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Intel Business Builder Initial Meeting V6
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Intel Business Builder Initial Meeting V6


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Intel Business Builder Slide Deck

Intel Business Builder Slide Deck

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Intel Business Builder Introduction for Independent Software Vendors
    • 2. Intel Business Builder 1. Build customer trust - Certification Services Build customer trust and confidence by testing your applications in the Intel ® Certified Solutions Program (ICSP) A set of interconnected services designed to help ISVs (1) increase customer trust and confidence, (2) grow sales, and (3) reduce development and support costs. 3. Reduce your costs – Developer Services Reduce your cost to develop and support your applications using the SpikeSource Solutions Factory TM 2. Grow your sales - Business Services Grow your sales through exposure on the Intel® Business Exchange (IBX)
    • 3. ISVs of All Kinds and Sizes Are Using these Services
    • 4. 1 Program; 2 ways to Engage
      • Partner Benefits
      • Plan & Strategize
      • Develop & Solve
      • Market & Sell
      Intel ® Software Partner Program
      • Business Builder Services
      • Intel Certified Solutions Program
      • Intel Business Exchange
      • SpikeSource Solutions Factory
      Free benefits to help you get started working with Intel technology For pay services designed to help you take your business to the next level
    • 5. 1. Certification Services - Build Customer Trust and Confidence
      • Certified solutions receive certified badge – a mark of distinction, recognized globally
      • ICSP has two certifications (ISVs can earn one or both):
        • Software Certification - certifies application has met pre-defined standards for software security and interoperability
          • Applications that pass this test will receive the Intel Certified – Powered by SpikeSource brand badge
        • Intel Hardware Certification – ensures application is enabled on advanced Intel hardware technologies
      Mobility Manageability Virtualization Multi-core Graphics Ready Now! Coming Soon!
    • 6. Software Certification - Comprehensive Security Scan and Ongoing Monitoring
      • Scans application’s components against industry’s most comprehensive database of known security vulnerabilities
      • Continuously monitors all components for security updates on ongoing basis
      • Automatically alerts ISV about any critical security vulnerabilities identified
      • Provides detailed security vulnerability report , including recommended remediation actions
      Software certified applications can display the Intel badge
    • 7. Certification Badge in Your Marketing Communications Use the logo on your website… … Collateral… … Presentations
    • 8. 2. Business Services – Increase Sales through Exposure on IBX
      • Intel-branded, online technology marketplace
      • Intel is driving qualified SMB traffic to site
      • Exposure on IBX increases awareness, capitalizes on association with Intel brand
      • Intel Certified Solutions Program members get exclusive benefits:
        • Priority on boarding to the IBX
        • Listing in certified applications showcase
        • Display of certified badge on IBX
    • 9. Intel ® Business Exchange
      • Downloadable product
      • Direct sale, or lead referral to end-user
      Software Download Store
      • Applications sold as Solutions
      • ISV has designated channel partners for lead referrals
      Solutions and Services
      • Catalog of all types of applications
      • Direct link to your site-of-choice
      Certified Showcase Immediate Access Biz Model Dependent Exclusive Not all IBX models are available to every ISV
    • 10. 3. Developer Services - Reduce Development and Support Costs
      • Highly automated, subscription based service that enables ISVs to:
      • Certify existing applications for software security and interoperability, and for Intel hardware enablement
      • Build new applications based on pre-tested components and stacks
      • Maintain applications using Solutions Factory product updates and Intel federated support
      Certified Solutions for Intel ® Business Exchange ISV Solutions ISV Solutions ISV Solutions SpikeSource Solutions Factory Process Workflow ISV Onboarding Security & Interop. Testing Component Library & Config. Updates & Support
    • 11. Measurable ROI Annual Savings from Reduced QA Costs Average cost per QA Hour = $26 (per SpikeSource Industry Analysis) Annual Savings from Reduced Support Costs Average cost per support call = $19.76 (per Software Support Professional Association) Fewer Support Calls Per Month Fewer QA Hours Per Week
    • 12. Q4’08 Advantage Campaign
      • Save $$ on Sales and Enablement resources
      • Intel Subsidized Price Promotion – Intel covers a 10% off price promotion on your application during the first 6 months it is listed in the IBX Software Download Store
      • Complementary Q1’09 Business Builder Symposium – Exclusive training on how you can take advantage of Multi-core, VPro & Mobility technologies
      • Discounts on developer tools – Get Intel compliers, performance analyzers/libraries, threading tools and more…
      • Rebate on Intel HW system – Get 80% off an Intel system that you can use to support your development environment and technical sales team
      • Tap into Intel’s Marketing Engines and Spend
      • Intel marketing focused on Certified Solutions – 4M impressions & 15K visitors/qtr
      • Intel VAR Matchmaking – to extend your channel reach
      • Exclusive opportunity to promote your solutions directly to select Intel channel VARs
        • Available in Q1’09
      Sign up by November 30 th to get these additional benefits:
    • 13. Customer Testimonials
      • “ Intel Business Builder allows FileWorks to take advantage of Intel’s marketing investment in Google keywords to reach more customers.  
      • Based on Intel’s projected keyword spend, if just one in 80 visitors to the Intel Certified Solutions showcase clicks-through to our website, we will receive over $7,000 in value within the first year.  
      • That’s a great return, on top of all of the other Intel Business Builder benefits – like helping us develop our reseller channel, architect our software for the latest Intel technologies, lower our cost of engineering and leverage the Intel brand to reach more customers.”
      • - Len Mayo
      • Vice President, Marketing
    • 14. Benefits Summary
      • Featured Presence on the IBX - exclusive for ICSP
        • Certified Solutions Showcase
        • Priority on-boarding to IBX
      • Intel Branding – exclusive for ICSP
        • Intel Certified Powered by SpikeSource” badge
      • Intel IBX Demand Generation – 300K+ unique visitors/qtr
        • Email campaigns
        • Banner advertising
        • ALLBUSINESS.COM – #1 SMB Site
        • Search engine marketing
      • Q4 Advantage Campaign – exclusive for ICSP, offer expires 11/30
        • Subsidized 10% Price Promotion on your solution
        • Rebate on Intel HW system – Get 80% off an Intel system
        • Discounts on Intel software tools
        • Exclusive invite to the Q1’09 Business Builder Symposium
        • Focused online marketing, 15K+ additional SMB visitors/qtr
        • Prioritized participation in 1H’09 VAR match making program
    • 15. Intel Business Builder: Next Steps
      • Join the Intel Software Partner Program
      • Sign the Intel® Certified Solutions Program agreement
      • Certify and Sell your Solutions
        • Thank you
    • 16. Q4 Advantage Campaign Details
    • 17. Q1’09 Technology Seminar
      • Proposed Content:
        • Technical Track: 3 platform technologies that differentiate your applications
          • Get Ready for Multi-Core Processing
            • Learn the tools and techniques to get maximum performance from applications on threaded, multi-core, and multi-processor systems.
          • Cost savings and benefits of using vPro
            • vPro tools to reduce your desktop management costs. 10 other things that you can do with vPro that you might not be aware of
          • Mobility Applications – Tools and Techniques
            • Learn tools and techniques to create mobility/moblin applications for Netbooks and MIDs
        • Business Track: “Go to market” planning seminar
      • Target Audience: ISV Developers and Technical Managers
      • Expected Dates: Q1’09 TBD
      • Location: Silicon Valley, CA
    • 18. Paralleize with Intel® Software Development Products ( bundling discount structure -TBD)
      • Intel® Compilers
        • The best way to get application performance on Intel® processors
      • Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzers
        • Identify bottlenecks in source code and optimize multi-core performance
      • Intel® Performance Libraries
        • Highly optimized, thread-safe, multimedia and HPC math functions
      • Intel® Threading Analysis Tools
        • Find threading errors and optimize threaded applications for maximum performance
      • Intel® Threading Building Blocks
        • C++ template-based runtime library that simplifies writing multithreaded applications for performance and scalability
      • Intel® Cluster Tools
        • Create, analyze, optimize and deploy cluster-based applications
    • 19. Development Rebate Benefit Overview
      • Benefit Overview
        • This benefit provides our Intel® Certified Solutions Program members with an 80% rebate on qualifying Intel platforms used to complete their enabling projects
      • Qualified Software Vendors
        • ISPP Members who have purchased a qualifying Intel platform, have joined the Intel Certified Solutions Program and have completed the Security Certification test.
      • Rebate Period
        • Invoices must be submitted within 90 days of original purchase date, and all purchases must be made between January 1 st and June 30 th , 2009 in order to qualify.
      • System Requirements and Limitations
        • Intel platforms must meet minimum configuration requirements and purchased through an Intel® Authorized Distributor or Reseller
        • Limit 1 system per ISV, more available at different rebates rates through ISPP
      • Support
        • Provided directly through the Authorized Distributor or Reseller where system was originally purchased
      • Process
        • Details provided at: =74&Lang=ENG&ENG&
    • 20. Min System Configurations for Development Rebate Chipset Processor Required Components *MID's (Mobile Internet Devices) currently have limited availability. They can be purchased at the following websites and locations: http:// =3.87 Intel® System Controller Hub UL11L Intel® 5000P/ 5000V Express Chipset Intel® 5400 Chipset ChipsetMobile Intel® GM47*/ GM45*/ PM45 Express Chipsets Intel® Q45 Express Chipset Intel® Q965 Express Chipset Intel® 945GU Express Chipset with ICH7u I/O Controller Hub Mobile Intel® 965 Express GM or PM Chipset Intel® G45*/ G43* Express Chipsets Intel® Atom™ Processor Z500 series Two-socket Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processor (5400 or 5300 series) Two-socket Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processor (5400 series Intel® Centrino® with vPro™ technology powered by the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor Intel® Core™2 Duo processor with vPro technology Intel® Core™2 Duo Intel® Ultra Mobile Platform 2007 (Intel A100 and A110 processors) Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology featuring Intel® Core™ 2 Duo (T9000, P9000 & P8000 series) Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor (E8000, E7000 series) Mobile Internet Device (MID)* Server Workstation Manageability Notebook Manageability Desktop Business Client Ultra Mobile Platform Notebook Desktop Minimum System Configurations
    • 21. Eligible Systems for Development Rebate *MID's (Mobile Internet Devices) currently have limited availability. They can be purchased at the following websites and locations: http:// =3.87 50% or max $300 MID* 80% or max $2500 80% or max $1500 Workstation 80% or max $3500 80% or max $2100 Server 30% or max $870 80% or max $1450 80% or max $870 Manageability Notebook 80% or max $1250 80% or max $750 Manageability Desktop 80% or max $600 Business Client 30% or max $330 Ultra Mobile 50% or max $1450 30% or max $870 80% or max $870 Notebook 50% or max $1250 80% or max $750 Desktop MID* Enabling Project Graphics Enabling Project Ultra Mobile Enabling Project Mobility Enabling Project Manageability Enabling Project Virtualization Enabling Project Multi-Core (Enterprise) Enabling Project Multi-Core (Client) Enabling Project SYSTEM Max Rebate for Eligible Systems by Project
    • 22. Channel VAR Matchmaking
      • Description: Intel is creating a program that will help Intel channel members find ISV applications for potential business partnerships
      • Timing : Intel expects to deliver this program in early 2009
      • Roles :
        • Intel – Promotes content provided by ISVs to select and interested channel members
        • ISVs – Provide content based on desired format
        • HW vendors – Review the site, pick ISVs that fit their solution model & contact ISVs for follow on discussions
      • Proposed content formats :
        • pdf datasheets and/or marketing brochures
        • PPT presentations
        • 5 min video demo (ISVs provides raw content, Intel edits and formats)
        • Live webinars (future capability in 2H’09)