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Aby and jhoe educ 2

  1. 1. Educational Technology 2 San Juan Campus
  2. 2. Educational Technology 2 Information and Communication Technology ICT refers to technologies that provide access to information through the telecommunication s. It is similar to Information Technology (IT), but focuses primarily on communication technology. This includes the Internet, Wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication medium.  Wikipedia San Juan Campus
  3. 3. Educational Technology 2 San Juan Campus
  4. 4. Educational Technology 2 New Zealand 2001 ICT Goals and Strategy (http://www.tki.org.nz/ict/) - Digital Strategy 2.0 San Juan Campus
  5. 5. Educational Technology 2 Goal  envisions to support the development and capability of schools to use information and communication technologies in teaching and in learning process and administration.  www.tki.org San Juan Campus
  6. 6. Educational Technology 2 Strategy It foresees schools to be: Improving learning outcomes Using ICT to improve the efficiency Developing partnerships San Juan Campus
  7. 7. Focus areas Educational Technology 2 Infrastructure for increasing school’s access to ICTs Professional development Initiatives  An On–line Resource Center A computer recycling scheme A planning and implementation guide ICT professional development schools San Juan Campus
  8. 8. Educational Technology 2 San Juan Campus
  9. 9. Educational Technology 2 Australia IT Initiatives (http.//www.deet.gov.au/schools/Adelaide/text.htm) San Juan Campus
  10. 10. Educational Technology 2  Students should be confident, creative and productive users of technologies. ICT enables better and more personalized learning. ICT provides powerful and effective tool. ICT can improve efficiency and more effective decision- making San Juan Campus
  11. 11. Educational Technology 2 The common features to planning, funding and implementation strategies are: Fast local and wide area networks Substantial number of computers in schools Continuing teacher training Sufficient hardware and software Digital library resources Technology demonstration San Juan Campus
  12. 12. Educational Technology 2 San Juan Campus
  13. 13. Educational Technology 2 Malaysia Smart School-level Technology Project (http://www.ppk.kpm.my/smartschool/) - Vision 2020 - Philosophy of Education calls for “ developing the potential of individuals in a holistic and integrated manner, so as to individuals who are intellectually , spiritually, emotionally, and physically balance and harmonious. San Juan Campus
  14. 14. Educational Technology 2 Fully equipping a school includes:  Classrooms with multimedia, presentation facilities  Library media center  Computer laboratory for teaching  Multimedia development center  Studio/theatrette with control room  Teachers’ room with on-line access  Server room  Administration offices San Juan Campus
  15. 15. Educational Technology 2 San Juan Campus
  16. 16. Educational Technology 2 Singapore Masterplan for IT in Education (http://www.moe.edu.sg/iteducation/masterplan/welcome.htm) San Juan Campus
  17. 17. Educational Technology 2 Goals The goal of the “In2015” Education and Learning Plan is the foster an engaging learning experience to meet the diverse needs of learners in Singapore. San Juan Campus
  18. 18. Educational Technology 2 Four key dimensions:  Curriculum and assessment  Learning resources  Teacher development  Physical and technological infrastructure San Juan Campus
  19. 19. Educational Technology 2 San Juan Campus
  20. 20. Educational Technology 2 Hong Kong Education Program Highlights (http://www.info.gov.hk/emb/eng/prog_high/schoolprog.html) - Digital 21 San Juan Campus
  21. 21. Educational Technology 2 The IT initiatives are: 40 computers for each primary school and 82 computers for each secondary school 85,000 IT training places Technical support for all schools Information Education Resource Center IT coordinator for each of 250 schools  San Juan Campus
  22. 22. Educational Technology 2 Computer rooms IT Pilot Scheme Review of school curriculum to incorporate IT elements Development of appropriate software Exploring the feasibility of setting up an education-specific Intranet San Juan Campus
  23. 23. Educational Technology 2 San Juan Campus
  24. 24. Educational Technology 2 Thank you for listening and cooperating. God bless !!! Prepared for: MRS. CHEDING M. ARNIGO Instructor Prepared by: SEVILLA ABEGAIL L. REGLOS JOEFINE G. Bachelor of Secondary Education/ MAPEH 3101 San Juan Campus