Senior Preparation OutlineTaking the SAT – Visit the SAT website:   - Assesses reading, math, ...
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Senior Preparation Outline


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Senior Preparation Outline

  1. 1. Senior Preparation OutlineTaking the SAT – Visit the SAT website: - Assesses reading, math, and writing skills to determine academic readiness for college - Question: Should I take the SAT? - Answer: It depends on what type of college you are looking to attend. Most four-year colleges require an SAT score in order for you to apply. Many scholarship opportunities are also available for those who take the SAT. If you have a lower GPA, a good SAT score could increase your chances of being accepted. Certain community colleges accept SAT scores in place of placement tests, but they do not normally require the SAT specifically. - Question: How do I prepare for the SAT? - Answer: - Review the SAT Cheat Sheet to see how the SAT is scored. - Visit the SCO to receive sign-up instructions for testGEAR and take practice exams. - Answer the Question of the Day: - If you took the PSAT, use My College Quickstart: https://quickstart.collegeboard.comRegistration Signup Date of Time of Exam Location: Cost:Date: Location: Exam: Exam:October 7, 2011 SCO November 5, 7:40am Wayland-Cohocton $49 2011 Central SchoolCollege Application Tips: - Sign the Transcript Permission Form in your folder to allow the SCO to send your transcript and SAT scores to colleges. - Review the College Planning Guide for step-by-step information and checklists. - Begin requesting Letters of Recommendation ASAP from your counselor, teachers, coaches, advisors, etc. If a teacher requests it, your Senior Profile can be obtained in the SCO. - Review the list of colleges visiting Wayland-Cohocton in your folder and sign up in the SCO to meet with a representative from the college(s) of your choice. - Review the SUNY Open House Schedule in your folder and begin visiting colleges to get a feel for campuses and programs. - Athletes, visit to see if you qualify for an NCAA division program.Due Date for SUNY Early Due Date for SUNY Recommended Due-Date forDecision Applications: Regular Decision Other College Applications: Applications:November 1, 2011 December 1, 2011 December 22, 2011Applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships:- Financial Aid:In order to receive financial aid, you must apply for yourFree Application forFederal Student Aid (FAFSA)PIN beginning January 1, 2012 at: Scholarships: Do not pay for a scholarship search! Check with the SCO on a regular basis,utilize resources (free websites such as, contact a college directly, andreview the WAY-CO Awards and Scholarship Packet to learn about scholarship opportunities.Going into the Workforce or Military:- Workforce: Resume writing information is available in the SCO- Military: Listen to announcements for when branches will be setting up tables in the cafeteria.