Upper intermediate listening level 5


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This is part 5 of my upper intermediate listening. It will help you learn more vocabulary and practice listening to dialogues and talks, both short and long.

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Upper intermediate listening level 5

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. VocabularyDialoguesLong TalksCompletetheDialogueShort Talks
  3. 3. VocabularyIn this section you will hear a word and a sentence using the word.From this decide which of the answers is the correct meaning for thatword.After you have made your choice click on “Check Answer” button. Ifyou still need to, you can click on the “Text” button to read along also.When you are ready click the “Continue” button.Continue
  4. 4. 1. Dense – This is really a dense forest.n. a thought or picture in the mind; a beliefad. close together; thickn. a period of time equal to twelve monthsn. an adult female humanCheck Answer Text
  5. 5. 2.Check Answer TextSubstance – What is this substance made of?n. the material of which something is made (a solid,liquid or gas)v. to give reasons for; to make clearad. the most goodv. to take quickly by force; to take control of quickly
  6. 6. 3.Check Answer TextTrick – Stop playing tricks on me.n. a thing to sit on; a place to sit or the right to sit theread. of or about more than one nation or many nations; ofthe whole worldv. to cheat; to fool a person so as to get something or makehim or her do somethingv. to go from one place to another, usually for a long distance
  7. 7. 4.Check Answer TextQuick – You must be quick to beat him in this game.ad. fastn. the early part of the day, from sunrise until noonn. a food grainad. only; very shortly before or after the present
  8. 8. 5.Check Answer TextWheat – I love to have wheat bread with a sandwich.v. to express happiness or pleasure when someonearrives or something developsn. a grain used to make bread; the plant that producesthe grainn. a strong chance of suffering injury, damage or lossn. a valued white metal
  9. 9. 6.Check Answer TextAct – How can anyone act the way you have been lately?v. to take part in; to become a part ofv. to study or examine all information about an event,situation or charge; to search for the truthad. having a large distance between two oppositesurfaces; having many parts close togetherv. to do something
  10. 10. 7.Check Answer TextSign – You must sign your name here, please.v. to force a gas or liquid up, into or throughad. on every side (of)n. the ability to control or direct others; controlv. to write ones name
  11. 11. 8.Check Answer TextPort – Where is the main port for cargo ships?n. a large collection of money, jewels or other things of greatvaluen. a city where ships load or unload goods; a place on a coastwhere ships can be safe from a stormad. not guilty of a crime; not responsible for a bad actionn. an economic system in which the production of most goodsand services is owned and operated for profit by private citizensor companies
  12. 12. 9.Check Answer TextReceive – You will receive the check in the mail.v. to give support; to assistn. an amount that is more than is needed; extrav. to get or accept something given, offered or sentad. each one; all
  13. 13. 10.Check Answer TextLocal – What is the local weather there this time of year?v. to cause to lose in a battle or strugglead. about or having to do with one placen. the settlement of an argument where each side agrees toaccept less than first demandedn. the money a person or business must pay to the governmentso the government can provide services
  14. 14. Dialogue CompletionIn this section, you will hear part of a conversation. You willhave to choose the best sentence to complete it. Looking atthe picture will help you also, but if you need to just click on“Text” to read along.When you have made your choice click on “Check Answer”to see if you are correct.When you are ready, just click the “Continue” button.Continue
  15. 15. 1.Check Answer Texta. I’m hungry, Annie.b. Me too. Let’s make something.a. How about pancakes?b.On the weekend.For my friends.That’s a good idea.1.2.3.
  16. 16. 2.Check Answer Textb.a. What did you do last night?b. I watched the new TV show aboutdoctors.a. Did you like it?Not really.No, you can’t.Late at night.1.2.3.
  17. 17. 3.Check Answer Textb.1.2.3.a. Excuse me.b. Yes, how can I help you?a. I’m looking for a dress.Yes, they are.We have some over here.That will be 40 dollars.
  18. 18. 4.Check Answer Textb.1.2.3.a. I finished my letter to Grandma.b. Did you send it already?a. No, I need some stamps.About three days.I took the message.They’re in my desk.
  19. 19. 5.Check Answer Textb.1.2.3.a. Have you been to the new movietheater?b. No, but I’m going this weekend.a. How will you get there?My friend lives there.I’m going to take the bus.It’s about 10 kilometers.
  20. 20. 6.Check Answer Textb.1.2.3.a. How was your birthday?b. It was fun.a. Did you do anything special?I went to dinner with my family.I’m now 13.It’s next Wednesday.
  21. 21. 7.Check Answer Textb.1.2.3.a. Do you know where Mt. Logan is?b. It’s in Canada.a. Do you know where in Canada?I think it’s pretty cold.I think it’s pretty high.I think it’s in the west.
  22. 22. 8.Check Answer Textb.1.2.3.a. Where are you going?b. To the library. I need a book.a. Well, hurry. Dinner is almost ready.I’m late for schoolI already read it.I’ll be right back.
  23. 23. 9.Check Answer Textb.1.2.3.a. I got my math test back, Dad.b. How did you do?a. I got the best grade in the class.No problem.Well done.Good luck.
  24. 24. 10.Check Answer Textb.1.2.3.a. You look tired.b. I just finished a big report.a. How long did it take?Most of the day.Not yet.For tomorrow’s meeting.
  25. 25. 11.Check Answer Text1.2.3.a. Here’s a mirror.b. Thank youa. How do you like your hair cut?b.I’ll get it.That’s mine.It’s perfect.
  26. 26. DialoguesIn this part you will hear 10 dialogues followed by 1 question.Listen to the dialogue and the question then chose thecorrect answer. Remember there is only one correct answer.If you need to, click on the “Text” button to read as youlisten. When you have made you choice click on the “ShowAnswer” button.When you are ready just click the “Continue” button.Continue
  27. 27. 1.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.a. Can you drive me to the bookstore, Mom?b. Sorry, I’m busy. You’ll have to take the bus, Jim.a. OK. I’ll ride my bike, then.b. Good idea.Question: How will Jim go to the bookstore?By bikeBy busBy carBy train
  28. 28. 2.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.a. What should we do today, Sara?b. I want to enjoy this beautiful weather.a. OK. Let’s have a picnic in the park.b. Sounds fun.Question: What will they do today?Have a picnic.Go to the beach.Stay home.Watch a movie.
  29. 29. 3.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.a. How did you like your steak, Mary?b. It was delicious. How was your chicken, Bob?a. It was great.b. Let’s get some dessert.Question: What did Bob have?A steakA hamburgerSome chickenSome cake
  30. 30. 4.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.a. I’d like to send this package to China, please.b. Certainly, ma’am. What’s in the box?a. Some books.b. OK. That will be $50.Question: Where are they talking?In a library.In a Chinese restaurant.In a bank.In a post office.
  31. 31. 5.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.a. Are you going to Jessica’s violin concert today, Greg?b. No. I have to practice with my band.a. Oh, what do you play? The guitar?b. No, I play the drums.Question: What does Greg play in his band?The pianoThe drumsThe violinThe guitar
  32. 32. 6.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.a. Is that your text book on the kitchen table, Daniel?b. No, it’s Tim’s.a. can you give it to him?. I need to clean the table.b. He’s at the park, so I’ll put it in his room.Question: What will Daniel do now?Clean his room.Help Tim with his homework.Go to the park.Put the text book in Tim’s room
  33. 33. 7.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.a. It’s Mom’s birthday next Sunday.b. Do you want to buy a present together?a. All right. Let’s look for one on Saturday.b. Yeah, we can go to the new shopping center.Question: What will they do on Saturday?Look for a present.Have a birthday party.Help her mother.Make a birthday cake
  34. 34. 8.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.a. Let’s go jogging Saturday.b. I can’t. I have to go to the dentist. How about Sunday morning?a. I have a swimming lesson then, but I’m free in the afternoon.b. OK. Let’s go then.Question: When will they go jogging?Saturday morningSaturday afternoonSunday morningSunday afternoon
  35. 35. 9.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.a. Are you busy, Dad?b. No, why?a. I’m too scared to watch this DVD alone. Can you watch itwith me?b. OK. I’ll get some snacks.Question: What does the girl want her father to do?Take her to the movies.Buy her some snacks.Get her a book.Watch a DVD with her.
  36. 36. 10.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.a. Did you finish your homework, Jill?b. Not yet. I’m playing a computer game.a. Again? I told you to do your homework first.b. Sorry, Dad.Question: Why is Jill’s father angry?Jill lost a soccer game.Jill hasn’t done her homework.Jill broke her computer.Jill hasn’t cleaned her room.
  37. 37. Short TalksIn this part you will hear 10 short talks followed by 1question each. Listen to the talk and the question, thenchose the correct answer. Remember there is only onecorrect answer.If you need to, click on the “Text” button to read as youlisten. When you have made you choice click on the “ShowAnswer” button.When you are ready just click the “Continue” button.Continue
  38. 38. 1.Check Answer TextYesterday, I found a cake in the kitchen. My mothersaid it was for my grandfather’s birthday. He came toour house for dinner. After dinner, we enjoyed thecake.Question: Whose birthday was it yesterday? boy’s.The boy’s mother’s.The boy’s grandmother’s.The boy’s grandfather’s.
  39. 39. 2.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.Mr. Kato studies English three times a week. Nextmonth, he’s moving to London. He’s going to workthere for a year. He is excited about living in London.Question: How long will Mr. Kato be in London?For one week.For three weeks.For one year.For three years.
  40. 40. 3.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.I was busy at school this week. I practiced soccer onMonday and Tuesday. I had to talk to my math teacherafter school on Wednesday. And I took tests on Thursdayand Friday.Question: When did the boy talk to his math teacher?On Tuesday.On Wednesday.On Thursday.On Friday.
  41. 41. 4.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.Ricky likes sports. He plays tennis with his family. He alsogoes swimming with his friends on the weekend. But hisfavorite sport is baseball. He loves watching it on TV.Question: Which sport does Ricky like best?SwimmingTennisBaseballSoccer
  42. 42. 5.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.I like Korean food, so I travel to Korea everysummer. I usually fly there, but I decided to takea ferry this year. It was cheaper, and it was a lotof fun.Question: What is the man talking about?His favorite restaurant.Meeting a Korean friend.Going to Korea.A new airport.
  43. 43. 6.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.Today, there was a big sale at the shopping centernear Henry’s house. Henry bought some shoes. Hismother got a coat. His brother and sister didn’t buyanything.Question: Who bought a coat?Henry.Henry’s sister.Henry’s brother.Henry’s mother.
  44. 44. 7.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.Ok, students, that’s the end of class. After school, I’ll bein the teacher’s room. Come and see me if you haveany questions. Good luck on tomorrow’s test.Question: What will the students do tomorrow?Take a test.Go to the teacher’s room.Go on a school trip.Start their summer vacation.
  45. 45. 8.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.I’m a college student. This summer, I went to Africawith a volunteer group to help sick children. Iworked in a hospital in a small village. Aftercollege, I hope to work as a doctor in Africa.Question: What does the woman want to do after college?Build a hospital.Start a volunteer group.Teach at a college.Work in Africa.
  46. 46. 9.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.I like my English teacher. His classes are fun because heplays games with us and shows us movies. My friends and Ilike talking to him during our lunch break, too.Question: Who is the boy talking about?His teacher.His father.His friend.His uncle.
  47. 47. 10.Check Answer Text1.2.3.4.When I came home from shopping yesterday, Icouldn’t find my wallet. It wasn’t in my bag or inmy car. Finally I called the store, and they had itthere.Question: What was the woman looking for?Her pen.Her car.Her wallet.Her bag.
  48. 48. Long TalksIn this part you will hear a six talks followed by a series ofquestions and two pictures listening exercises. Listen to thetalk, then press the down arrow to go to the questions, thenchose the correct answer for each question. Rememberthere is only one correct answer. At any time you may listento the talk by pressing the sound icon ( ).If you need to, click on the “Text” button to read as youlisten. When you have made you choice click on the “ShowAnswer” button.When you are ready just click the “Continue” button.Continue
  49. 49. (Woman): Managers, Id like to thank you for coming to ourstaff meeting this morning. As you know, the company hasbeen experiencing financial difficulties lately, resulting inthe loss of many of our valuable employees, people whohave worked under your management. Although we hopethat a continuation of layoffs will not be necessary torecoup our status, we may have another round of dismissalsin the near future. If we must continue the layoffs, I willneed a list of two people from each department whom youcould afford to lose if necessary. I know this isnt easy, and itmay not happen. I just want to make you aware that it is apossibility. Any questions?TextListen first:A.
  50. 50. 1. Where did this speech take place?(A) In the boardroom(B) In a staff meeting(C) In a teleconference(D) In the break room2. What is the purpose of the womans speech?(A) To tell people they are being laid off(B) To tell managers to lay people off(C) To warn managers that a lay off may be coming(D) To regain company morale by announcing bonuses.3. What does the woman ask the managers to do?(A) Select two people from their department to possibly lay off.(B) Warn the people in the department that theyre losing their jobs.(C) Come in an extra day to make up for the failing work force.(D) Cut back their own hours to make up for the monetary losses.Check AnswersListen Again
  51. 51. (Man) Thanks for agreeing to meet with me, Mr. Finch. I know asthe head of Finance, youre a busy man. Id like to talk with youabout our new hire in Accounting. She is doing great! She comesinto work on time, stays late when I need her to, and consistentlydoes a great job on whatever assignments I provide her. I knowthat you said her position was not permanent, but Id truly likeyou to consider hiring her on full-time. She would be a valuableasset to our company because of her willingness to go the extramile. I wish I had ten employees just like her. If you considerbringing her on, Ill take full responsibility for getting her over toHuman Resources, and training her so shes the best she can be.Will you consider it?TextListen first:B.
  52. 52. 1. In which department does the new hire work?(A) Human Resources(B) Finance(C) Accounting(D) None of the above2. What does the man want?(A) The new hire to be a full-time employee.(B) A new intern to help with the workload.(C) The manager to increase his pay.(D) The manager to fire the new hire.Check AnswersListen Again
  53. 53. (A) Asked for more responsibility, organized a fund-raiser, and institutednew policies.(B) Come into work on time, listened to her coworkers, andimplemented changes to the old systems.(C) Asked for more responsibility, organized meetings, and filed officepapers.(D) Come into work on time, stayed late when necessary, and gone theextra mile.3. What things has the new hire done to earn the managers admiration?Check AnswerListen Again
  54. 54. I used to own a little clothes shop, but it was in a backstreet, away from the town centre, so we didn’t do very well.One day, I went to my supplier, and bought a hundred leatherjackets for fifty pounds. They were seconds, with broken zipsand holes in the lining. Then I put an ad in the paper sayingthat I was selling leather jackets for a pound each. I couldhave sold them for more, but I wanted the publicity for myshop. Five days before the sale, I saw a girl sitting on thestreet outside the shop. She was waiting to buy a jacket! Onthe morning of the sale, there were about 800 girls in thequeue, and we only had a hundred jackets!TextListen first:C.
  55. 55. 1. The shop was doing badly because:Check AnswerListen Againa. how the man made a lot of money.b. how the man tricked his customers.c. how the newspaper made a mistake.d. how the man promoted his shop.3. The story describes...a. were not in perfect condition.b. cost the man a pound each.c. were not made of real leather.d. were not popular with girls.2. The jackets...a. the clothes were poor quality.b. nobody wanted to buy clothes.c. it was not in the middle of town.d. the clothes were too expensive.
  56. 56. Good morning ladies and gentleman. This is your tour guidespeaking. I hope you have enjoyed the cruise of the inner harbourtoday. We certainly had a nice day for it, especially compared toyesterday. The ship will be docking in approximately five minutes.Once we are docked, please collect all of your belongings and exitthe ship. As a reminder, our group will be exiting to the right.Follow the north ramp all the way to the far end of the platform.Before heading to the farmers market we will gather under theferry terminal Welcome Sign for a group photo.TextListen first:D.
  57. 57. 1. What should the passengers do before exiting the ship?A) Welcome the visitorsB) Check the timeC) Collect their personal itemsD) Take a picture2. What does the speaker imply?A) The water was rough.B) The weather was poor yesterday.C) The tour went faster than usual.D) There is only one way to exit.3. What will happen in five minutes?A) The ship will arrive at the dock.B) The passengers will go shopping.C) The passengers will take photos of the ship.D) The market will open.Check AnswerListen Again
  58. 58. Id like to welcome you all to the fourth annual poets brunch.In just a few minutes a server will be around to offer you coffeeor tea. Please take a moment to fill out your name tag andintroduce yourself to the other artists at your table. Lunch willbe served at 11:00 am sharp, followed by a reading from lastyears prize winner. If any of you did not receive your free giftat the door, please make sure to pick it up on your way out.This years gift is a poetry anthology from local youth writers.You will be amazed at the emerging talent in our town. Infact, a group of young writers meet once a month around thisvery table.TextListen first:E.
  59. 59. 1. How often does this event take place?A) Monthly.B) Four times a year.C) Once a year.D) Every four years.2. What will happen after the brunch?A) The people will be served drinks.B) An artist will show his drawings.C) The guests will introduce themselves.D) A poet will read a poem.3. What do guests get to take home?A) Lunch.B) A book of mythology.C) A collection of poems.D) A painting.Check AnswerListen Again
  60. 60. TextListen first:F. Im Denise Dinger with KPUT weather. The soggy week wevebeen having in the valley promises to get dryer soon. Today werelooking at morning showers with afternoon sun breaks and a highof 55. Tomorrow morning will be partly cloudy, with increasingclearing in the afternoon and a high of 60. Friday looks to besunny and clear with a high of 70, and that weather should carryover into the weekend. Saturday will be mostly sunny with highsnear 70, and Sunday should be sunny and clear with highssoaring to nearly 80 degrees. For KPUT, this is Denise Dinger withvalley weather.
  61. 61. Check Answer1. When is this report most likely being broadcast?A. On MondayB. On WednesdayC. On ThursdayD. On Sunday2. What will happen on Sunday?A. There will be a snow stormB. The rain will increaseC. The temperature will decreaseD. It will be warm and sunny3. What is suggested about the weather prior to this report?A. It has been unseasonably hot.B. There has been a hurricane.C. It has been raining a lot.D. It has been freezing cold.Listen Again
  62. 62. The man is adjusting a TV set.The man is wearing gloves and glasses.The man is trying to light a fire.The man is holding a book in his left hand.Text Check AnswerLook at the photograph and listen to the four possible answers then choosethe correct one.G.(D)(C)(B)(A)
  63. 63. Look at the photograph and listen to the four possible answers then choosethe correct one.H.Text Check Answer(D)(C)(B)(A) The picture shows thefacade of a modern officeblock.The solar energy panels areturned towards the sun.Some of the panels seemto be broken.You cant see any shadowsin the picture.