How SMBs Use Email Marketing + Groupon to Drive Sales
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How SMBs Use Email Marketing + Groupon to Drive Sales



This presentation was done for Groupon business customers who wanted to learn how to use email marketing to accelerate sales.

This presentation was done for Groupon business customers who wanted to learn how to use email marketing to accelerate sales.



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  • Dreamfields uses SEO, PPC and Word of Mouth to attract consumers to www.trydreamfields.comConsumers are invited to register for Dreamfields’ email newsletter and receive a $1 coupon as a “Thank You”In less than three years, Dreamfields has built an opt-in database of 500,000+ consumer email subscribers and 20,000 healthcare professional email subscribersDreamfields uses ExactTarget to deliver offers, recipes, and coupons to subscribers; invites them to visit the Dreamfields page on Facebook where they can exchange their recipes and experiences with other consumersDreamfilelds is now using ExactTarget’s Social Forward capability to invite subscribers to forward Dreamfields email with friends in their social networks. This will have an enormous impact on subscriber database growth and product salesAs of August 20, 2009, Dreamfields sales are up 13% year to date while all other brands in the category are down or flat.For FY 2009, Dreamfields 8.3 million pounds of pasta, a 177% increase over FY 2005Dreamfields has reduced its advertising budget by 95% since converting to its digital marketing strategy
  • About Mike’s Car WashOpened in 1948 in Fort Wayne, grown to 34 locations. (28 in Indiana and 6 in Ohio)Family-owned and operated500 employeesEmail Marketing Campaign Drives 60% Increase in Fathers Day Gift SalesUsing email marketing software from ExactTarget, Mike’s Car Wash generated a 60% increase in online purchase of Father’s Day car washbook sales over 2008Current goal is focused on expanding the email subscriber database and using this database to execute targeted one-to-one direct marketing promotions of car wash book sales for events like Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.Mike’s Email Subscriber Acquisition StrategyMike’s Car Wash ran its “Talk to Mike’s” survey promotion for approximately 30 days at all 36 of our Indiana and Ohio locations. During that time, approximately 400,000 invitations to take our survey were distributed on receipts. Out of the 400,000 Mike’s acquired 37,907 unique, usable addresses. Only allowed one free wash per email address so repeat customers were not able to receive multiple free washes. The promotion we ran was fairly complex. Mike’s elected to give a free wash to each customer who completed the survey with the extra condition that the free wash would mirror whichever wash service the customer had purchased (Express, Choice or Works). This meant that Mike’s had 3 different emails that could be sent via triggered sends depending on the type of wash the customer had purchased. Another condition of the promo was that each wash coupon code had to be unique.  Mike’s accomplished issuing a unique code using ET’s live offer functionality which allowed them to create a barcode image with a unique code automatically at the time the email was sent. The codes used in the emails were pulled from a dataset that Mike’s uploaded into ET’s system.    So that Mike’s could send the customer the correct type of wash, Mike’s required the customer to provide their “Sale ID” which is a unique identifier in Mike’s POS system database. Using the Sale ID Mike’s was able to pull their sale information from the POS. Once Mike’s had that data, they used the ET web services API to trigger the correct email. Checking the Sale Id also allowed Mike’s to ensure that the individual taking the survey was in fact a customer and that they had not used the Sale ID to complete the survey before.

How SMBs Use Email Marketing + Groupon to Drive Sales How SMBs Use Email Marketing + Groupon to Drive Sales Presentation Transcript