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SEO Next - Presentation

  1. 1. “How to get to the top of Google…and stay there!” Introduction to SEONext and our processes Presentation by Justin Blackhurst
  2. 2. Brief Introduction• SEO Next is a major international SEO operation.• Head Office in Manchester ,• 150+ SEO staff based in our offices inIndia• Offices based in the focal IT & mediacentre of India, Gurgaon (near New Delhi)• Google, Microsoft, JWT all established inthe same area and many more…• 10,000’s of successful projects completed• 1000’s of clients globally
  3. 3. The Team Vaibhav Kakkar & Justin Blackhurst Research & Development Team UK SEO TEAM Co founder’s
  4. 4. What is a search engine? “A tool designed to search for information on the World Wide Web” “Operates algorithmically generated results” A Search engine is always trying to provide its searcher the most relevant result possible – to find this they look at over 300 variables
  5. 5. A few stats…Every day there are more than a billion searches on Google forinformation. Google data, September 201028.5 million Brits make online purchases. This number is expected to increase to32.5 million by 2014Verdict Research as cited by eMarketer, September 201058% of purchase decisions begin on search enginesGroupM, February 2011Online shopping has grown by 25% to £4.4bn year on yearIMRG, June 2010Online sales accounts for 10% of retail in the UK .Digital Strategy Consulting, August 201129% of people think the placement of a brand on the search results page reflectsthe importance of the brandVerdict Research as cited by, April 2011
  6. 6. How we get you to the top of the searchengines and keep you there!!• Keyword strategy – including long tail• Making sure the website we are working includes good relevant content!• The site layout is user friendly• Internal link structure on the site links to appropriate relevant pages• Good use of title, meta and H1 tags.• Blogging – content rich regular posts• Make your URL’s search engine compliant, examples; A) B)^-41235.asp• Off site link building profile including• Directory submissions, article submissions, forum posting,• Sitemap – XML and HTML• Analytics – Conversion – Usability• Brand /Reputation Management – use of websites in good “neighbourhoods”!• Hard Work!
  7. 7. SEO Next Workflow
  8. 8. A Typical Google Result Paid Ads: Paid advertising known as PPC displays adverts along the top and side of the page these are clearly distinguished so not to confuse the browser. Organic Results: Here Google displays its most relevant results, these results are determined by the questions Google asks each website over 300 in fact.
  9. 9. How do search engines view my website???? Search engines use robots to crawl your website with programs called spiders. The spiders take in all of the information on the pages to then be processed bythe robots. The spiders proceed through your site by following links this process is repeated until there are no more links to follow.
  10. 10. So…when the Google bot comes to yourwebsite, what does it look at?
  11. 11. Off page optimisation Factors Search engines look at many different things off the site below is a small selection of these. These will be explained individually further on in the presentation.
  12. 12. Link Varieties – Below are example links we use on ourcampaigns• Directory submissions: Submitting your website to directories as a link building strategy hasalready been beaten with a stick hundreds of times, but it still remains a valid tactic that definitelyworks. Of course, thats if youre doing it the right way..• Article submissions spun: We write articles which will be manually spun, and then differentvariations of each article will be submitted to 100 article directories each (no screen shots)• Article Submission: Articles will be written with good relevant content and each submitted intorelevant category directories each (screen shots provided).• Links through Forum Promotions: Although it may seem like a very easy way to get morelinks, link building through forums can be very tricky. However, it can also be one of the mostvaluable in terms of branding and the amount of targeted visitors. There are several ways of buildinglinks through forums• Press release submission: we write online press releases, these are then submitted to PR sites, ifyou want submission to paid PR sites like PR web, the money paid to them will be extra.• Top commentator: We will maintain your link as the top commentator link on good blogs, thisgives you site wide links.• Network blog distribution: We write spin articles, each will get distributed to around 75-150sites in a private network we share.
  13. 13. Link Varieties (cont.)• Do follow comments: We create ‘do follow’ comments in good quality blogs to get some in-content links for your site• LQ links: Not the ones I like the most, but these links will be giving a decent link variation toyour site.• New directories: This will include submission to all the new directories which come out everymonth, these have a very high acceptance rate and around 150-200 directories are released everymonth.• Ezine: Ezine articles is one of the most authoritative site. We write good quality articles,specifically for submission to ezine articles, each article will have 1-2 links to your site.• Associated Content: AC is also one of the most authoritative parasite sites. We will create a miniversion of your site to link back from.• Blog marketing: We will create unique posts for the blog every week and all the posts will besubmitted to social media sites to get them indexed. All the blog posts will link to the main andinternal pages of the main site.
  14. 14. Content & keyword anchor text Good Example Bad ExampleSEO Next™ – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) SEO Next™ – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Company & Website Optimization Services. Company & Website Optimization Services.SEO. Search Engine Optimisation. It’s one of the fastest- SEO. Search Engine Optimisation. It’s one of thegrowing fields in today’s business world. Like any area fastest-growing fields in today’s business world. Likeof business, many specialist search engine optimization any area of business, many specialistcompanies have emerged to help you build your profile search engine optimization companies have emerged toand exposure online. help you build your profile and exposure online.But, did you know that many of the But, did you know that many of the leading SEOleading SEO agencies throughout the UK, USA and  agencies throughout the UK, USA and AustraliaAustralia regularly outsource up to 100% of their work to regularly outsource up to 100% of their work to ourour team of search marketing experts? Now you do, and team of search marketing experts? Now you do, andnow we’re pleased to introduce our own SEO brand: now we’re pleased to introduce our own SEO on the experience and expertise of over five years, Drawing on the experience and expertise of over fiveworking alongside the world’s biggest search engine years, working alongside the world’s biggest searchoptimisation (or, if you’re in the USA, optimization) engine optimisation (or, if you’re in the USA,companies, SEO Next™ is your one-stop, go-to option for optimization) companies, SEO Next™ is your one-stop,all of your SEO services. If you’ve previously used a  go-to option for all of your SEO services. If you’vesearch engine optimisation company, there’s a good previously used a search engine optimisation company,chance that it’s been our team working behind the scenes there’s a good chance that it’s been our team workingto bring your SEO plans to fruition. And the results behind the scenes to bring your SEO plans to fruition.speak for themselves – take a look at our SEO case study And the results speak for themselves – take a look atpage and our testimonials for proof. our SEO case study page and our testimonials for proof.
  15. 15. Business Directories 1000-2000 New directories go live every month our R&D team source them ...Directories are a powerful tool to start building your link profile, although by no means the strongest type of link they create a good foundation and last for a long time. Directory Individual business homepage listing We try and match the category that best suits your business but as we don’t own the directories sometimes the site admin change these. This is why we provide you with screenshots and links to the directories.
  16. 16. Article Directories There are thousands upon thousands of article directories on the web, many are industry specific but the majority remain general. We source the best sites for the industry we are working with. We have an articles written by one of our in house copyrighters and then they are submitted to the sites.Once the articles has been submitted to thearticle site it is then manually reviewed. Thereview progress looks for key elements, is thearticle salesy, spammy or un relevant to itstitle or submission category. Once the articlehas been approved it will then go live on thesite. Sometimes this takes up to 3 weeks.
  17. 17. Forum posts Forums are a great way of us connecting a business to its demographic, not only do we get involved in relevant industry specific forums we also gain a link back on every comment we make.As we don’t own any of the forums we post on, from time to time wholethreads are deleted, we build large amounts of these links to counteract thedrop offs. these forum links possess good strength as the whole forum isfilled with good fresh unique content.
  18. 18. Top commentator links!Top commentator links are a great value link. by getting involved with blogging sites in the specific industry, and by commentating and adding content to these blogs on a regular basis we a rewarded with a site wide link. Occasionally we let these links drop of for a month and then rebuild them a month or so later. We do this so that Google see’s that the sites involvement was not a one off or spammy. This creates a stronger trust rating for the link juice.
  19. 19. Parasite Creation
  20. 20. Multi Lingual SEO
  21. 21. Great “FREE” online resources• Google webmaster tools•• SEO Blog•• Detecting inbound links to your site•• Google keyword tool• Find out search volumes and good keywords to target•• Iweb Tool•