E2EVC Copenhagen What’s New With Microsoft Virtualization


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This is the Microsoft virtualisation keynote I presented at E2EVC in Copenhagen recently

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E2EVC Copenhagen What’s New With Microsoft Virtualization

  1. 1. About Aidan Finn• Technical Sales Lead at MicroWarehouse• MSFT Value Added Distributor in Dublin, Ireland• Working in IT since 1996• MVP (Virtual Machine)• Experienced with Windows Server/Desktop, System Center,virtualisation, and IT infrastructure• @joe_elway• http://www.aidanfinn.com• http://www.petri.co.il• Published author/contributor of several books
  2. 2. Wow, What A Year!• New everything was released!• Windows 8 Client Hyper-V (Pro and Enterprise editions)• Windows Serer 2012 (including RDS & Hyper-V) & Hyper-V Server2012• System Center 2012 Service Pack 1• Windows Azure Infrastructure Services• Service Provider Foundation (SPF)• Windows Azure Services for Windows Server (aka “Katal”)
  3. 3. The Cloud OS & Beyond Virtualisation: Just Marketing?
  4. 4. • All New Networking• Extensible virtual switch• Hyper-V Network Virtualization(Software Defined Networking)• Scalable workloads• 64 vCPUs/VM• 1 TB RAM/VM• Virtualize almost all workloads• Disaster recovery• Hyper-V ReplicaWindows Server 2012 Hyper-V• Investments in storage• 64 TB 4K sector VHDX• SMB 3.0 (SMB Multichannel &SMB Direct)• Scalable storage andtransparent failover• Mobility and flexibility• Concurrent Live Migration• Lots of new Live Migrationoptions• Administration:• Around 2,400 PowerShellcmdlets
  5. 5. • New• Host designs• Storage designs• Backup• Clustering• Patching• And on and on and on and …• In short, designed for deploying cloudsNeed A Day Just To List New Hyper-V Features
  6. 6. • What does the business care about?• The services provided by IT• What does the business not care about?• The virtualization layer• Yes, I know … we IT Pros must care about theinfrastructure• How about making our job easier while satisfyingthe needs of the business?The Unique Selling Point of Microsoft Cloud OS
  7. 7. The Unique Selling Point of Microsoft Cloud OS
  8. 8. • Virtual Machine Manager• Create fabrics and deploy clouds• VM Templates and Service Templates• App Controller• Self-service portal for on premise and public clouds• Operations Manager• Monitor infrastructure from network to application• Service monitoring from business perspective• Data Protection Manager• Backup locally and to Windows Azure Online BackupOne Product With All The Components
  9. 9. • Configuration Manager• Device lifecycle management• Endpoint Protection• Antivirus• Orchestrator• Deploy runbooks to automate• Integrate Hyper-V, System Center, AD, vSphere, Exchange …• Service Manager• Run IT as a service to the businessOne Product With All The Components
  10. 10. Simple Private CloudScale-Out File ServerNon-clustered Hyper-VHosts w/ Live Migration64 Node Hyper-V ClusterBlock Storage SANAdmins &Delegated AdminsApp ControllerEnd UsersSCVMM
  11. 11. Bigger Private CloudAdmins &Delegated AdminsService ManagerThe BusinessSCVMMHyper-VvSphereXenServerOrchestratorDPMOperations ManagerActive DirectoryExchange
  12. 12. Hybrid CloudsHyper-VVMMHyper-VCokeSCVMMEnd UsersService ProviderFoudationEnd UsersEnd UsersHosting CustomersWindows AzureOrchestratorIndependent Hosting CompanyVPNVPNWindows Azure ServicesFor Windows Server
  13. 13. This Is Not A Marketing Slide Any More
  14. 14. Hyper-V Recovery ManagerSecondary SiteVMM VMMDirect Site-Site ReplicationHyper-VRecoveryManagerAdminsConfigure Replication &Failover OrcestrationAdminsInitiate FailoverPrimary Site
  15. 15. • There is much more to the Microsoft story thanvirtualisation• No one that matters cares about 4 TB RAM/host, 8,000 VMsper cluster, etc• Microsoft is thinking BIGGER … a business solution• IT as a Service• Automation• Scalable, flexible, empowered …• Where do you want your service to run today?Summary
  16. 16. Thank You!• @joe_elway• http://www.aidanfinn.com• http://www.petri.co.il