Classical Ancient Greece
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Classical Ancient Greece






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Classical Ancient Greece Classical Ancient Greece Presentation Transcript

  • Classical Ancient Greece
  • Athens
    The Athenians were famed for their Government, literature, poets, schools, drama, theatre and buildings.
    The Systems of government that the Athenians employed was called a Democracy. The only people who could vote in this democracy where men of Greek descent.
    The City State of Athens was one of the two most powerful city states in the world. The other being Sparta.
    Athens and Sparta were completely different as Sparta was known for its Military Strength and Athens was known for its commitment to the Arts and Sciences.
  • Sparta
    Sparta was one of the two most powerful City States.
    It was a proud, fierce and free City State.
    The Spartans were ruled by an oligarchy. This meant there was two kings from two different royal families that ruled Sparta. They were helped by a council of wise elders.
    Education was different in Sparta instead of aiming for academic success they aimed to create strong warriors.
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  • Corinth
    Corinth was ruled bay a monarchy.
    The king faced many different problems such as unemployment. Instead of not worrying about this problem the king created a public work program.
    This different way of thinking was Corinth's biggest asset.
    The Corinthian’s created there own coinage so that traders were forced to change there coins for a small fee.
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  • Megara
    Megara was very similar to its neighbor Corinth.
    The Megarian’s believed their schools to be every bit as good as the Athenians.
    The Boys of Megara were trained in the Arts and Sciences. After this training they went away to military school for at least two years.
  • Argos
    The people of Argos had trouble growing anything on their unfertile land. However they kept trying and eventually they were able to succeed in growing plants.
    The people of Argos are often credited with the invention of coinage in Ancient Greece.
    The people of Argos were heavily involved in the arts and were well known for there hand crafted stone statues.
    Argos was also well known for its poets and musicians.
  • Pictures of Ancient Greece
    The Athens Acropolis
    The temple of Apollo, Corinth.
  • Ancient Spartan Theatre.
    Theatre in Ancient Argos