Tom's Best Man Speech


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  • H - As this first picture shows, even from a young age, he always had his own sense of style. J - It's ironic that he's modelling a Nottingham Forest bag because he's always hated football. When he got his first job in the games industry he was really happy - until he found out the first game he was working on was a football management game. They had a penguin guide to football in the office to help them with the rules...
  • H - Here he is playing with his Dad.   J - It might look like they were close, but one time, when he was about that age, Dad took Tom to the swimming pool in Nottingham. After Tom had got bored going down the flume and diving and whatever he decided to liven things up... by setting off the emergency alarm. They had to evacuate the whole pool, and rather than punish his son - Dad hid behind his newspaper and pretended that he didn't know him... can't say I blame him really.
  • H - Everyone who knows Tom, will know that it's sometimes difficult to tell when he's happy and when he's sad. He often seems kind of distant - some may say unreactive - some may say cabbaged. Turns out it's not just the booze that's done this recently...   J - That's probably just after he set fire to our shed. Dad noticed smoke pouring out one day after Tom had been playing in there. He went in and there were flames billowing up everywhere. After he'd put them out he asked Tom about it, and Tom denied everything. It took fifteen years for him to admit the truth - that he'd been setting fire to newspapers with matches...
  • He turned out fairly normal in the end - apart from this temporary glitch
  • H - Going back in time - I remember that he was only about ten when he first caught crabs.
  • J - And long before Kristy, his first true love was a real rat. H - He used to walk around West Bridgford with that rat on his shoulder, trying to scare old ladies.   J - Anyway - even there he doesn't exactly look animated, does he? Name one time when he got really excited about something.
  • H - It's probably the outfit. And the haircut - he's pining for his crazy student days. J - I can see why he'd miss that look.   H - He may have been a scruffy bugger, but I always looked up to Tom for his taste in music. He had some real classics in his collection.   J - Ah yes: T'Pau   H - Nena Cherry   J - Sidney Youngblood   H - We could go on...   J - Toto, Black Box, Dire Straits....
  • H - but we have to push on with the slides   J - I remember he was always irate when Dad and Mum failed to give up smoking. He used to get quite upset about it because of the health risks.   H - I remember that. What happened here then? J - Maybe a one off?
  • H - OK, that was a fake spliff. J - Actually, that first picture reminds me of another of Tom's quirks - when he drinks too much he talks like a famous Jedi master. Cue Yoda noise hmmmmmmmmmmm
  • J - To be fair, he always managed to look ok, even after a heavy night
  • We have collected these photos from quite a few sources and all were quite funny with a few funny tales to go with them, but we have been given no explanation of this one
  • Ha ha what the hell is that? why is a fourteen year old tom dressed as an arab? Nobody knows!
  • Tom's Best Man Speech

    1. 1. The 5 th of May 1976 was an historic day The birth of the man, the legend Thomas Stephen Berry entered the world with a bang This is his colourful life in pictures