Everyday English Conversation At the Travel Agent


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This part 17 of the series on Everyday English Conversations. This is about talking to a travel agent. There are many practice vocabulary and phrases to learn. It has many dialogues to listen too also.

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Everyday English Conversation At the Travel Agent

  1. 1. Live Free / Speak Free
  2. 2. Click on any of the icons through out this presentation to listen to it. You may click as many times as you like. The dialogues are all one conversation and are not broken into sentences for listening. Listen to each saying and / or sentence and then repeat each of them. You may want to do this several times so you get the right pronunciation. Continue
  3. 3. Interesting Facts Travel The word 'travel' is used to talk about going from one place to another. It can be a verb, a noun or an adjective :  Verb : Paul travels a lot in his job.  Noun : Travel nowadays is faster than before.  Adjective : There is a travel agency beside the bank. Trip The word trip is used to talk about a short journey somewhere for a purpose, business or pleasure.  For our wedding anniversary, we went on a trip to Venice.  My boss is often away on business trips.  During our holiday we took a boat trip to the islands.
  4. 4. Journey A journey is the distance covered when travelling from one place to another. 'Journey' can refer to a long distance or a short regular one.  The journey was long and tiring. It took us 5 hours to get there.  Did you have a good journey? Yes, it was quite pleasant.  How long is your journey to work? Just about 20 minutes. Tour A tour is a journey during which several places are visited, especially on a holiday. 'Tour' can be a noun or a verb.  Noun : We went on a tour of Italy.  Verb : We toured the north of India. Voyage A voyage is a long journey by sea or in space.  Before the 20th century, long sea voyages were common.  A spacecraft will take you on a voyage through space.
  5. 5. Vocabulary & Phrases Terms Finding accommodation Getting around Events and activities
  6. 6. Here are some English terms related to travel. price fare ticket office map single return ticket travel agent brochure to book to cancel a booking to travel to leave to depart to arrive booking reservation journey holiday business trip delay cancellation delayed cancelled
  7. 7. Phrases Would you like to book your seats now? Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat? What is your ticket number? What is your last name? What is your first name? Hello, I need to schedule my trip to Paris for next week? I have to reach Paris by the 24th.
  8. 8. I’d like to book a hotel in Paris, please. Do you accept cards? What are the rates for 1 person? I need to book three tickets in economy class for Tokyo on the 28th of May. How much is the fare? Hello, I need to cancel my flight to Tokyo. I booked it yesterday. It’ll be under Emma Brown, number Z21455.
  9. 9. Finding accommodation we're looking for accommodation we need somewhere to stay do you have a list of ...? hotels B&Bs (abbreviation of bed and breakfasts) youth hostels campsites what sort of accommodation are you looking for? can you book accommodation for me?
  10. 10. Getting around do you have a map of the ...? city town where's the ...? city centre art gallery museum main shopping area market railway station what's the best way of getting around the city? where can I hire a car?
  11. 11. Events and activities what are you interested in? are there any ... on at the moment? exhibitions cultural events sporting events are there any ...? excursions tours day trips is there a city tour?
  12. 12. could you tell us what's on at the ...? cinema theatre concert hall opera house can I book tickets here? do you have any brochures on ...? local attractions can you recommend a good restaurant?
  13. 13. Dialogues There are many different dialogues here. I wish I could put more but this presentation would have been too large.
  14. 14. A: I need help planning my vacation. B: Sure, where would you like to go? A: I haven't decided where to go yet. B: Do you enjoy warm or cold climates? A: I am thinking that I might enjoy a tropical climate. B: I have some brochures here that you might like to look at. A: These look great! B: Do you know how much you want to spend on this vacation? A: I have about a thousand dollars to spend on this trip. B: Well, take these brochures, and get back to me when you want to make your reservations. Planning a Vacation 1
  15. 15. A: Could you help me with vacation plans? B: Do you know where you will be traveling? A: I am open to suggestions at this point. B: Are you wanting to travel to a tropical climate, or would you like to go somewhere with a cooler climate? A: I would like to travel to a cooler destination. B: I can give you some brochures that could give you some ideas. A: I will look at them right now. B: How much money is in your budget for this trip? A: I think that I can spend about two hundred dollars a day. B: Take your time choosing a destination and, when you've narrowed it down, I'll be happy to help you make a reservation. Planning a Vacation 2
  16. 16. A: I was wondering if you would be able to help me with vacation plans. B: Have you chosen your destination? A: I don't know where I want to go yet. B: Do you enjoy warm weather, or are you looking forward to a cooler vacation? A: A nice temperate climate would be best for me. B: Why don't you take a look at these brochures that might help you make up your mind? A: This place looks nice. B: Have you thought about what you would like to spend on this vacation? A: I just got a bonus and can spend about three thousand dollars total. B: I'll be happy to help you make a reservation whenever you decide upon a destination. Planning a Vacation 3
  17. 17. Dave: Hi, I’d like to check on a flight. Travel Agent: Sure. What is your destination? Dave: London, England. Travel Agent: And is this one-way or round trip? Dave: Round trip. Travel Agent: When would you like to depart? Dave: January 12th, returning on January 26th. Travel Agent: Okay, one moment please. . . . Do you have an airline preference? Dave: No. Any airline will be fine. I’m not picky. Travel Agent: And what class would you like? Economy, business class, or first class? Dave: Economy, please. Travel Agent: Okay, well there’s a flight on the morning of the 12th, returning on the afternoon of the 26th. The cheapest we have is $1,400. Dave: Ouch! I was hoping to find something cheaper. My dates are flexible – do you think you can find a cheaper flight on different dates? Travel Agent: Let me check. Just a moment. . . . There’s a flight on the 10th, returning on the 25th, for $968. Dave: That’s much better! Travel Agent: But you have to change planes twice – once in New York, and again in Holland. And there’s a 6- hour layover in Holland. Dave: Hmmm. . . Is that the best you can do? Travel Agent: I’m afraid so. If you’d like, I can reserve a seat now, and you don’t need to pay right away. Dave: That would be great. Travel Agent: I just need your full name and passport number. Dave: Here you are. (Hands the travel agent his passport.) Travel Agent: Okay, one moment. . . . Alright! It’s reserved. If you decide you want to purchase the ticket, you need to confirm before the end of the month. Dave: Great! You’ve been very helpful. Thanks! Travel Agent: That’s my job! Take care.
  18. 18. Do you have any flights to Sydney next Tuesday afternoon? clerk: — Northwind Airways, good morning. May I help you? Mary Jones: — Yes, do you have any flights to Sydney next Tuesday afternoon? clerk: — One moment, please... Yes. There´s a flight at 16:45 and one at 18:00. Mary Jones: — That´s fine. Could you tell me how much a return flight costs? I´ll be staying three weeks. clerk: — Economy, business class or first class ticket? Mary Jones: — Economy, please. clerk: — That would be €346. Mary Jones: — OK. Could I make a reservation? clerk: — Certainly. Which flight would you like? Mary Jones: — The 16:45, please. clerk: — Could I have your name, please? Mary Jones: — My name is Mary Jones, that´s M-A-R-Y J-O-N-E-S. clerk: — How would you like to pay, Ms. Jones? Mary Jones: — Can I pay at the check-in desk when I pick up my ticket? clerk: — Yes, but you will have to confirm this reservation at least two hours before departure time. Mary Jones: — I see. clerk: — Now you have been booked, Ms. Jones. The flight leaves at 16:45, and your arrival in Sydney will be at 9:25 a.m., local time. The flight number is NWA 476. Mary Jones: — Thank you.
  19. 19. I´d like to reconfirm my flight Reservations clerk: —Northwind Airlines. Can I help you? Daniel Adams: —Hello. I´d like to reconfirm my flight, please. Reservations clerk: —May I have your name and flight number, please? Daniel Adams: —My name is Daniel Adams and my flight number is 374. Reservations clerk: —When are you leaving? Daniel Adams: —On May 11th. Reservations clerk: —And your destination? Daniel Adams: —Buenos Aires. Reservations clerk: —Hold the line, please. (...) All right. Your seat is confirmed, Mr. Adams. You´ll be arriving in Buenos Aires at 4 o´clock p.m. local time. Daniel Adams: —Thank you. Can I pick up my ticket when I check in? Reservations clerk: —Yes, but please check in at least one hour before departure time.
  20. 20. Booking a Ticket. Mike: Hello, I need to schedule my trip to Paris for next week? Henrietta: When would you like to travel? Mike: I have to reach Paris by the 24th. Henrietta: Is this a round trip? Will you need a return ticket, too? Mike: Yes. Check that for 31st in the evening. Henrietta: Yes, there’s a nonstop flight to Paris from Kennedy airport on 24th at 6AM. On 31st you may board flight 309 which is also nonstop at 4:30PM. Mike: Okay, fine. I think that can work for me. Henrietta: Would you like to book the tickets then? Mike: What’s the cost? Henrietta: It’ll be $2750. Mike: Do you accept cards? Henrietta: Yes, we do.
  21. 21. Booking a Hotel. Mike: I’d like to book a hotel in Paris, please. Henrietta: Sure, we can help you find a great place. Mike: Well, I need a budget hotel that’s near the marketplaces. Henrietta: Certainly, just give me a sec...Okay, here’s one. It’s the Belladonna on Locke Avenue. Mike: What are the rates for 1 person? Henrietta: It costs $150 per night. The room is big and has one queen size bed. Mike: Okay, book that for 3 nights then, from 24th to 26th of this month. Henrietta: Certainly Sir, is there anything else I could help you with? Mike: That’s all for now, thank you!
  22. 22. Enquiring for a Lower Fare. Jack: How may I help you? Emma: I need to book three tickets in economy class for Tokyo on the 28th of May. Jack: Okay...Yes, here’s a flight on ANA from San Francisco to Tokyo. Would you like the return tickets, too? Emma: No, just one way. How much is the fare? Jack: It would be $5570 for the three tickets. Emma: Are there any other cheaper flights? Jack: This is the cheapest for that day. However, if you book for the 1st of June, you’ll have to pay only $4800 for three tickets on JAL. Emma: I see. Let me talk to my husband and call you back.
  23. 23. Cancelling a Booking. Emma: Hello, I need to cancel my flight to Tokyo. Jack: Okay. Do you know the date and the reservation number? Emma: I booked it yesterday. It’ll be under Emma Brown, number Z21455. Jack: Alright, here’s it. It’s flight 1200 to Tokyo on June 2nd, right? Seat numbers 88A and 88B... Emma: Yeah, yeah. That’s the one. Jack: Would you like to cancel both of them? Emma: Yes. Jack: You will get back only 85% of the fare. Emma: I understand. Jack: Alright. Would you like to schedule another flight? Emma: No, but I will be back to you soon. Jack: Thank you Mrs. Watson, let me cancel your ticket.
  24. 24. Any questions, comments, advice, and / or wishes – you can email me at amerenglish64@gmail.com