Level 3 lsr tech solutions employee system access


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Level 3 lsr tech solutions employee system access

  1. 1. LSR Tech Solutions Employee Access Authorization on Systems<br />LSR Tech Solutions Employee Access Authorization on Systems<br />______________________________________________________<br />Lisa Wessel<br />Prepared by<br />Lisa Wessel<br />______________________________________________________<br />Rick Kramer President<br />PREFACE<br />A centralized LSR Tech Solutions Employee Access authorization approval policy will help the IT department run efficiently and cost effectively. Absence of a well defined policy leaves the company open to numerous vulnerabilities, including employees having access to the appropriate systems for their job duties and responsibilities to keep LSR Tech Solutions against any inhabited systems restrictions. This policy will help the employees do their job and have the necessary system to do their job accurately.<br />TABLE OF CONTENTS<br /> TOC o "1-1" h z t "Heading x,2,Heading y,3" PREFACE1 PAGEREF _Toc211069269 h 3<br />1.0SCOPE & PURPOSE PAGEREF _Toc211069270 h 5<br />1.1 Scope PAGEREF _Toc211069271 h 5<br />1.2 Purpose PAGEREF _Toc211069272 h 5<br />2.0JOB TITLES, REFERENCES, DEFINITIONS and ACRONYMS PAGEREF _Toc211069273 h 5<br /> HYPERLINK l "_Toc211069274" 2.1 Job Titles Workflow<br />2.2 References PAGEREF _Toc211069274 h 5<br />2.3 Definitions PAGEREF _Toc211069275 h 6<br />2.4 Acronyms PAGEREF _Toc211069276 h 6<br />Process PAGEREF _Toc211069277 h 7<br />Process Flowchart<br /> SCOPE & PURPOSE<br />1.1 Scope<br />This document applies to all employees that have access to all the companies systems and computers and all the companies owned computers and related software programs.<br />1.2 Purpose<br />The purpose of this policy is to address issues related to authorization and installation of any software that has yet to be approved by the IT department. The responsible party to authorize any access on LSR Tech Solutions systems will be the Technical Analyst.<br /> JOB TITLES, REFERENCES, DEFINITIONS and ACRONYMS<br />2.1 Job Titles<br />2.2 References<br />Policy – “All software to be installed must be approved by the IT department prior to installation and the designated supervisor.”If there is new software installed all templates will have to be updated according to job descriptions. All employees with the job description will have the same access on all of the LSR Tech Solutions software systems.<br />Level 3 Documents – LSR Tech Solutions Employee Access Authorization Request Form. All templates are stored in the G: Information Systems/Reports/Authorization Forms. All the templates have been developed and marked for all the systems that the employee will need access to. All of the templates have been approved by management and are reviewed on an annual basis.<br />The management that review the templates are as follows: President, Executive Vice President, and Vice President<br />2.3 Definitions<br />Software Systems DefinitionRemote Deposit CaptureElectronic Banking of statement deposit to the bank through electronic scanning of checks received from our customersOnline BankingViewing transactions and statement through the internet connectionsPay ExpertPayroll System to use to generate direct deposit for employees<br />2.4 Acronyms<br />AcronymDescriptionITInformation Technology<br />Process <br />New employee hires or employees who change their job titles or job description will need the employee system access form.<br />E-mail the help desk on the with the new employees name and job title. E-mail admin@lsrtech.com.<br />The IT department will e-mail the appropriate employee system access form. The forms are stored in the G: Information System/Reports/Authorization Forms<br />The management will review the appropriate template, sign and return to the department to the Technical Analyst. <br />The Technical Analyst will then issue the appropriate system and create the user ID and password. The Technical Analyst will e-mail the department supervisor with the user ID and password for the system the employee will be granted access to. <br />The department supervisor or employee in that designated department will train the employee on the appropriate system.<br /> <br />