Five Trends That Will Transform Customer Communities


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Presentation at Community 2.0 in San Francisco, May 12, 2009

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  • Eventually will also incorporate data and interactions outside the corporate web site
  • Five Trends That Will Transform Customer Communities

    1. 1. Five Trends That Will Transform Customer Communities Joe Cothrel, Chief Community Officer, Lithium Technologies Community 2.0, San Francisco, May 12, 2009
    2. 2. Lithium Technologies  140 customers  20M registered users  200 communities  1B page views/month
    3. 3. Five trends From … community to network  fragmented to integrated  intuition to measurement  listening to responding  practice to discipline 
    4. 4. From Community to Network Trend Customer communities are reaching out to social  networks and incorporating some of their features. Threat Lose visibility, lose influence, lose members.  Opportunity Broaden your reach, fuel your growth, keep up  with the competition.
    5. 5. Web 2.0 Abroad
    6. 6. Web 2.0 At Home Most common errors of the Web 2.0 community makeover:  Landing page dominated by “what’s new” 91% of users don’t care what’s new   The “ghost-town” effect. “Halloween is over.”   Highlighting “friending” over “finding”  “I’m not a teenager and this isn’t MySpace. I just want an answer to my question.” Most community users still value speed and ease above all other attributes.
    7. 7. From Fragmented to Integrated Trend Customer communities are integrating their  disperse elements (blogs, forums, etc.) and integrating with other enterprise systems. Threat Lose control over member experience.  Opportunity Improve overall customer experience. 
    8. 8. Integration Is the Thing This Year Create Integrate Extend CRM CRM 2008 2009 2010 Creation of stand- Integration of Extension of alone community community elements community across the elements on the and business systems. social web. website.
    9. 9. Why Is Integration Happening?
    10. 10. Web Analytics + Community Analytics Integrating web and community analytics helps you to identify the community content and users that drive business outcomes. Shown: Omniture-Lithium Integration
    11. 11. From Intuition to Measurement Trend Customer communities are now run on data  rather than a sense that this is “a good thing to do.” Threat Let data make decisions rather than letting people  make decisions. Opportunity Ensure community is sustainable in the future. 
    12. 12. Three Kinds of Measurement Health Return Insight CRM A measure of success A measure of success A measure of what for customers/users. for the business. customers are thinking. UNIVERSAL AND UNIVERSAL TYPE-SPECIFIC TYPE-SPECIFIC
    13. 13. The Discipline of a Weekly Report
    14. 14. From Listening to Responding Trend Today’s focus on listening will soon give way to a  need to change the way companies do business. Threat Set unrealistic with customers that create  dissatisfaction. Opportunity Use customer wisdom to prevent problems and  exploit opportunities.
    15. 15. A Transformation Affecting Every Business Interact Listen Respond 1995-2005 2005-2015 2015-2025 Enabling interaction Listening to customers Dynamically creating so that customers and addressing their products and processes can help each other. needs one by one. in partnership with customers.
    16. 16. Why Idea Engines Matter
    17. 17. From Practice to Discipline Trend Community management is changing from an ad  hoc practice to a defined discipline. Threat More competition and pressure on community  managers. Opportunity More knowledge and more tools available to make  your community successful.
    18. 18. What’s in Your Toolbox?
    19. 19. Thank You Joe Cothrel