Getting wired at csm fall 2014
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Getting wired at csm fall 2014






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Getting wired at csm fall 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. GETTING WIRED AT CSM Joel Kinison 301 539-4739 (office) 310 751-9512 (cell)
  • 2. OVERVIEW  We are…  CSM Training Opportunities  Website Tour  MyCSMD  Blackboard  Groupwise  Network  Other Services  Social Networking
  • 4. DLF Chair Instructional Designer
  • 6. TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES Links for DLF Training Current Events
  • 7. TRAINING CALENDAR DLF training IMT training Information Management Team Detail of Training
  • 8. OTHER TRAINING  Human Resources  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)  Sexual Harassment and Awareness Training  Defensive Driver  Information Management Training  Information Technology Services (ITS) Overview ITS is your one-stop-shop for all your technology needs, whether you need PC support, software development, telephone/voice mail assistance, audio/ visual equipment, software installs or network access.  Information Security Basics Join the Assistant Director of Enterprise System Administration to hear an overview of various types of security threats and vulnerabilities. Learn about what you need to know to protect yourself and the college. All employees are urged to attend.  GroupWise Basics This hands-on course is just what you need to master many GroupWise functions you can use everyday to easily manage your mailbox and calendar. For example, you will learn how to organize your mailbox and set clean up parameters to keep your mail environment clutter-free and orderly.
  • 11. ONLINE LEARNING Smartermeasure Online Orientation Login Info
  • 12. DLF WEBSITE TOUR Teaching and Learning  Contact Us  Faculty Development  Conferences  Self-Instructional training Support Services  Programs  Adjunct faculty Resources  Quality Matters  Featured  Online Learning  Instructional technology  Instructional Design  MOOC’s  Procedures & Forms
  • 13. CSM – FACULTY & STAFF RESOURCES myCSMD Faculty & Staff Resources GroupWise E-mail Highlights • Academic Divisions • Administrative Manual • Service Learning • DLF • Faculty Handbook • Faculty Mentoring • Scholars Program • Training • Strategic Plan
  • 14. MYCSMD
  • 15. MYCSMD – SINGLE SIGN-ON ONLINE SERVICES -BLACKBOARD 9.1 You will use myCSMD to access to online services where you will log into any online course you are taking at CSM. User id example: jhkinison Password example: 0513232 (faculty id #)
  • 16. ONLINE SERVICES Links to Online Services
  • 17. ONLINE SERVICES User interface with Colleague information  Enter grades  Obtain rosters  Pay and stipends  Library Databases
  • 18. FACULTY – ONLINE SERVICES Related to your course(s)
  • 20. ACCESS TO BLACKBOARD Related to your course(s)
  • 21. ONLINE LEARNING Blackboard 9.1 Learning Management System (LMS) Three levels on online presents:  Web-Enhanced  Web-Hybrid  Web-Based
  • 22. BLACKBOARD – MY INSTITUTION Log out Your Login Name Tabs Modules Personal Information Courses
  • 24. GROUPWISE FUNDAMENTALS  Not just for e-mail!  Includes a robust calendar feature for appointments and “busy searching” to schedule meetings.  Spam and virus filter to protect your computer and CSM’s systems also.  Type in name of CSM employee and GW will find the name.  Create groups
  • 25. GROUPWISE INTERFACE Folders for storage Calendar Create Appointments E-mail Listing
  • 26. GROUPWISE FUNDAMENTALS – SPAM AND VIRUS FILTER In one day the college received total 107,441 items. Of this 100,331 were quarantined and 7,110 were delivered to the end users with out intervention. 7% 93% Allow Block
  • 28. NETWORK
  • 29. HELP DESK (ITS) Technical support is offered:  During full semester: Monday - Thursday from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m.  After Hours Support: Sunday - Voicemail and e-mail support for high priority requests from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.  Between Fall, Spring and Summer semesters: Monday - Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.  Phone: 301-934-2251 ext 4357 Email: Location: La Plata Campus, ST Building, Room 103 1st floor, next to computer lab
  • 30. SOFTWARE INSTALLATION Software Installation Request List of Software Owned by CSM  Adobe: Acrobat Professional  Adobe Flash Player w/Plugins  Datatel: Datatel UI Web Access  Datatel Desktop/Client (only for approved users)  Filezilla: FileZilla (replaces WS_FTP)  Google: Google Chrome  Microsoft: Word 2010  Excel 2010, Powerpoint 2010, OneNote 2010, …  Microsoft Silverlight  Project  Visio  Frontpage  Novell: Novell Messenger  Novell Groupwise  Oracle: Java x Update xx  Mozilla: Mozilla Firefox  Endpoint: Checkpoint Antivirus
  • 31. EQUIPMENT FOR CHECKOUT ITS has an equipment pool of technology items available for checkout to staff and faculty. The following list contains the items available for checkout.  Laptops  LCD Projectors  Remote Presenters  Video Cameras (DVD, Mini DV)  Tripods  CD Player/Cassette Recorder  Projection Screens  Flipcharts  Easels DLF  Voice Recorders  Web cams  Flip cameras  Pointers
  • 32. NETWORK DRIVES Shared Personal Space “I” “L”
  • 33. I: DRIVE (SHARED DRIVE)  Shared drive for divisions and departments  Complete an ISSR form for access  Your division admin assistant or division chair can help you find the drive path to fill in on the ISSR  Your chair must approve the ISSR
  • 34. L: DRIVE (LOCAL DRIVE)  Your individual storage drive.  Holds your e-mail archive along with your files.  Preferable to C: drive for storage because:  The L drive is backed up nightly  Accessible from off-campus  Available wh  Deep Freeze and Thaw Drive on Smart Podium computers
  • 35. MYFILES  Provides access to Network drive off campus!  Requires your Novell login information.
  • 36. COMPUTER LOGIN  Novell Login (different than e-mail)  Academic vs Admin servers (Networks and security)  Lab/student computers (Access to applications)  Faculty & Staff computers (individual applications – WIN7) January 7, 2011: NETWORK/DATA SECURITY IMPROVEMENTS: Isolating academic and administrative networks As a part of the college's on-going efforts to improve network/data security - and to better secure personal and confidential information - the Information Technology Services (ITS) Department recently implemented a change in the network configuration in order to isolate the Academic and Administrative networks from each other. The integration of the Academic and Administrative networks was identified as part of a recent IT audit as posing potential network/data security risks.
  • 38. CURRENT ID  If you need a new ID card, please stop at the front desk at your perspective campus.  Access to copiers, doors, and wellness facilities.
  • 39. SERVICES  Wireless Hot Spots (each campus)  Access to printers (some classrooms – A103, DLF)  Access to Copiers (each division has a code)  Scantron
  • 40. ONLINE PRINT SHOP (WEBCRD.CSMD.EDU) CSM’s browser-based ordering and production application  Faculty and staff can access CSM’s Online Print Shop 24-hours a day from any location using their Novell login information  First-time users will be guided to quickly and easily register their accounts  With a few clicks, requests are uploaded using CSM’s Online Print Shop  Faculty and staff can indicate specific shipping and delivery options
  • 42. SOCIAL NETWORKING RESOURCES  CSM.TXT  CSM Faculty Web Pages  Facebook  mySpace  CSM News Headlines (Twitter)  CSMDTube
  • 43. FACEBOOK
  • 46. Thank You!