Joe Kutchera visits Authors@google on April 11, 2013


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Author Joe Kutchera will outline his 5-step marketing process for reaching the next generation of Internet users in the booming markets of Latin America. For the complete talk, visit:

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  • Converging Trends we saw… technology: hispanics crossing the digital divide. Marketing: As marketing shifts from push to engagement principles, marketers are making consumers active participants in their promotional conversationsResearch,,, way data was being captured… Culture: social media adoption, empowerment and reliance in Word of Mouths channels. “As marketing shifts from push to engagement principles, marketers are making consumers active participants in their promotional conversations. Finding and engaging influencers who can advocate and recommend brands to others has become the new holy grail of marketing. Now that Hispanics have bridged the digital gap, brands have new opportunities to use social media in such a way that they and consumers both win. TúCuentas was created to capitalize on these opportunities
  • give that book to friends that have kids 25 years laterBonds created by characters in those storiesThese become the stories of our lives: the touchstonesIt’s how we learned our 1st lessons and every lesson after that
  • In preparing for this presentation, I remembered a quote from the management guru Peter Drucker who wrote over 30 books about business.When asked by FORTUNE magazine, what is your favorite business book, does anyone here know what he said? “I don’t read business books, I read Shakespeare.” Which goes to show why Harvard Business school uses stories to teach business problems for its students. Stories and real characters make people remember the lesson to be learned.Shakespeare said there were only five stories ever written
  • Joe Kutchera visits Authors@google on April 11, 2013

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    2. 2. @JoeKutchera ©2013Example of Successful Marketing Model:4 P‟s
    3. 3. @JoeKutchera ©2013Technology Communityand ContentInnovationSocial Listening andResearchBenefits of a model
    4. 4. @JoeKutchera ©2013Benefits of a model• Break down process into simple steps• Easy to remember, share and replicate
    5. 5. @JoeKutchera ©2013scuche a su audiencia (listen to your audience)experimente como usuario (put yourself in shoes of user)ntegrate your communications channelsransform your audience into communitiesptimizeOur 5-Step Model
    6. 6. @JoeKutchera ©2013scuche a su audiencia(Listen to your audience)
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    11. 11. @JoeKutchera ©2013How did ___________ change ________?How can _________ change _____________?Facebook EgyptFlickr Your Company
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    16. 16. @JoeKutchera ©2013Post-It: Listening for Marketing Ideas
    17. 17. @JoeKutchera ©20133M: Results and Benefits to Listening• Inspirational idea came from audience• Increased brand awareness• Differentiated “commodity” product• Increased sales and drove traffic to retail stores• Started in Latin America; Replicated around the world• Paper product from pre-computer world = “Pixel” ininteractive world
    18. 18. @JoeKutchera ©2013eXperimente como usuario, a través de "perfiles”(Put yourself in the shoes of the user, using profiles)
    19. 19. @JoeKutchera ©2013Nurse‟s perspectivePrefers to remove bandages quicklyPatient‟s perspectivePrefers bandages removedslowly
    20. 20. @JoeKutchera ©2013CompanyperspectiveCustomer perspective
    21. 21. @JoeKutchera ©2013Develop your strategy using user profiles•Your goal•Target audience(s)•Your message•Social networks•Media plan
    22. 22. @JoeKutchera ©2013User-Centered Design and Marketing
    23. 23. @JoeKutchera ©2013Results and Benefits to Profiles• Important to understand the perspective ofconsumers• Define what problem they need solved• Document how they spend their time• Understand what motivates them
    24. 24. @JoeKutchera ©2013ntegrate your communication channels
    25. 25. @JoeKutchera ©2013“Your most unhappycustomers are yourgreatest sourceof learning,”And the best place tofind those unhappycustomers today isacross your social mediachannels.
    26. 26. @JoeKutchera ©2013Marketing = Customer Service
    27. 27. @JoeKutchera ©2013Marketing = Customer Service
    28. 28. @JoeKutchera ©2013Marketing = Customer Service
    29. 29. @JoeKutchera ©2013Benefits to Integrating Social Systems• Better customer service• Learn how to improve as a company• Happier customers• Improved word of mouth
    30. 30. @JoeKutchera ©2013ransform your audience into communities
    31. 31. @JoeKutchera ©2013Magnetic Contentattractscustomers.
    32. 32. @JoeKutchera ©2013Learning Lessons from Stories
    33. 33. @JoeKutchera ©2013The Power of Stories in Business
    34. 34. @JoeKutchera ©2013BabyCenter Community: SharingStories
    35. 35. @JoeKutchera ©2013Story Telling on YouTubeLa Caida de Edgar (El original) Caida de Edgar (Emperador)
    36. 36. @JoeKutchera ©2013Inspiration for future campaigns
    37. 37. @JoeKutchera ©2013Benefits to Creating a Community• Magnetic content that attracts your audience• Create ideas that “stick” in people‟s minds• Engage customers through stories• Empower customers to communicate with eachother
    38. 38. @JoeKutchera ©2013ptimize
    39. 39. @JoeKutchera ©2013Fashion Retailer C&A DisplaysFacebook „likes‟ for Items in its Real-World Stores
    40. 40. @JoeKutchera ©2013Brand Sends Free, PersonalizedRecipes via Twitter
    41. 41. @JoeKutchera ©2013Benefits to Optimizing• React to customers in real time• Optimize products to best fit customer‟ needs• Improve conversions from your website andadvertising
    42. 42. @JoeKutchera ©2013scuche a su audiencia (listen to your audience)experimente como usuario (put yourself in shoes of user)ntegrate your communications channelsransform your audience into communitiesptimizeResearchPlanninLaunch andMaintain
    43. 43. @JoeKutchera ©2013Innovation for the Next Generation: Mobile
    44. 44. @JoeKutchera ©2013É-X-I-T-O to Support OLPC• All author proceeds to supportOne Laptop Per Child• Please spread the word:–#EXITO Movement–@OLPC–@OLPC_Mexico–@JoeKutchera
    45. 45. @JoeKutchera ©2013Thank you to my Co-Authors Alonso Fernandez andKarla Berman in Google‟s Mexico City OfficeJuly 2013
    46. 46. @JoeKutchera ©2013Questions?@JoeKutcheraGracias!