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Are We There Yet?  Create, Manage & Measure Your Web Campaign Success
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Are We There Yet? Create, Manage & Measure Your Web Campaign Success


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Content is king but not all content is created equal. Social media has added another medium for this content but creating and analyzing this content requires the right context and the right tools. …

Content is king but not all content is created equal. Social media has added another medium for this content but creating and analyzing this content requires the right context and the right tools. This session will focus on the evolution of website redesigns, managing content via a CMS, the advent of Google Analytics for visitor tracking and now what are keys to helping you maximize your web content and social media strategies.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Thanks for the comments getit and glad to see others within the WCMS industry focused on similar 'refinement' processes.

    At heart this requires flexibility from both the organizational web governance model and then the tools that are used. Your model is one that is similar to ours. Hannon Hill's Cascade Server Enterprise WCMS is based on Java and XML at the core and completely independent of platform (Windows, Linus, Unix) or programming language (.Net, Java, PHP, Coldfusion). Furthermore it is built on a standards-based SOAP Webservices API. Flexibility, Ease of Use, Client Support Community are our key values and have helped us adjust to the previous 10 years of web changes. Content storage is just content in the system, but the desired goal of that content can flexibly be applied to any channels whether web, 3rd-party print applications or social media.
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  • Joel, great post. A constant refinement process may be better than a few re-design projects. This leads to a criterion on selecting a (W)CMS, that is often missed. How easily can you adapt to varying requirements. Is the system flexible enough for the future?
    We believe that the model based approach of is an elegant way to cope with this.
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  • 1. are we there yet? Create, manage & measure your web campaign success
  • 2. The Road Ahead…
    In the beginning, there was the web
    But Higher Ed websites were largely bad
    The Website Redesign Movement
    A look at the WCMS Phenomenon
    Embracing Web Analytics
    The Social Media Revolution
    To be or not to be…Social Media ROI
  • 3. Are We There Yet?
    “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”
    - Sir Winston Churchill
  • 4. Remember When….circa mid-1990’s
    The internet was EVERYWHERE – WWW = Wild, Wild West
    Every college or university started putting up a “brochure” website—”Look we’re on the web, we’re cutting edge!”
  • 5. Not that anyone could find you….
    Dude, Where’s My Car!
    The web was an abyss of websites
    Difficult to find and categorize any website
  • 6. Lost & Found…
    Web Aggregation & Search tools to the rescue!
  • 7. Then students found your site and…
    Uh Oh! The pot at the end of the road was mostly gol…coal?
    Dated designs with rudimentary tools
    Uninspired use of available screen space and website real estate
  • 8. Hello?! Does anyone live here?
  • 9. The Website Redesign Movement
    Revamp Information Architecture
    Audit & Remove bad and out-dated content
    Improve visitor experience on website
    Better segment content for various audiences
    Use latest technology standards (XHTML, CSS, HTML5)
    Accessibility & SEO improvements
    Consistent & modern branding “look & feel”
    Increase targeted visitor traffic
  • 10. The Website Redesign: Bonus Track
    REALLY think this should be called Website CONTENT Redesign….
    Too often organizations focus on the “Web” and the “design” portion but the “site” and the “content” is what makes a difference
    But that’s for another day and someone else’s presentation 
  • 11. The Website Redesign Movement
  • 12. The Website Redesign Movement
    OBJECTIVES: What are you trying to accomplish with your new website?
    GOALS: What are the desired actions you want visitors to take?
    OUTCOMES: What are the desired results you want to measure to determine your progress?
  • 13. Goals & Objectives are S.M.A.R.T
    Specific – “Apples” not just “fruit”
    Measurable - “Double” apple yield not just “a lot”
    Attainable – “100%” apple yield, not “500%”
    Relevant – “Apples” not “bananas”
    Time-bound – By next harvest
  • 14. The Website Redesign Refine Option
    If you’ve already done a Redesign, you might want to embrace these philosophies going forward…
    REFINE, Don’t Redesign!
    From a recent presentation given by Lou Rosenfeld:
    “Website redesign must die”
    Agile Project Methodology
  • 15. The WCMS Phenomenon…
    “It’s time to stop drowning in outdated web content, start thinking about a better content management strategy for your website, and choose to invest in the right web content management system”
    - KarineJoly (
  • 16. What a WCMS will do…
    Streamline the publishing process
    Efficiently reuse content throughout your website
    Eliminate the IT and web team bottleneck for content updates
    Provide enforcement for branding and style guidelines
    Serve as a hub to manage campus-wide content reusable across web, print, mobile and social media channels
  • 17. What a WCMS won’t do…
    Replace a good content strategy
    Create relevant, useful and quality content
    Resolve long-standing organizational politics around web management or content strategy
    Eliminate the need to determine Goals, Objectives & Outcomes for your website strategy
    Solve all your web and social media challenges
  • 18. WCMS…Create
  • 19. WCMS….Manage
  • 20. WCMS…Publish
  • 21. WCMS…Multi-channel Publishing
  • 22. How to choose the right WCMS…
    WCMS should support the current work people do and simplify the process.
    Verify “fit” not just bells, whistles and polished demos.
    How does each WCMS tool fit what you’re trying to accomplish?
    How does each WCMS tool meet your business objectives?
  • 23. WCMS…So You’re Back to
  • 24. WCMS…Don’t Forget
    Support & Culture
    “You're not just buying technology, or just a Web CMS product – you're buying a relationship.”
    -(Irina Guseva, Real Story Group)
    Verify 5-year cost in addition to initial cost
    $0 initial cost + $100K Services/Support
    > 50K initial cost + $20K Services/Support
  • 25. Recap…
    Website Redesign or Refine – CHECK
    Web Content Management System – CHECK
    Now what?
  • 26. Embracing Web Analytics
  • 27. Why Analytics?
    Content is King, But WHICH content? And is the RIGHT content being published out?
    "We spend a huge amount of time in higher ed maintaining content that has little return on investment.”
    - Michael Vedders, director of Web services at Bethel University in Minnesota.
  • 28. Web Analytics…
    Outcomes matter, But the RIGHT outcomes matter most!
  • 29. The Data is Available…
  • 30. But Data Needs Context
    “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”
    - T. S. Eliot
  • 31. And we’re back to…
  • 32. Web Analytics…
    Start small by defining just a few measurable goals with specific “calls to action”
    Measure conversions—macro and micro
    Focus on trends, not just raw data
    Segment data as much as possible
    Based on stated objectives, analyze the data to inform your website content decisions.
  • 33. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    Objectives => Goals => Actions => Outcomes
    KPIs – Give context to outcomes so you know if you’re accomplishing your Objectives and meeting Goals
    # of page views & unique visitors
    # of campus visit forms completed online
    # of clicks on admissions form “Apply Now” button
    # of completed admissions applications
  • 34. Analytics & KPIs…Dig Deeper
    Average time per page visited
    If you notice a visitor with lots of page views but short time/page this likely means they’re having trouble finding what they really want.
    If a visitor has fewer page views, but is on each page for a relatively long time (let’s say 1-2 minutes) this means they’re probably getting to relevant pages easily--and you did something right 
  • 35. The Social Media Revolution
  • 36. The Social Media Revolution
    Conversations are important
    Engagement is important
    Quality content is still King
    Website user experience is still key
    This is a new medium with new tools but remember the fundamentals haven’t changed…
  • 37. The Social Media Revolution…
  • 38. The Social Media Revolution…
    Ask Why?
  • 39. Everybody’s doing it!
    It’s so much fun!
    To improve our Klout score
    Do we have a choice?
    Support web marketing Goals, Objectives, Outcomes
    Engage prospective & current students as well as alumni
    Utilize another medium for your quality content
    Bad Reasons
    Good Reasons
    Why Social Media?
  • 40. Why Social Media?
    “How do you measure the value of a relationship?What is the ROI of a handshake? At the end of the day, that’s something that’s very difficult to measure. Schools need to tie ROI back to institutional goals rather than metrics for the sake of metrics. One hun- dred thousand fans doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t meeting your goals.”
    - Mark Greenfield, Office of Web Services,
    University of Buffalo
  • 41. The Social Media Revolution
  • 42. Social Media ROI or…
    “How to help Administration support your marketing efforts”
    Measurement Personalities Spectrum
  • Social Media ROI…
    "What's the ROI on social media? I don't know, what's the ROI on our phone system?”
    “People who say you cannot measure social media are lazy.”
    “What is the ROI of worrying about ROI of social media?”
  • 43. Social Media ROI…
  • 44. Social Media ROI…
    S.M.A.R.T rules still apply
    Segment and measure specific social media goals
    # of followers on Twitter or # of fans on Facebook
    # of comments per blog post
    % of unique website visitors attributed to social media post or tweet referral link
    # of subscribers to specified RSS feeds
  • 45. Social Media ROI & Tools…
    RSS Broadcast functionality
    Send once to multiple social media channels
    Track each channel as a unique referral link
    Campaigns can now be measured independently on per channel basis
    Centralized social media management
    Listen and track conversations, create and manage posts within a single resource
    • Create and manage conversion forms for calls to action
  • Social Media ROI and Tools…
  • 46. Social Media ROI & Tools…
  • 47. Are We There Yet?
    Consider using Agile Marketing process
    Shorter marketing campaigns
    Allow for testing across wider variety of channels
    Inspect, Adapt, Optimize
    Inherent ROI tracking
    Supports efforts for fresh content
  • 48. Q & A
  • 49. THANK YOU!
    Solutions Consultant
    Hannon Hill Corporation
    678-904-6900 x119