Wayland-Cohocton Central School                          School Counseling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)               ...
Wayland-Cohocton Central School                           School Counseling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)How do I send ...
Wayland-Cohocton Central School                          School Counseling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Question       ...
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. 1. Wayland-Cohocton Central School School Counseling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Information and ProceduresQuestion AnswerWhat is the difference between a Regents Diploma Both are high school diplomas with the sameand an Advanced Regents Diploma? general requirements, but the Advanced Regents has some additional class and exam requirements. Click herefor additional information, including specific requirements for each graduation track.How do I set up an appointment to meet with my Visit the SCO, fill out an orange appointment formcounselor? and leave it in your counselor’s mailbox.How do I get the green drop/add sheet to drop or Requests to drop or add a class must go throughadd a class? your school counselor. Fill out an orange appointment sheet in the SCO and leave it in your counselor’s mailbox. In the meeting, you and your counselor will discuss the proposed change and ensure that it is appropriate and will not affect your ability to meet graduation requirements.If I move to another school district, do I need to do No. Your new school will make a formal request toanything to transfer my records? Mrs. Elliott for your records. Mrs. Elliott will then send your academic, attendance, and health records to the school directly.Where do I go to get working papers? The High School Office. Mrs. Fox will access your health record and prepare your working papers. SAT/ACTQuestion AnswerDo I sign up for the SAT or ACT in the SCO? No. You must sign up for the SAT hereor the ACT here. When signing up for either test, you will select the date and location you wish to take the exam and pay using a debit or credit card. Your ticket will be emailed to you or mailed to your home address. Please remember to input our school code of 335850 so your scores will be sent to Mrs. Elliott and recorded on your transcript.When and where can I take the SAT or ACT? Go to the CollegeBoard websiteto view test dates and register a location to take the SAT. For the ACT, go to the ACT student websiteto search for test locations and when the test is offered at those locations.When and where do I receivemy SAT or ACT SAT scores are released toscores? CollegeBoardapproximately three weeks after you take the SAT. ACT scores are usually available to view2 ½ weeks after the date of the test on the ACT student website. Score reports for the ACT are released within 3 to 8 weeks after the test is administered.
  2. 2. Wayland-Cohocton Central School School Counseling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)How do I send my SAT or ACT scores to a college? You will be given the option to send your SAT scores to four colleges, universities or scholarship programs for free during the registration process. You may also submit your scores after registration, but there will be a fee. You may request to submit ACT scores during and after the registration and testing process, but there is a fee for each request.How do I know if I am eligible for a fee waiver for Fee waivers are available to students who cannotthe SAT or ACT? afford to pay test fees. Learn if you are eligible for a fee waiver by setting up an appointment with your school counselor or visiting the appropriate website for the test you plan on taking. SAT: For information on SAT fee waiver eligibility,click here. ACT: For ACT fee waiver eligibility information,click here. If you are eligible and would like to receive an application for a fee waiver, please see your school counselor. Financial Aid and ScholarshipsQuestion AnswerWhat is the FAFSA? It is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.Should I submit a FAFSA? It depends on whether you plan on entering a post-secondary program within the next year. If you do, you should submit a FAFSA, because there are federal grants and loans available to help you pay for your education.How do I submit a FAFSA? First, go to the Federal PIN website at www.pin.ed.govand register for a PIN. Then, go to www.fafsa.ed.govand use your PIN to access the FAFSA and complete the form online.How do I apply for scholarships? For your convenience, Mrs. Oas creates packets listing scholarships available to students. These packets, along with instructions on how to apply for scholarships,are given to 12th grade students during a presentation by the high school counselors in December. Mrs. Oas continually adds new scholarship information to the WCCS School Counseling website. For a direct link to the latest updates, click here. There are also websites such as www.scholarships.com that provide scholarship searches and application information. BE SURE TO USE WEBSITES THAT ARE FREE! Transcripts
  3. 3. Wayland-Cohocton Central School School Counseling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Question AnswerDo I need to see my counselor to receive my No. You may fill out a transcript request formtranscript or have it sent to a college? here. You may also go to the SCO and fill out the yellow transcript request form located at the far end of the front counter. Once your request is submitted, Mrs. Elliott will send your transcript to the college(s) listed on the form.Can I send my transcript or take it to college Yes, however, most colleges require an officialmyself? transcript be sent directly from the high school or delivered personally in a specially-sealed envelope. If you wish to mail or deliver the transcript yourself, be sure to request it be in a sealed envelope.Do I need to submit a transcript request to have Yes, unless you filled out the SUNY or Commonmy mid-year transcript sent? application. If you completed either of those applications, Mrs. Elliott will automatically upload your mid-year transcript.Do I need to submit a transcript request to have Your final transcript will automatically be sent tomy final transcript sent? the intended school, vocational program or branch of military you listed on the “Future Plans” form sent out by Mrs. Fox. If you wish to have your transcript sent to an additional location, you will need to submit a separate request to Mrs. Elliott. ParentsQuestion AnswerDo I need to schedule an appointment to meet It is highly recommended that you schedule anwith my child’s school counselor? appointment since the school counselors usually have appointments throughout the day. Click here to find your child’s counselor’s contact information. Please email or call your child’s counselor directly to schedule an appointment.How do I find out my child’s current grades? There are two options: contact your child’s teachers using our staff directory located here or register for a Parent Portal account. Learn more about the Parent Portal here. The SCO only has access to marking period grades, so it is best to contact your child’s teacher directly or visit the Parent Portal for the latest grades.