Let's Do A Culture Hack on Global Warming


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How do we spread solutions to the climate crisis? Here's a crash course on how to hack the culture and spread winning ideas -- including solutions!

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Let's Do A Culture Hack on Global Warming

  1. Let’s do a Culture Hack on Global Warming* (Winning Ideas, Memes, and Cultural Change) *A conversation with Joe Brewer
  2. A meme is: Any idea, story, or behavior that spreads from one mind to another. (The “Social DNA” of culture)
  3. The Majority of People Tiny Portion Acting on Global Warming Statement of the Problem: Most people don’t speak or act on the threat of global warming. What is the big “turn off” that keeps the majority from spreading solutions?
  4. ~1,000 Climate Memes We gathered lots of memes from social media and interviews, ran them through our ‘rube goldberg’ research apparatus...* Keep going to see what we found! *http://www.climatememe.org
  5. Global Warming is going to KILL you!!!!
  6. The future is going to be sh*t...
  7. Shut up and go away!
  8. The Psychological Drivers of Meme Spreading* *http://www.climatememe.org (Note the lack of focus on empowerment or solutions.) These were the unresolved tensions that prompted people to speak out.
  9. This causes emotional trauma! (The opposite of what we need)
  10. Imagine if this was your product... Would it sell as easily as sugar water? Not likely.
  11. We found these “antidote” memes: Spread them to heal society!
  12. Answer? Study winning ideas! (memes) How do we do it?
  13. What is a winning idea? ✦ A benchmark for defining social reality ✦ Goes “mainstream” ✦ Becomes a widely held belief ✦ Building block for other ideas ✦ “Lock in” of community resources A winning idea is (1) a self-reproducing unit of culture that (2) is able to persist in time and (3) draw significant amounts of cultural resources from the environment.
  14. God as Punisher An example... the “love meme” Loving God Extend to Women and “Tribal Other” Extend to Non-Human Companions Extend to Nature
  15. The Majority of People Tiny Portion Acting on Global Warming For global warming look here! Focus on what spreads well in the mainstream culture. Learn from it. Mimic success and spread solutions...
  16. This is a healing “mind virus” that spread well... What can we learn from it?
  17. Culture Hack a la mode (a recipe for change) 1. Add some healing juju (better memes) 2. Stir in social connectivity 3. Warm until shared identity rises Then share with friends!* *Serves 7-9 billion
  18. This is how we can hack the discourse on global warming. Wanna play? Let’s do it together! Text http://www.changestrategistforhumanity.com