Everyday or every day


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Learn how to use these two expressions, which are sometimes very easily mixed up. Every day and everyday are very common mistake makers.

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Everyday or every day

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. People often mistake the wordeveryday for the phrase every day.Have you ever been confused aboutthis? Well, I dont blame you. Notonly have I seen people misuse thesein casual writing, but Ive also seennewspapers and television ads usingthem incorrectly.The rule is fairly easy to grasp. Readthrough this lesson and then take thequiz!The one-word modifier everyday and the two-word phrase every day arenot interchangeable.
  3. 3. ExercisesEverydayEvery Day
  4. 4. EverydayThis is an adjective Encountered or used typically orroutinely; a synonym is ordinary. That means that it canonly be used to modify nouns. It’s a one-trick pony.Use everyday as an adjective to mean daily.As an adjective, this adverb means common or informal.Everyday is perfectly acceptable in formal writing.
  5. 5. -- Hiro has an everyday appointment with his boss forbriefings.-- It is not appropriate to wear everyday clothes to one’sconvocation.Examples:AdjectiveAdjectiveAdjectiveAdjectiveNounNounNounNoun-- I wore my everyday clothes to the grocery store.-- Yuna has an everyday yoga class at five pm.
  6. 6. Every DayThis is the form used for all other purposes. It will often bean adverbial phrase. Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, andother adverbs. This phrase typically modifies verbs.-- Use every day as a time expression to mean each day.This adverbial phrase can be replaced by each day. This termmay also be used in formal writing. It is not synonymous witheveryday.
  7. 7. Examples:-- Seth eats breakfast at 8:00 every day.Every day is telling us more about the verbs eats. It tells uswhen Seth eats.-- Every day, I read for at least five minutes.Every day tells us about the verb read. It tells us when I read.
  8. 8. -- Taku studies English every day.-- Jini pratices the piano three hours every day.If you can substitute each day for the word inquestion, use every day.Tip:Homework must be left in the professor’s mailbox every day.Homework must be left in the professor’s mailbox each day.
  9. 9. ExercisesExercise3Exercise1Exercise2
  10. 10. Now choose the correct missing word:1. I have to study . I need a holiday!everydayevery day2. Snow and ice is just part of life in thenorth of Russia.everydayevery day3. Rice is part of most meals in Asia.everydayvery day4. I promise to phone my boyfriend when Igo to London.everydayevery day5. If you want to improve your English you should practice.everydayevery day Check Answerevery dayeverydayeverydayevery dayevery day
  11. 11. 6. Tomorrow there will be an eclipse. You should try and watch itbecause its not an event.everydayevery day7. The new Ford is just an small car forshopping and short trips.everydayevery day8. You should drink 8 glasses of water .everydayevery day9. Do you go jogging ? You look very fit!everydayevery day10. The flu is an illness over the winter.everydayevery dayCheck Answerevery dayeverydayeverydayevery dayeveryday
  12. 12. 1. Chii goes to school .(every day, everyday)2. Jiro has an meeting at ten.(everyday, every day)3. Theyd like to eat popcorn .(everyday, every day)4. How often have you had an class?(everyday, every day)5. Yutaka gets up at six in the morning .(everyday, every day)Now choose the correct missing word:Check Answerevery dayeverydayevery dayeverydayevery day
  13. 13. 6. Our friends like to have an get togetherto talk about neighborhood gossip.(everyday, every day)7. Erin likes having an swim.(everyday, every day)8. Id love to have an massage!(everyday, every day)9. Will you be able to pick him up ?(everyday, every day)10. They decided to meet until the problemwas solved. (everyday, every day)Check Answereverydayevery dayeverydayeverydayevery day
  14. 14. Check out the following five pictures and decide whichare correct and which are incorrect.CorrectIncorrect1. Keep calm and smile everyday ---------- WrongHere, everyday is modifying smile. Since smile isa verb, you should have used the adverb everyday.Check Answer
  15. 15. CorrectIncorrect2. Everyday magic ------- RightThis is an old telephone ad from the1920s. Isn’t it fun to see how marketinghas changed since then? These guys gottheir ad copy right when they choseeveryday. It is modifying magic, whichis a noun.Check Answer
  16. 16. CorrectIncorrect3. Start every day off with a smile and get it over with. – W.C. Fields --------Right.We can easily substitute every day with each day, so this is correct.Did you notice that this isn’t an adverbial phrase? Every is just a plain oldadjective, and day is just a plain old noun. (For you grammar buffs, day isthe direct object of the verb start).Check Answer
  17. 17. CorrectIncorrect4. Learn Everyday -------- WrongEveryday is modifying learn.Learn is a verb, so it needs to bemodified by an adverb, not anadjective.Check Answer
  18. 18. CorrectIncorrect5. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the usual! Everyday, westrive to maintain a level of quality to match our reputation in thecommunity. --------- WrongI took the liberty of correcting the wonky capitalization in that sentence.Everyday is telling us more about the verb strive, so they should have usedthe adverb every day.Check Answer