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Some basics of email marketing and how it works together with a blog or website.

Some basics of email marketing and how it works together with a blog or website.



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Email marketing slideshare Email marketing slideshare Presentation Transcript

  • My Goal for Today
  • What you will learn today!
    Some statistics of email effectiveness
    Why it works
    How email marketing compares to social networking
    How to get set it up to make you more money!
    Important tools necessary to maximize potential
  • What the big deal about email marketing?
    ROI for email marketing is $57.25 for every dollar spent. The ROI of all non-email online marketing is $22.52, less than half.
    Email provides more than twice the ROI of other Internet marketing channels, but gets only 2.5% of the investment
    15-30% average open rate
    35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone
    People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers
    44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email
  • Why does it work so well??
    Out of sight out of mind!
    Members have opted into receiving information
    Regular VALUABLE communication
    Opportunity to stay in front
    of more people faster!
  • Social Media
  • Where do I start first?
    Drive traffic to your website in as many ways as possible. The more unique or interesting you can be the more effective this will be.
  • Why should I have a Blog??
    346 million people worldwide read blogs
    46% of people post about the brands they love (or hate).
    71% of all respondents who maintain blogs for a business – their own or one they work for – report that they have increased their visibility within their industries through their blogs.
  • How do I capture visitor info
    and continue marketing?
    Create opt in with strong value proposition to those who visit your site.
    Create campaign that touches list
    with valuable info sporadically for as
    long as possible, every 3-10 days.
  • Stand out from the rest!
  • Create dynamic headline
    Stand out from the rest!
  • Add Value and Blow your audiences mind!
  • Adding Value is a MUST!
    But Why??
  • $2,792.10
    28 days = $99.71/day!
  • Necessary Tools for Success
  • Tools Features…
    Create Opt in forms
    Set up unlimited auto responder emails
    Track details of a campaign
    Who opened
    Who Clicked
    What did they click
    Target market
    Affiliate link
  • Action Plan
    1.Determine what the best way for you
    to capture audiences info
    2. Sign up for Contact Manager (iContact)
    3. Create ongoing valuable auto responder
    4. Learn about other offers that would
    benefit your audience
    5. Stay up to date with new trends
  • Review
    • Email vs. Social Media
    • Where to start with email marketing
    • Why you need a blog
    • How to start capturing peoples info
    • How to stand out from the rest
    • The need for adding value
    • Potential of adding value
    • Top Contact Manges
    • Why you need to use them!
    • Action Plan
    How Marketing Has Changed
    Average ROI on email compared to other internet marketing
    Average Open Rate
    Spending habits of people who buy from email marketing
    How LI Compares to Other Biz Sites
    Percentage of people who bought based on email promotion in last year
    Why email Marketing Works so well