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'Made of' or 'made from'
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'Made of' or 'made from'


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Learn how to use these two confusing phrases. This is also good to use in your class or even for students to learn on their own.

Learn how to use these two confusing phrases. This is also good to use in your class or even for students to learn on their own.

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  • 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  • 2. “Be Made Of” or “Be Made From”What is the basic difference between "made of" and"made from." Both expressions are used in English.For instance, "This chair is made of wood," and"Cream is made from milk." Though the question isquite simple, people often confuse the twoexpressions. How do we differentiate them and whatis the rule or logic behind their use?
  • 3. RulesExamplesExercises
  • 4. The RulesIf something keeps its form, we use made of‘♥ Use ‘made of’ when the original materials have not beencompletely changed and you can still see them. “Their dining table ismade of solid oak”But if the form is changed during the process of making, then we usemade from.♥Use ‘made from’ when the original materials have been completelychanged and cannot be recognized.”Bread is made from flour andwater”
  • 5. Examples"made of"Chairs are made of wood.Here, wood is still wood. It doesnt transform into something else.The house is made of bricks. [They are still bricks.]Most things seem to be made of plastic these days."This shirt is made of cotton""This house is made of bricks" OR"The keyboard I use on my computer is made of plastic."The cotton in the shirt is still cotton - it hasnt changed its formand become something else. In the same way, the bricks in thewalls of the house - theyre still bricks. They didnt stop beingbricks when the house was made.And the plastic in my computer keyboard is still plastic.
  • 6. "made from."Paper is made from wood. (NOT "Paper is made of wood.")My mother makes wine from blackberries."Wine is made from grapes."The grapes are no longer grapes - theyve been changed into a differenttype of stuff - a different type of substance - in this case, wine.“The paper is made from trees."These trees are not trees anymore - they stopped being trees when theybecame paper."This cake is made from all natural ingredients."And the flour and the eggs and the sugar in the example about the cake;these have all changed their forms as well when they became cake."Paper is made from trees.""Wine is made from grapes." OR"This cake is made from all natural ingredients."
  • 7. Exercises1. Shampoo bottles and washing-up liquid both come inbottles.2. Most wine bottles are made of green, brown or clear .3. Most people wear shoes with uppers, but plastic soles.The most expensive shoes also have leather soles.4. The characters in Madame Tussauds are made of .Choose between: | cardboard | glass | leather | metal | plastic | rubber |wax | wood4. wax1. plastic2. glass3. leatherCheck Answers
  • 8. 5. Today most yachts are made of fiber glass, but they used to be made of.6. A few cars are made of fiber glass, but most are made of .7. Car tires are made of .8. Cornflakes and other breakfast cereals come in boxes.Choose between: | cardboard | glass | leather | metal | plastic | rubber |wax | wood5. wood8. cardboard7. Rubber6. metalCheck Answers
  • 9. CandleBowl BucketBottleCheck Answers
  • 10. Check AnswersBrief CaseMicrophoneNotebookCoat HangerBoxSword
  • 11. Check AnswersCombBagNailsShoesChairMittens
  • 12. The candle is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolThe bucket is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolThe bowl is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolCheck Answers
  • 13. The bottle is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolThe briefcase is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolThe coat hanger ismade ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolCheck Answers
  • 14. The notebook is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolThe box is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolThe microphone ismade ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolCheck Answers
  • 15. The comb is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolThe bag is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolThe sword is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolCheck Answers
  • 16. The mittens are made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolThe chair is made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolCheck Answers
  • 17. The nails are made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolThe shoes are made ofwaxleatherpaperwoodmetalplasticglasswoolCheck Answers
  • 18. Look at the example and write.The candle is made of wax.The bucket is made of plastic.The bowl is made of metal.The bottler is made of glass.Check Answers
  • 19. Check AnswersThe briefcase is made of leather.The coat hanger is made of plastic.The box is made of wood.The microphone is made ofplastic and metal.
  • 20. Check AnswersThe notebook is made of paper and metal.The sword is made of metal.The bag is made of paper. The comb is made of plastic.
  • 21. Check AnswersThe mittens are made of wool. The chair are made of wood.The shoes are made of leather. The nails are made of metal.
  • 22. Thank you and have a wonderful day!