Level 3 lsr tech solutions password
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Level 3 lsr tech solutions password






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Level 3 lsr tech solutions password Document Transcript

  • 1. LSR Tech Solutions Password Policy<br />LSR Tech Solutions Password Policy<br />______________________________________________________<br />Lisa Wessel<br />Prepared by<br />Lisa Wessel<br />______________________________________________________<br />Rick Kramer President<br />PREFACE<br />LSR Tech Solutions passwords are designed to secure LSR Tech Solutions computer systems. A poor password makeup may result in easy access and can compromise the entire computer network. Absence of a well defined policy leaves the company open to numerous vulnerabilities, including employees having access to the appropriate systems for their job duties and responsibilities to keep LSR Tech Solutions against any inhabited systems restrictions.<br />TABLE OF CONTENTS<br /> TOC o "1-1" h z t "Heading x,2,Heading y,3" PREFACE1 PAGEREF _Toc211069269 h 3<br />1.0SCOPE & PURPOSE PAGEREF _Toc211069270 h 5<br />1.1 Scope PAGEREF _Toc211069271 h 5<br />1.2 Purpose PAGEREF _Toc211069272 h 5<br />2.0JOB TITLES, REFERENCES, DEFINITIONS and ACRONYMS PAGEREF _Toc211069273 h 5<br />2.1 Job Titles Workflow PAGEREF _Toc211069274 h 5<br />2.2 Definitions PAGEREF _Toc211069275 h 6<br />2.3 Acronyms PAGEREF _Toc211069276 h 6<br />Process PAGEREF _Toc211069277 h 7<br />Process Flowchart<br /> SCOPE & PURPOSE<br />1.1 Scope<br />This document is designed for all personnel of LSR Tech Solutions who have or responsible for access that requires a password.<br />1.2 Purpose<br />The purpose of this policy is to establish a standard for strong password and protection of password and the changing of passwords. This is all set to protect LSR Tech Solutions systems.<br /> JOB TITLES, REFERENCES, DEFINITIONS and ACRONYMS<br />2.1 Job Titles<br />2.2 Definitions<br />Software Systems DefinitionWeb PasswordsAny sign on or membership on the internet.VoicemailTelephone security for messages left over the phoneEmailCommunication electronically through computer<br />2.3 Acronyms<br />AcronymDescriptionITInformation Technology<br />Process <br />All employees are required to have passwords to gain access to all computer systems that are available on the LSR Tech Solutions systems.<br />All system levels passwords must be changed every 90 days.<br />All user level passwords must be changed every 90 days.<br />User accounts accessed through websites must have unique password and should be changed periodically. <br />Passwords must not be sent in an email<br />All passwords us be use the preferred guidelines.<br />Guidelines<br /> Common usage of password include: user, web, email and voicemails.<br />Passwords should contain eight to fifteen characters both upper and lowercase characters along with a symbol ($, #, !).<br />Passwords should not use words in the dictionary.<br />Do not use personal information in your password.<br />Password should never be written down.<br />Do not user the remember password option when prompted.<br />If your password is compromised please report to Network Administrator and they can reset your password to change to new secure password.<br /> <br />