How Smart Brands Use Email Marketing to Fuel Sales and Customer Retention


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Presented at the 2013 interact13 conference on January 16, 2013

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How Smart Brands Use Email Marketing to Fuel Sales and Customer Retention

  1. 1. How Smart Brands Use Email to Fuel  Sales and Serve Customers  Presented by Joel Book of ExactTarget
  2. 2. Digital Marketing by the Numbers . . .93% of online consumers in  66% of consumers have made the US are email subscribers an email‐triggered purchase>1B active users on Twitter  200M tweets occur on  and Facebook Twitter each day 137M smartphones in the  36% of emails are opened U.S. by 2013 and read on mobile devices48hrs of video uploaded to  800M unique visitors to YouTube each minute YouTube each month>1B people search Google  71% of leads will come from everyday your website by 2015© 2012 Lyris
  3. 3. CustomerEngagement is Cross- Magazine Channel and 24/7
  4. 4. Today’s Marketing Professional Must Manage Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns
  5. 5. 3 Surprising Findings about Brand Advocates Customersare Smarter, of brand advocates  recommend products or Less Patient services weekly and Highly consider buying the  product recommended by a  Influential Brand Advocate actually buy the  product recommended        by a Brand Advocate Marketing Source: Zuberance of ONE to the Power
  6. 6. Content is Critical for Pre & Post PurchaseEngagement
  7. 7. Use Content to Aid the Buyer’s Journey
  8. 8. CMOs in outperforming organizations investData is the more effort in Digital integrating and using data to foster customerCurrency of relationships. Effective Marketing
  9. 9. Customer Data Integration Channels Applications Email Customer Data Email Marketing Customer Event Mobile Messaging Email Address Physical Address Website Customer CRM Demographics Product /Service E-CommercePrint Advertising Needs, Interests Product Broadcast Purchase History Call Center Event Attendance Mobile History Billing Analytics and Lead Score Online Meeting Social Media Campaign Response History Dealer/Agent Warranty
  10. 10. • Aids the Buying Process• Improves Service• Maximizes Retention @JoelBook @ExactTarget
  11. 11. Email: The Backbone of Customer Engagement The Customer Life Cycle Business Getting Business Keeping Product Product Product Product Repurchase/ Brand Awareness Evaluation Purchase Usage Renewal Advocate Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain 93% of U.S. online consumers are email subscribers, receiving at least one permission- based email per day (1)1. Source: ExactTarget Research Report: Subscribers, Fans & Followers, 2011
  12. 12. 66% of U.S. Consumers Have Made aPurchase as a Result of a Marketing Message Received by Email
  13. 13. 59% of B2B Marketers Say Email 62% of B2B Marketers Plan tois their MostSpending Channel for Increase Effective on Email Generating Revenue Marketing in 2013 Source: BtoB Magazine
  14. 14. 46% of CMOs believeSmartphone and TabletAdoption will ImpactEmail Programs in 2013.Source: MarketingSherpa2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report
  15. 15. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain ULTA Uses Email to Convert NewSubscribers to BuyersCreates an instant connection with potential customersIncludes a promotion to drive purchaseEnables consumers to set up their profile for customized offers via email
  16. 16. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow RetainVolvo Construction Equipment Uses Email to Respond to Information Requests from Prospective BuyersInformation Request at Website Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables  Volvo sales reps to manage leads “Thank You” email to customer
  17. 17. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow RetainVolvo Construction Equipment Uses its Email to Nurture Leads, Deliver Relevant Product Information1. Dynamic Content – Volvo Construction Equipment uses dynamic content to personalize articles and product news based on the subscriber’s industry and interests.2. Interactive Functionality – Links to videos allow Volvo to increase traffic to the website where buyers can view the machine in action.3. Analytics – Volvo tracks email opens by subscriber and knows which articles are being read, which videos are being viewed. Enables identification of “engaged” buyers.
  18. 18. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Anthem Uses its eMagazine to Keep Members Informed
  19. 19. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Pei Wei Uses SMS to Convert Restaurant Guests to Email Subscribers Over a 14 day  period, Pei Wei  used in‐store  80565 signage to invite  guests to text  and receive a  Caramel buy‐one, get‐ one free  coupon via  email for its  new Caramel  Chicken entree. 
  20. 20. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Pei Wei Asian DinerUses Bar-Coded Email Coupons DriveConsumers to StoresCampaign Results:• Produced coupon  redemption rates of 20%!• Generated 18,000+ new  email subscribers in just  two weeks.
  21. 21. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Crocs Converts 500 Facebook Fans to Crocs Email Subscribers per Week! Crocs Email Subscription CenterCrocs Invites Facebook Fans to become Crocs Email Subscribers Crocs is a client of  Digital Evolution Group Crocs’ “Deal of the Week” Email Personalized to Subscriber Preferences
  23. 23. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow RetainScotts Teaches ConsumersWhat Scotts Products to Use,When to Use them, and HowOverview• Started in Spring 2000• Subscribers: 1,800,000+• 355 unique geo‐demographic versionsObjectives• Deliver Personalized Content to Consumers • Drive Traffic to Channel Partners• Expand Scotts “Brand Advocates” CommunityResults• Scotts research shows Lawn Care Update subscribers use 1.5 more Scotts products than non‐subscribers 
  24. 24. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow RetainScotts Teaches ConsumersWhat Scotts Products to Use,When to Use them, and How Scotts Alert: Now is the perfect time to apply Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Fertilizer to your lawn. Reply STOP to end alerts. Other charges apply.
  25. 25. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Ally Bank Uses Email to Promote Additional Products
  26. 26. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Dreamfields Pasta Uses Email+Social to Drive Purchase and Word-of-Mouth ReferralIn 7 years, Dreamfields has . . . ‐ Grown its consumer email subscriber base to 614,000+‐ Grown its healthcare professionals email subscriber base to 48,000+‐ Increased sales 7X from 3M pounds to 22M pounds Dreamfields is a client of  HyperDrive Interactive
  27. 27. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Papa John’s Daily Deal Offers Drive Online Sales Makes ordering pizza easy  and fast! Invites customers to  share this email offer with  Facebook friends, Twitter  followers Drives traffic to local Papa  John’s franchisees NOTE: Papa John’s experienced a 2.5X increase in engagement when sending by time zone.
  28. 28. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Best Buy Personalizes Weekly Email Campaign Product Recommendations Email Volume:  20Million to the Customer’s Profile 10 – 12 themes  segmented by  Email Versions: 18Million customer type Loyalty  Program  Examples of other tactics Information Home Theater Closest Best  Buy StorePersonalized  Message for product  Best Buy  Eventsrecommendations Credit Card  Holders Message  from  Partners General  Messages Mobile
  29. 29. Websites are the Gateway to Engagement Word of Mouth Search Engine Sponsored Marketing Events 71% ofsure your website is OPTIMIZED new business leads will comeEducational Direct Make Webinar Mail from the corporate orare attracting for SEO to ensure you brand website by 2015. prospective customers. Social Trade Media Shows Source: SiriusDecisions Online Print Advertising Advertising Email Broadcast Marketing Advertising Public Relations
  30. 30. In 2013, mobilephones willovertake PCs as Is Your Websitethe most Mobilecommon Web Ready?access deviceworldwideSource: Gartner
  31. 31. 67% of Consumers are MoreLikely to Buy a Company’sproduct or Service if theirWebsite is Mobile-Friendly!Source: Google/Sterling Research/SmithGeiger    September 2012 
  32. 32. Websites are #1 for Email Subscriber Acquisition 35% of a company’s “most valuable” email subscribers are acquired via the corporate or brand website. Source: The Relevancy Group
  33. 33. 40% of All Emails Sent are Now being Read on a Mobile Device.Source: Return Path
  34. 34. If You Do Mobile,Do it Right!Make Sure Email isDesigned for Mobile!
  35. 35. Great Resources for Mobile Email Four Responsive Email Layouts By Chris Studabaker‐responsive‐email‐layouts‐15858 ExactTarget Inbox Tools A suite of rendering and deliverability tools to maximize deliverability‐tools Return Path Blog – Mobile Email Practical advice for improving mobile email effectiveness‐email Inbox Preview Tools for previewing how your mobile email will render by device‐content/inbox‐preview/ Litmus Email Testing Enables you to preview email on 30+ email clients and mobile devices‐testing Anatomy of a Perfect Mobile Email By Justine Jordan‐mobile
  36. 36. 75%To monetize social media, convert the of social media users say email is“Fans way for companies to communicate best and Followers” to email subscribers! with them. (MarketingSherpa)
  37. 37. Scotts Invites Facebook Fans to Subscribe to Lawn Care Update ( And 50% Convert! )Lawn Care Update subscription invitation
  39. 39. Joel BookExactTarget, Inc. @JoelBook