Everyday English Converstions - Eating out


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This is part 3 of the series Everyday English Conversations. This is about eating out. This is good to use in your classroom or at home. Practice listening to phrases and dialogue used in eating out.

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Everyday English Converstions - Eating out

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. Click on any of the sound icons through out this presentation, that are in blue type to listen to it. You may click as many times as you like. The dialogues are all one conversation and are not broken into sentences for listening. Listen to each saying and / or sentence and then repeat each of them. You may want to do this several times so you get the right pronunciation. Continue
  3. 3. Phrases Dialogues
  4. 4. At a Restaurant At a Bar or Café
  5. 5. Booking a table do you have any free tables? a table for two, three, or four please I'd like to make a reservation I'd like to book a table, please when for? for what time? this evening at seven o'clock, seven thirty, eight o'clock, or eight thirty. tomorrow at noon, twelve thirty, one o'clock, or one thirty for how many people? I've got a reservation do you have a reservation? could I see the menu, please? could I see the wine list, please? can I get you any drinks? are you ready to order? do you have any specials? what's the soup of the day? what do you recommend? what's this dish? I'm on a diet I'm allergic to wheat, dairy products I'm severely allergic to nuts, shellfish I'm a vegetarian I don't eat meat, pork Ordering the meal
  6. 6. I'll have the chicken breast, roast beef, or pasta I'll take this I'm sorry, we're out of that for my starter I'll have the soup, and for my main course the steak how would you like your steak? Rare, medium-rare, medium, or well done is that all? would you like anything else? nothing else, thank you we're in a hurry how long will it take? it'll take about twenty minutes If you'd like to get the waiter's attention, the most polite way is simply to say: excuse me! Here are some other phrases you may hear or wish to use during your meal: enjoy your meal! bon appétit! would you like to taste the wine? could we have ...? another bottle of wine some more bread some more milk a jug of tap water some water still or sparkling? would you like any coffee or dessert? do you have any desserts? could I see the dessert menu? was everything alright? thanks, that was delicious
  7. 7. Problems the bill, please could we have the bill, please? can I pay by card? do you take credit cards? is service included? can we pay separately? I'll get this let's split it let's share the bill this isn't what I ordered this food's cold this is too salty this doesn't taste right we've been waiting a long time is our meal on its way? will our food be long? Paying the bill Things you might see Please wait to be seated Reserved Service included Service not included
  8. 8. Ordering drinks what would you like to drink? what are you having? what can I get you? I'll have ..., please a pint of lager (one pint is a little over half a litre) a pint of bitter (a type of traditional English beer) a glass of white wine a glass of red wine an orange juice a coffee a coke large or small? would you like ice with that? no ice, please a little, please lots of ice, please a beer, please two beers, please three shots of tequila, please are you being served? I'm being served, thanks who's next? which wine would you like? house wine is fine which beer would you like? would you like draught or bottled beer? I'll have the same, please nothing for me, thanks
  9. 9. I'll get these keep the change! cheers! whose round is it? it's my round it's your round another beer, please another two beers, please same again, please are you still serving drinks? last orders! Ordering snacks and food do you have any snacks? do you have any sandwiches? do you serve food? what time does the kitchen close? are you still serving food? a packet of crisps, please what flavour would you like? ready salted cheese and onion salt and vinegar what sort of sandwiches do you have? do you have any hot food? today's specials are on the board is it table service or self-service? what can I get you? would you like anything to eat? could we see a menu, please? When placing your order at a café which offers take-away food, you may be asked: eat in or take-away?
  10. 10. Bar games does anyone fancy a game of ...? pool darts cards Internet access do you have internet access here? do you have wireless internet here? The next day... I feel fine I feel terrible I've got a hangover I'm never going to drink again! Smoking do you smoke? no, I don't smoke I've given up do you mind if I smoke? would you like a cigarette? have you got a light?
  11. 11. Ordering a meal Waiter: Hello, I’ll be your waiter today. Can I start you off with something to drink? Ralph: Yes. I’ll have iced tea, please. Anna: And I’ll have lemonade. Waiter: OK. Are you ready to order, or do you need a few minutes? Ralph: I think we’re ready. I’ll have the tomato soup to start, and the roast beef with mashed potatoes and peas. Waiter: How do you want the beef — rare, medium or well done? Ralph: Well done, please. Anna: And I’ll just have the fish, with potatoes and a salad.
  12. 12. Language Notes • Can I start you off with something to drink? Notice how the question starts with “Can.” Since this is a yes/no question, the intonation rises at the end. • And I’ll have lemonade. Notice how Anna stresses “I’ll” and “lemonade” to emphasize her choice. • Are you ready to order, or do you need a few minutes? The word “or” signals a choice here. Notice the rising intonation on order, and the falling intonation on minutes (the first choice is “Are you ready to order?” and the second choice is “Do you need a few minutes?”). • I’ll have the tomato soup to start, and the roast beef with mashed potatoes and peas. Notice that “tomato soup,” “roast beef,” “mashed potatoes” and “peas” are stressed because the food order is the important information here. Notice also that “tomato soup, “roast beef” and “mashed potatoes” are compound words. The stress falls on the second word in each phrase. • Well done, please. Notice that the subject and verb are omitted in the response; only the necessary information is given. • I’ll just have the fish. Anna says “just” here to mean that she does not want a starter.
  13. 13. It tastes stale! The two people in the dialogue below want to fix pork chops for dinner, but they later find out that the meat has gone bad.... Wayne: What are we going to eat for dinner? Lilia: I'm going to fix some pork chops. Wayne: I'm afraid the meat is rotten. Lilia: That's strange! I just bought it the day before yesterday. Wayne: Well, I forgot to put it in the refrigerator. Lilia: Good for you! Now what should we eat? Wayne: Why don't we eat out? Lilia: Again? Weren't you just complaining that it's too expensive to eat out? Wayne: Not when you're hungry.
  14. 14. I couldn't help it. They were so good! Cindy is a little hungry. She wants to eat some cookies she bought last night, but she finds that all the cookies are gone.... Cindy: John, where are the cookies? Don't tell me you ate them all! Again! John: Yes, I did. I couldn't help it. They were so good. Cindy: I thought you didn't like cookies. John: Well, I don't like cookies flavored with chocolate at all. But vanilla is different. I love them to death. Cindy: Huh, I didn't know that. John: Well, tell you what, vanilla cookies taste even better with a glass of cold milk.
  15. 15. How do you want your beef? Maria eats out together with her friend. She orders roast beef and the waitress asks her how she wants her beef done .... Waitress: Are you ready to order now? Maria: Yes. I'll have some salad, roast beef, and mashed potatoes. Waitress: How do you want the beef? Rare, medium, or well-done? Maria: Well-done. And easy on the salt, please. Waitress: Sure. Anything to drink? Maria: Do you have coffee or tea? I'd like decaf. Waitress: Yes, we have both. Which one would you like, coffee or tea? Maria: Iced tea, please. And easy on the ice.
  16. 16. Make it small, please! In the restaurant, Kate orders some eggs and a glass of juice for her breakfast.... Waiter: What would you like to order? Kate: I'd like ham and eggs, please. Waiter: How do you want your eggs? Kate: What are my choices? Waiter: Scrambled, sunny side-up, over-easy, and over-hard. Kate: Scrambled, please. Hm, no, I think I want sunny side-up. Waiter: Is there anything else? Kate: One orange juice. Make it small, please.
  17. 17. I want it to be very, very lean. Michelle is preparing dinner. She asks John for help.... Michelle: John, can you do me a favor? Can you help me cut this chicken? John: At your service. How do you want me to cut it? Michelle: I would like half of it cut into slices, and the other half diced. John: OK. Half sliced and the other half diced. Michelle: Oh, by the way, I want it to be very, very lean. Not even a shred of fat. John: Got'cha. Cut off the fat.
  18. 18. How often do you eat out? Louise is curious about why her friend Shelly eats out very often.... Louise: How often do you eat out, Shelly? Shelly: Well, very often. I eat out almost five times a week. Louise: Wow, I really envy you. Shelly: Don't envy me. It's for business. In fact, I'm sick and tired of restaurant food. Sometimes I just want a home-cooked meal.
  19. 19. I'd like to reserve a table for dinner. Ron makes a phone call to the restaurant to reserve a table for him and his friends for dinner.... Hostess: Pompas. How may I help you? Ron: Yes. I'd like to reserve a table for dinner. Hostess: How large a group are you expecting? Ron: Six couples. Hostess: Would you like to reserve a private dining room? Ron: That sounds like a good idea. Hostess: All right. May I have your name, sir? Ron: My name is Ron Kollitz. K-O-L-L-I-T-Z. Hostess: What time will you be arriving? Ron: Around 7:30 PM. Hostess: All right, Mr. Kollitz. We have reserved a private dining room for you at 7:30 PM. Thanks for calling Pompas. Ron: Thank you very much.
  20. 20. It's on me. Mary and Shelly are eating out and Mary wants to pay next time….. Mary: Thanks for lunch. It was delicious. Shelly: It's OK. Mary: Next time lunch is on me. Shelly: Don't be silly. Mary: I'm serious. Shelly: All right. Next time you'll treat. Mary: It's a deal!
  21. 21. It's my treat. Donald treats Debra to a delicious meal at a restaurant.... Donald: Let's eat out, shall we? Debra: I'm broke. I've gone through my paycheck for the week already. Donald: Don't worry about it. It's my treat. Debra: You're sure? You're so generous! Donald: And nice, too. Debra: So, where are you taking me? Donald: Some place you've never been before. Donald's Kitchen.
  22. 22. A drink to you and your future wife. At Doris's wedding banquet, Sam asks when it is Robert's turn to have a wedding ceremony. Robert tells Sam that it'll happen very soon.... Sam: You're going to miss your sister since she's married, aren't you? Robert: I sure am. She made a lovely bride, didn't she? Sam: She was beautiful. So when will your turn be? Robert: Soon! Very soon! Sam: Well, a drink to you and your future wife!
  23. 23. Ordering breakfast I´ll have three scrambled eggs with country ham. Waitress: Good morning. Are you ready to order? Bill Nichols: Yes, I am, thank you. I´ll have three scrambled eggs with country ham, toast and jam, please. Waitress: Would you like anything to drink? Bill Nichols: I´ll have a tomato juice and some iced tea. Waitress: Anything else? Bill Nichols: Could I have a slice of pumpkin pie? Waitress: Sure. Coming right up.
  24. 24. I Feel Like Chinese A: Let's go out to eat. B: That sounds like fun. A: Where do you want to go? B: Let me think a minute. A: I feel like Chinese. B: That sounds delicious. A: I know a good Chinese restaurant. B: How far away is it? A: It's only 10 minutes from here. B: Do we need reservations? A: Oh, no. We can walk right in. B: Let's go now. I'm hungry!
  25. 25. A Slow Burger A: I can't believe how long this line is. B: This is a popular restaurant, isn't it? A: Yes, but it isn't a fast-food restaurant, is it? B: It's the slowest hamburger in town. A: That's because they cook it while you wait. B: Yes. That's why it's also the best hamburger in town. A: A great burger and great service. B: Yes, the workers are very polite. A: And they're clean. B: I've been coming here for years. A: Me too. B: Excuse me. They just called my number.
  26. 26. A Good Lunch A: Lunch was delicious. B: Thank you. A: What kind of soup was that? B: It was tomato soup. A: That tasted so good. B: I put lemon and butter in it. A: The sandwich was good, too. B: Everyone likes bacon and tomato sandwiches. A: Especially on toast. B: And the pickles were great, too. A: Tomorrow we'll have rice and fish for lunch. B: I can't wait.
  27. 27. A Bad Steak A: I'm calling the waiter. B: What's the matter? A: This steak has too much fat. B: What do you want the waiter to do? A: Bring me a better steak. B: I wouldn't do that. A: Why not? B: They will drop the new steak on the floor, step on it, and then spit on it. A: You're crazy. B: Then the waiter will give you a big smile as he brings you the new steak. A: Where do you get these crazy ideas? B: I used to cook in a restaurant!
  28. 28. Dirty Nails A: Let's leave. B: But we just got here. A: Did you see the waiter's hands? B: No. A: He had dirty fingernails. B: Really? A: His nails were black! B: That's disgusting. A: And he poured water into our glasses. B: Yuck! No water for me. A: I wonder if the cooks' nails are dirty, too. B: Who cares? Let's get out of here.
  29. 29. Hot Bread A: This hot bread is delicious. B: I like this restaurant because they give you free bread. A: Well, I think we are paying for it. B: No. Look at the bill when we get it. There's no charge for the bread. A: It is delicious, especially with butter. B: I think we should just leave after we fill up on the bread. A: They probably wouldn't like that. B: I'm eating so much bread that I'm getting full. A: Then stop eating the bread! B: Okay, just one more piece. Pass the butter, please. A: If I owned a restaurant, I would never serve hot bread before the main course. B: That's terrible. I would never go to your restaurant.
  30. 30. Fear of Germs A: Is this a clean restaurant? B: Well, the tables and chairs look okay. A: Okay, let's sit down. B: Check out the silverware. A: It passes inspection. B: Here comes the waiter. See if his hands and nails are clean. A: Well, the waiter looked clean, so I guess it's okay to eat here. B: You're forgetting about the bathroom. A: I'm going to just hope that the bathroom is clean. B: You're not going to examine it before we order dinner? A: No, I'd rather not find out that it's dirty, because I'm pretty hungry right now. B: Me, too. Let's forget about germs and focus on food.
  31. 31. Bad Service A: Have you seen our waiter? B: Here he comes now. A: We've been sitting here for almost 10 minutes. B: Oops, I guess I was wrong. That isn't our waiter. A: We can give him five more minutes, and then leave. B: I'll go up front and talk to the manager. A: That's a good idea. B: Maybe they'll give us free drinks for waiting so long. A: Maybe he'll send us our waiter immediately. B: Every time we eat out, it's an adventure. A: Last time, we got seats next to the kitchen. B: We'll never go there again.
  32. 32. A Good Table A: Is this table okay? B: No, it's too close to the kitchen door. A: How about this table? B: No, it's too close to the front door. A: This looks like a nice table. B: No, it's too close to the salad bar. A: Okay, I give up. B: Well, there is one good table. A: Great. Which one? B: That one. A group of eight just sat down at it.