The mortifer


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The mortifer

  1. 1. The Mortifer
  2. 2. Camera   Throughout the whole opening we never see the killers face once. Concealment is a very common convention in a thriller film.  There is a lot of still shots of people walking either to or away from the camera, this slows the pace down of the film a lot.  There is a shot where you can see the victim on the phone and then the killer walking towards him in the background, this is effective as it makes the audience fear for the victim  They used a Slow-motion shot when the victims friend brushes shoulders with the killer.
  3. 3. Sound   The opening starts with very eerie music which is then faded out, this creates tension.  Shortly after the music fades out there is a big clash of notes which causes a very screechy noise which makes the audience feel very uncomfortable.  There is then a gun shot which mite make the audience jump but this is just to show that he has just killed this man.  It then comes to some dialouge and the killers voice has been modified so its very deep and muffled, this adds to the mystery of, who is this man?
  4. 4. Editing   The editing is very slow paced with the cutting to begin with but when the killer approaches the victim it speeds up and there is a lot more cuts.  It is in black and white, this could be because they were trying to replicate there film like an old styled thriller.
  5. 5. Mise-En-Scene   The killer has all black on which instantly sends messages to you that he is bad.  The Victim is wearing a white polo which could represent his innocence and purity, in contrast to the killer.  The friend of the victim is wearing all black, which sends mixed signals as im not too sure if she is good or if it is just a red herring.  The places where they filmed were normal everyday places like on a street, but they filmed the killing in a playground, this could be to contrast the innocent activities that usually occur in a playground compared to this.
  6. 6. Narrative+Plot   From what I saw I am assuming that the film is about a girl who’s friend has just been killed, for reasons we don’t know, by this man called the ‘Mortifer’.
  7. 7. Mood   The mood of it is very unsafe. Before the killer turned up the mood between the two people on the phone was quite happy. When the Girl finds her friend dead the mood becomes very confused and scared.
  8. 8. The Mortifer  