIHCI UsabilityUsability Website DesignWebsite Design Information DesignInformation Design Enterprise TechEnterprise Tech Human FactorsHuman Factors Multimedia DesignMultimedia Design E-commerceE-commerce Technical Comm.Technical Comm. BioinformaticsBioinformatics Quantum InfoQuantum Info ProcessingProcessing NanotechnologyNanotechnology AIAI
  6. 6. Academic SilosAcademic Silos Com. Sci Mass Comm. Art Business Information Systems
  7. 7. InterdisciplinaryInterdisciplinary Involves more than 1 discipline workingInvolves more than 1 discipline working towards common goaltowards common goal Presents challenges for academicPresents challenges for academic institutionsinstitutions Normally a better mirror of the industrialNormally a better mirror of the industrial worldworld Develops versatile studentsDevelops versatile students
  8. 8. StrengthsStrengths Different perspectivesDifferent perspectives CollaborationCollaboration Understand integrationUnderstand integration Multiple skill setsMultiple skill sets Pushes students outside of comfort zonePushes students outside of comfort zone Hit the ground running after schoolHit the ground running after school Makes intercultural coordination easierMakes intercultural coordination easier
  9. 9. WeaknessesWeaknesses Hard to implementHard to implement Hard to controlHard to control Depth vs. Breadth ControversyDepth vs. Breadth Controversy Harder to thread topics (ethics, technology,Harder to thread topics (ethics, technology, comm.)comm.) Curricular IssuesCurricular Issues Seen as soft for research and facultySeen as soft for research and faculty No place to publish or present – no conferencesNo place to publish or present – no conferences for many levels of educationfor many levels of education
  10. 10. Lessons Learned (BP)Lessons Learned (BP) Equal time to the disciplines involvedEqual time to the disciplines involved Get buy-in from administrationGet buy-in from administration Find people that are excited aboutFind people that are excited about programprogram Examine breadth vs. depth issueExamine breadth vs. depth issue
  11. 11. Lessons Learned II (BP)Lessons Learned II (BP) Develop some courses from scratch,Develop some courses from scratch, repurpose some coursesrepurpose some courses Integrate – Integrate – IntegrateIntegrate – Integrate – Integrate Leadership is key – ownershipLeadership is key – ownership Bring value to each and every areaBring value to each and every area
  12. 12. MethodsMethods InternshipsInternships Requirements that reflect industryRequirements that reflect industry Elective classes on DMElective classes on DM Learning styles – relevanceLearning styles – relevance Guest SpeakersGuest Speakers Research ProjectsResearch Projects Group ProjectsGroup Projects Service Learning ProjectsService Learning Projects
  13. 13. Art Math/CS English Business How Does LVC Do It?How Does LVC Do It? Digital Communications Program
  14. 14. DepartmentsDepartments Business & EconomicsBusiness & Economics Art and Art HistoryArt and Art History English/Com.English/Com. Math/CSMath/CS
  15. 15. What Does It Yield?What Does It Yield? Critical Thinking SkillsCritical Thinking Skills Collaborative SkillsCollaborative Skills Writing SkillsWriting Skills Oral and Rhetorical SkillsOral and Rhetorical Skills Diversity SkillsDiversity Skills Problem SolvingProblem Solving
  16. 16. QuestionsQuestions Joel KlineJoel Kline Lebanon Valley CollegeLebanon Valley College