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4 Front Manufacturing  Tempe, AZ
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4 Front Manufacturing Tempe, AZ

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4Front Manufacturing located in Tempe, AZ offers the "New American Manufacturing ; Local Focus - Global Reach"

4Front Manufacturing located in Tempe, AZ offers the "New American Manufacturing ; Local Focus - Global Reach"

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Welcome to:
  • 3.
    • The New American Manufacturing: Local Focus, Global Reach
      • American company with strategic alliances in Asia, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A.
    • 4FM is committed to helping you through all phases of the manufacturing cycle.
    About 4Front
  • 4.
    • Production Tooling: 4FM builds plastic injection tooling (molds) capable of producing 100,000+ parts, using high-grade alloys such as P-20, H-13 and SS420.
    • Low Volume Production Tooling: 4FM builds injection molds for lower volume production jobs or to support mild steel or high grade aluminum production. These molds are generally faster and less expensive, but have a shorter tool/mold life.
    • Prototype Tooling: 4FM builds injection molds for product development and rapid turnaround of production intent plastic parts using aluminum, composite or silicone tooling.
    • Molding: 4FM molds plastic prototype and production parts from either molds 4FM creates or molds you supply.
  • 5. Capabilities cont…
    • Service: 4FM provides maintenance or performs tooling changes on customer-owned molds.
    • Integration: 4FM integrates services between you and off-shore tooling sources. We source, receive, re-assemble, mold tooling, measure parts using coordinate measuring machine and provide a dimensional/quality study to you. If changes or enhancements are needed, we re-evaluate and a finished, corrected, ready-to-mold tool is delivered to you.
    • Rapid Prototyping: We provide rapid, 3D models created from multiple materials using CAD data you provide.
  • 6.
    • Concepts & Renderings
    • Product Design
    • Rapid Verification Models
    • Pre-Prototype Parts
    • B&B / Repair Services
    • Vacuum Forming
    • Blow Molded Plastics
    • Functional Castings
    • Machined Parts
    • Stampings
    • Assembly
    • Sheet Metal Stampings
    • Silicone Molds
    • Decorating including pad printing, hydro-graphics and chrome plating
    Other Services
  • 7.
    • Customer Focused: We have a reputation for delivering superior customer service and offering holistic solutions .
    • Manufacturing Expertise: Every team member is committed and accountable to your success.
    • Industry Diversification: We serve an array of industries including: automotive, defense, consumer goods, medical products, and aerospace.
    • Location: Strategically located in Tempe, Arizona, 4FM is an ideal supplier to serve as an “integrator” and offer “service” for companies doing business in Mexico and Asia.
    • Pricing: 4FM is structured as a low overhead company. This enables us to offer very competitive pricing while maintaining high quality.
    Why 4Front
  • 8. Why 4Front cont…
    • “ Black Box” services: 4FM offers a full range of services , from product design to rapid prototype through production tooling and finished product.
    • Technology: 4FM has introduced rapid tooling to local markets using high-speed milling, quick disconnect set-ups, and MUD bases. This allows 4FM to provide faster and less expensive service than conventional tool-making practices.
    • Intelligent Outsourcing: 4FM has implemented a seamless environment using proven strategic partners located all over the world. Most importantly, 4FM manages your day-to-day needs from our Arizona office.
  • 9. Some of Our Customers