How To Play Jvc Tod On Hdtv In Widescreen Of 16


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AVCHD Converter support play JVC TOD video on HDTV set in Wide screen 16:9 on Windows XP/windows7/Windows Vista, convert tod to mpg in windows movie maker.

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How To Play Jvc Tod On Hdtv In Widescreen Of 16

  1. 1. How to play JVC TOD on HDTV in widescreen of 16:9? hdtv-converter/ What a pain in the neck that JVC TOD video files( recorded in 16:9) can’t play back on HDTV wihout its included Everio software, and other camcorders from Panasonic, Canon record mpeg2 video to *mod files do not set the 16:9 widescreen-flag in the mpeg2 sequence headers of the MOD files.AVCHD Converter supports to display video in 16:9 and get us an access to play JVC TOD video on HDTV set. AVCHD Converter support to play JVC TOD on HDTV set as 16:9 (Aspect ratio). AVCHD Converter are available for most commonly display resolutions of 1280×720 pixels (720p) or 1920×1080 pixels (1080i/1080p). You can play JVC camcorder TOD file on Hitachi, Panasonic,sony. HDTV sets smoothly in wide screen. You can edit JVC TOD video simply with its intuitive interface,crop black sides and trim undesired footage according to your project. Tweak contrast,brightness, saturation directly to get a satisfing effect or set a special effect for your TOD video. Also, you can merge several video files to an integrated file. Buy Now Download AVCHD Video Converter free trial How to use mac avchd converter You can convert JVC TOD files to MPEG/MPG with AVCHD Converter, and you can make full use of its powerful editing and convertion function before playing JVC TOD Video on HDTV. Also,AVCHD Converter adapt for TOD video to AVI,MPEG, conversion.Besides, AVCHD Converter support converting video to various device such as Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune.It’s definitly the right choice for you to play JVC TOD video to HDTV with AVCHD Converter. AVCHD Converter support converting JVC TOD file and convert them to Wmv, Avi,Mpg which are supported by Windows Movie Maker.Once conversion finished,You can share videos through websites such as Your Tube, My Space and so on. AVCHD Converter is suitable for various operating system such as: Windows XP, windows 7, Windows Vista. 1.Download and Install AVCHD Converter Click the link to download ,and install AVCHD Converter 2.Run AVCHD Converter Working AVCHD Converter procedure,you can see an intuitive operation interface for operating interface
  2. 2. 3.Select and import TOD file Select and import TOD file which you want to display on HDTV set. 4.Choose right Aspect Ratio 16:9 for your JVC TOD video
  3. 3. Click Editor, edit JVC TOD Video on the poped up Dialogue frame. Choose proper Aspect Ratio for your JVC TOD video (16:9) Tweak effect through draging the slide bar of brighteness, contrast, saturation seperately. Trim undesired part at your own will, or you can set time value to control start time and end time. 5.Start conversion Click start as all parameter set.As convertion completed, you can appreciate your JVC TOD Video on your HDTV set smoothly.