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Motorsports Property Of Tomorrow Today Master 2 17 12


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  • 1. ‘Motorsports Property of Tomorrow…Today’Total Reality Racing, LLC Copyright
  • 2. ‘Motorsports Property of Tomorrow, Today’150’ 180’
  • 3. Table of Contents ‘Motorsports Property of Tomorrow’ by H.A. ‘Humpy’ Wheeler 1 Vision / Mission 2-3 Prelude: ‘NHRA POWERade Fan Nationals’ 4-7 Venture Design Strategy 8 Current Interactive Racing Experiences 9 ‘Model T’ Prototype 10 Application of Mobile Robotics Technology 11 ‘Race Car of Tomorrow, Today’ 12-15 ‘Motorsports Property of Tomorrow, Today’ 16-25 Business Model 26 Sponsor Value Proposition 27-28 Financial Projection: Year 1 29 Financial Projection: Year 2 30 Phase II 31-34 Phase III 35 Next Step 36 Supplement 37 – NASCAR Online Racing Series Vs. ‘Motorsports Property of Tomorrow, Today’
  • 4. ‘Motorsports Property of Tomorrow’ By H.A. ‘Humpy’ Wheeler* …So foresees NASCAR’s best-known soothsayer, Howard Augustus ‘Humpy’ Wheeler… …Much of it was Humpy-speak, which can be akin to reading Stephen Hawking on the nature of the universe. Sometimes I can quote him directly, but often I’ll have to translate Into 21st century English… “The first thing we have to look at 50 years from now is, are there going to be drivers in the cars?,” Wheeler said. “I often tell drivers that right now, for about $3,000, they can be replaced by a combination of things from Radio Shack and the local hobby shop.” Translation: Wheeler for years has worried that NASCAR’s biggest threat is not other pro sports but video gaming by young people that distracts them from spectator sports— and indeed, could divert them completely from careers as participants in spectator sports... …Now to the racing itself: “There’ll be two winners of the race,” Wheeler said. “There’ll be the real winner and then there’s going to be the virtual winner…” “…It’s going to be totally, totally entertainment,” Wheeler said.* Excerpt from ‘Look Into Humpy’s Crystal Ball’ ( 2/9/09) 1
  • 5. ‘Motorsports Property of Tomorrow, Today’ Vision / Mission Unparalleled Experiential Entertainment Value Completely Safe, Fully Interactive, Highly Competitive, Ultra Realistic Live Championship Racing ‘Show’ ‘Dazzles Senses...Touches Heart …Stimulates Mind…Captures Imagination’ Kids & Adults Alike Race Fans & Non-Race Fans Alike …leverage to create… Unparalleled Experiential Marketing Value Engaging Consumer/Brand Interaction Across Multiple Platforms: Video Games, Events, TV, Radio, Print, Online, Social Media, Retail Measurable Results For No Less Than Fourteen(14) Blue Chip Sponsors …as the means to capture… New Media Ad Dollar$* $88 Billion in ’09…$160 Billion by 2012* PQ Media Forecast ‘Massive shift away from traditional advertising to alternative marketing strategies’ Emerging new media marketing platforms:  video games, sponsor events, product placement, online, cell phones, in-store 2
  • 6. Presents… Featuring… Powered by… 10 Team Sponsors  Title $ 75k  Presenting $ 75k  ‘Powered by’ $ 75k  Featuring $ 75k  10 Teams ( @ $75 k each) $ 750k Event Total $1.05 Million* X 33 Events (12-15 months) Total Sponsor Revenue $34.65 Million*Based on conservative average of $75k /per sponsor package /per event 3
  • 7. 4
  • 8. 5
  • 9. 6
  • 10. ABC7‘POWERade Fan Nationals Challenge’ 7
  • 11. ‘Motorsports Property of Tomorrow, Today’ 2-Phase Design Strategy “THE TRACK IS AS REAL as the COMPETITION” Phase 1 RACE CAR of TOMORROW…TODAY • Completely Safe • Fully Interactive • Extremely Competitive • ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ Phase 2 MOTORSPORTS PROPERTY of TOMORROW…TODAY Unparalleled Experiential… Entertainment Value + Marketing Value (Kids & Adults alike) (13 Blue Chip Sponsors) 8
  • 12. Current Interactive Racing ExperiencesIn-Home Video Game & Online Racing* Arcade Games*Motion-Base Racing Simulators* Go-Carts* Driving Experiences* Motion-Base Ride Film* Conclusion* No current interactive racing ‘experience’ meets all 4 design parameters 1) Completely Safe 3) Extremely Competitive 2) Fully Interactive 4) ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ 9
  • 13. ‘Model T’ Prototype Design Objective Seamlessly integrate realism of in-car camera with a full range of… • Interaction • Competition • Safety 10
  • 14. Application of Mobile Robotics Mobile robotic technology/engineering translates perfectly! Entertainment = exciting new revenue stream for industry World Class Mobile Robotic Project Design & Develop Team US Army High Speed Robotic Ground Vehicle by RE2  ‘Race Car of Tomorrow, Today’ R&D 11
  • 15. ‘Race Car of Tomorrow, Today’ Carnegie Mellon NREC and RE2  Small Scale, High Speed, Military Grade ‘Robotic Race Cars’  Four(4) High-Res In-Car Cameras 0 – 360 TV Broadcast Quality Video  Full Range of Rich Telemetry Data – Motion, acceleration, sound, RPM’s…fuel mileage, ‘the draft’ etc.  Fleet of 30 Robotic Race Cars (10 Car Competitive Field) BridgeWave Communications  Real Time Broadband Wireless Communication Network Simuline  10 motion-base driver consoles  Completely immersive with full range of multi-sensory special Fx ThinkWell Design Group  Ultra realistic race track for drivers and spectators alike  Master timing, scoring, control system Completely Safe (kids & adults)  Extremely Competitive Fully Interactive  ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ 12
  • 16. ‘Robotic Race Car’ System Overview Control commands Control commands (gas, brake, etc.) ¼ Scale Car Main TO DRIVER CONSOLE Interface Car feedback Control Computer Complete car information feedback Inertial Acceleration Front High resolution front Measurement data camera video Unit (IMU) Camera displayed in windshield Contact information Consolidated left,Bump Sensors Picture in Picture right, and rear video Hardware (displayed in left Car sound window, right window, control and rear view mirror Speaker and respectively at the Left camera driver console)and Microphone feedback video Right camera video Rear camera Speed feedback video Tachometer Left Right Rear Camera Camera Camera 13
  • 17. Fully Immersive Motion-Base Driver Console ¼ scaleRobotic Race Cars Interior of Driver Console 14
  • 18. 15
  • 19. ‘Motorsports Property of Tomorrow, Today’ Fully Mobile 30,000 sq. ft. Championship ‘Show’ Event  Robotic Race Cars  Credential Office  Race Track  Qualifying Garage (2)  Pit Row  Driver’s Meeting  Simulator Row  Driver’s Lounge  Spotter’s Row  Garage Area  Race Control  Grandstands  Announcer’s Tower  Jumbotron Motorsports Events Malls Fund Raisers Fairs / Festivals College Corporate Campus Theme Parks Military Stand Alone 16
  • 20. ‘Motorsports Property of Tomorrow, Today’150’ 180’ Note: Additional on-site satellite Qualifying Garage not shown
  • 21. Credential Office /Driver VIP /Sponsor Marketing 18
  • 22. ‘Credential Office /Driver VIP /Sponsor Marketing Entrance (qualifying ticket only) (X) presents… Y Series —powered by Z Credential Office 20’awning Exit Joe O’Grady Official Hard Card Processing Hard Card AAA16587167 brain Tractor Trailer Display Counter Merchandise 53’ Trailer room • Race point redemption only • Cheap swag to super premium Hard Card activated sponsor marketing kiosks Driver VIP/ 50’ 20’ Sponsor Marketing Entranceawning (Hard Card credential only) Hard Card activated sponsor marketing kiosks 53’ 19
  • 23. Qualifying Garages**Four(4) Qualifying Garages • Two(2) on-site event units • Two(2) off-site units dedicated exclusively to Walmart retail activation 20
  • 24. ‘Qualifying Garage’ 50’ 3’ 20’ 13.5’ 16.5’ (drop down trailer wall w/ 10’ awning) Event Support (slide out) 10’ 10 11 12 13 14 15 5’ 4 5 7 8 9 16 17 18 Series #3 Qual 3 6Brain 53’ Trailerroom 1 2 3 4 Series #2 Qual 2 7 Series #1 Qual 4 5 6 19 20 21 1 2 3 22 23 24 1 8 50’ x 10’ Elevated Stage 10’ (drop down trailer wall with 10’ awning) Pre-stage for Qualifying Series # 1 50’ exit exit 10’ x 10 pop-up tent Que line entrance 21
  • 25. Qualifying Garage: Series #1 24 Racing Stations  4 rolling pit carts (7’ x 3.5’ each)  2 banks of 3 networked racing stations per pit cart  Console racing game (Nintendo, Sony, X-Box) Throughput  500+ Qualifiers /hour – [24 drivers /cycle x 10 race cycles /hour] x 2 Qualifying Garages  160 Qualifiers /hour advance Series # 2 Qualifying – [8 winners /cycle x 10 cycles] x 2 Qualifying Garages – Winners get Series 2 Qualifying Credentials + race points – Series #1 Qualifying losers go to Driver VIP to redeem race points  4-5,000 Qualifiers /day – [240 Series #1 Qualifiers /per hour x 8 hour event] x 2 Qualifying Garages  15,000 Series 1 Qualifiers per 3-day event Series 1 Qualifying Ticket Distribution  Not for sale!  Guests secure qualifying tickets by participating in sponsor activation programs Series 1 Qualifying Ticket Value  Coveted opportunity to become a celebrated Championship race car driver  Universal appeal (kids & adults…race fans & non-race fans alike) 22
  • 26. Qualifying Garage: Series #2 8 Racing Stations  2 banks of 4 networked racing stations  Arcade-style racing game (Sega) Throughput  160 Qualifiers /hour – [8 drivers /cycle x 10 race cycles /hour] x 2 Qualifying Garages  80 Qualifiers /hour advance to Series # 3 Qualifying – [Top 4 drivers /cycle x 10 cycles] x 2 Qualifying Garages – Top 4 drivers get Series # 3 Qualifying credentials + race points – Series #2 Qualifying losers go to Driver VIP to redeem race points 23
  • 27. Qualifying Garage: Series #3 4 Racing Stations  1 bank of 4 networked racing stations  Motion-base simulators (I-Racing) Throughput:  80 Qualifiers /hour – [4 drivers /cycle x 10 cycles /hour] x 2 Qualifying Garages  20 Qualifiers/hour advance to Championship Racing ‘Show – [Race Winner x 10 race cycles /hour] x 2 Qualifying Garages – 20 Race Winners /hour receive.. • ‘Show’ Driver Credential + Race Points • ‘Show’ ‘Crew Chief /Spotter’ Credential (i.e. for friend) – Series #3 Qualifying losers go to Driver VIP to redeem race points 24
  • 28. Heat ‘Show’ Qualifying Heat ‘Shows’ Championship ‘Shows’ Heat Show Qualifying  Objective: narrow top 20 Qualifiers per hour to top 10 Qualifiers in 40 minutes  Single Car Qualifying: (35 minutes) – All 20 drivers (along with ‘Crew Chief/Spotter’) get a single car qualifying run (2-3 laps) – 1.75 minute qualifying cycle per driver (next driver ready to go…no down time) – Top 10 qualifiers earn right to drive in Heat Race ‘Show’ – Drivers choose team sponsors (selection based on qualifying order) Heat ‘Shows’  15 Minute ‘Show’ at top of each event hour  Full 10 car field—driver, ‘crew chief/spotter’ and sponsor compete as a team  ‘15 Minute Fully Interactive Sprint Cup Race’ – Race commentary, pit strategy, wrecks, pit reporter, caution flags, winner’s circle etc.  Winning team from each ‘Heat Race’ competes in Championship ‘Show’ Championship ‘Show’ Options  Daily Championship: Hourly ‘Heat Race’ winners  Event Championship: Thurs VIP Champion + Daily Champions  Series Championship: Event Champions from across the country 25
  • 29. Business ModelLeverage Unparalleled Experiential Entertainment Value to… – Highly Engaging Consumer/Brand Interaction Create Unparalleled – Leveraged Over All Media Platforms Experiential – Retail Activation – Measurable Results Marketing Value – No Learning Curve – Title – Presenting …for 14 Sponsors – ‘Powered by’ Wireless – Featuring – 10 Team Sponsors – Motorsports Events (14) – Theme Parks (7) – Fairs/Festivals (7)…Over 33 Fully Integrated Events – College Campus (2) – Military Base (2) – Stand Alone (1) 26
  • 30. Event Sponsor Value Proposition* Category Exclusivity Unparalleled On-Site Activation (Fri-Sun)  Feature sponsor of ‘Hottest’ interactive attraction at any prestige event property! – Motorsports, fairs/festivals, theme parks, college, military, stand alone – Universal Appeal: Kids & adults…race fans & non-race fans alike  Highly engaging consumer / brand interaction – Every Event Hour = 45 Minutes of Top 10 Qualifying + 15 Minute Championship ‘Show’  Clutter busting event signage + ad rotation on ‘Show’ jumbotron  Share of 15,000 qualifying tickets per event – Leverage robust demand for qualifying tickets to drive sales & marketing objectives  Full access to dynamic event ‘Hard Card’ database  Sponsor branded merchandise & sampling Extraordinary Walmart Retail Activation!  Two(2) Qualifying Garage units dedicated exclusively to multi-store retail activation  In-store purchases tied to opportunity to win Qualifying tickets, prizes, VIP….  Incremental product placement, in-store displays, circulars etc. Exclusive Sponsor VIP / Media Event (Thurs evening—500 Guests) Traditional Media Activation (TV, radio, print) Social Media Activation PR Cause Marketing (Corporate MASCOT’s) 14 Sponsor Packages are easily worth $75k each /per event 27
  • 31. Presents… Featuring… Powered by… 10 Team Sponsors  Title* $ 0  Presenting $ 80k  ‘Powered by’ $ 80k  Featuring $ 80k  10 Teams ( @ $75 k each) $ 800k Event Total $1.04 Million* X 33 Events (12-15 months) Total Sponsor Revenue $34.32 Million* Power of Walmart brand + retail stores is far more valuable than cash!!* Lost sponsor revenue easily be made up with slight increase in 13 other sponsor packages 28
  • 32. Year 1 FinancialsTotal Tour Revenue……………..………………………. $34.32 Million* 80,000 /average per sponsor x 13 sponsors /per event x 33 fully-integrated eventsTotal Development & Operation Cost……….……….. ($34.32 Million)1) Championship Racing ‘Show’ ……………………………................ ($13.3M) Development: $9.5M – $3.0M: Fleet of Fully integrated Robotic Race Cars + Race Control – $3.5M: 10 fully integrated driver consoles + Spotter’s Row – $3.0M: Race Track + Announcer Tower Operation: $3.8M – $115k per event x 33 events2) Four(4) Qualifying Garages………………………………………….. ($7.3M) Development: $5M [$1M for custom trailer + $250k for gaming elements] x 4 Operation: $2.3M [$17,500 /event x 33 events] x 43) ‘Credential Office’/Driver VIP/Sponsor Marketing……………..…… ($2.3M) Development: $1.5M custom trailer with hard card processing, merch counter, marketing kiosks Operation: $825k $25,000 /event x 33 events4) Event Site Fees…………………………………………………………… ($6.6M) (30,000 sq. ft. ‘Show’ x $6.7 /sq.ft) x 33 events5) Series Website Development & Maintenance…………………......... ($1.5M)6) Miscellaneous…………………………………………………………….. ($3.32M) Break Even* Does not include potential for additional revenue streams 29
  • 33. Year 2 Financials Total Revenue…………………………….…. $45.5 Million* 100k /average per sponsor x 13 sponsors /per show x 35 fully-integrated Events Total Refurb & Operation Cost…….…… ($25.5 Million) Championship Racing ‘Show’…………………………….…………………... ($6.37M) – Refurb: $2M – Operation: $4.37M • $125k per event x 35 events Qualifying Garages(4) ………………………………………………………..…. ($4.8M) – Refurb: $2M • $500k for each Qualifying Garage – Operation: $2.8M • ($20k per event x 35 events) x 4 ‘Credential Office’ /Driver VIP /Sponsor Marketing ……………………… ($2.05M) – Refurb: $1M – Operation: $1.05M • $30k per event x 35 events Event Site Fees……………………………………………………………………. ($7M) (30,000 sq. ft. ‘Show’ x $6.7 /sq.ft) x 35 events Series Website ………………….…..…………………………………….....…… ($2M) Miscellaneous ……………………………………………………………………. ($3.28M) Operating Income: $20 Million* Does not include potential for additional revenue streams 30
  • 34. Phase II Development: ‘Interactive ‘Speed Street Festival’ Championship Racing Show  Larger robotic race cars (1/2 scale)  Expanded field (20-30 cars)  HD in-car cameras  ‘Gyro-scopic’ motion-base HD driver consoles  Elaborate downtown street course (2-3 city blocks)  Expanded Team Sponsor Qualifying Garages  50,000+ Qualifying tickets/day  Enhanced sponsor marketing, sampling, merchandise. etc  Festival atmosphere: bands, food, vendors, displays etc. Fully Integrated Event  Region-wide retail activation (via Team Sponsor Qualifying Garages)  Thurs night: Exclusive Sponsor VIP /Media event  Friday afternoon: Corp. Challenge for downtown business (morale & team building!)  Friday night, Saturday, Sunday (Daily Champions + Overall Event Championship) 20-25 Major Metro Market Tour  Package Tour events up into ‘Series Season Schedule’  $1 million Series Championship purse Finance Development & Operation via ‘Corp. Sponsor Licenses’ (CSLs)  aka ‘Personal Seat Licenses’ (PSLs) for blue chip sponsors 31
  • 35. ‘Corporate Sponsorship Licenses’ (CSLs)* 3 Year Contract includes… Three(3) $Million Dollar Championship Racing Series ‘Seasons’ – ‘Season’ = 20-25 Championship City Speed Street events + $Million Series Champion Event Dynamic brand marketing/exposure in major metro markets nationwide Highly Engaging Consumer/brand interaction Category Exclusivity ‘Official’ Series Sponsorship Entitlement Series Reality TV Show (opportunity to ‘watch one week…participate the next week’) Multimedia Series Web Site Exclusive access to Series’ ‘Hard Card’ Database Ownership of a fully customized, turn-key ‘Sponsor Qualifying Garage’ Series Promo Tour via 10 Car System (retail, fairs/festival, theme parks, tracks etc.) Extensive PR campaign (tech, entertainment, sports, business, charity) ‘Corporate MASCOT’s: Ambassadors of Hope & Goodwill’ (donate 10% sponsor rev) Exclusive Sponsor VIP events in major metro markets nationwide One Event Title Sponsorship /Season (ex. ‘Home Depot 500’) One Corporate Campus Championship event per year (10-car system) Fully Integrated Region-Wide Retail Activation Ownership Equity in ‘Speed Street’ Championship Racing Series! 32
  • 36. Presents… Powered by… Title: $5-10 M/yr* Wireless: $5-10 M/yr* Presenting: $5-10 M/yr* Teams(14): $5-10 M/yr* Schic kTotal: $85-170 Million /year 33
  • 37. Presents… Powered by… Series: $5-10 M/yr Wireless: $5-10 M/yr Presenting: $5-10 M/yr Teams(14): $5-10 M/yr Schic Sub Total: $85-170 M/yr k x (3 Year Contract) 3 Year Total: $255-510 M – (Series Development: $ 40 M) – (3 Year Operation: $120 M)3 Yr. Operating Income: $95-350 Million!! 34
  • 38. Phase III DevelopmentFixed-Site Championship Racing Show Attraction Theme Parks  Disney – Promote massive investment in motorsports programming – Experiential Entertainment & Marketing value far exceeds ‘American Idol’ attraction  Six Flags Location-Base Entertainment Centers  ‘MASCOT’ Race Tracks  Year round ‘Daytona USA-like’ attraction 35
  • 39. Next Step: ‘Walmart Racing Series’ Design & Development…Sales & Marketing SummitWalmart plays host to a dynamic, highly engaging 2-day event at the Walt Disney World Speedwayfeaturing...half day of the Richard Petty Driving Experience...hosted by a high profile NASCAR Sprint Cupdriver (top choice: Dale Earnhardt Jr.) prelude to a day and a half of comprehensive venture design &development team concert with a dynamic, multi-media venture presentation(s) to select groupof industry executives, sponsors, venture capitalists and press/media...Summit budget: $760k Total Reality Racing, LLC – Vision / Intellectual Property  Disney /ESPN Carnegie Mellon NREC  Fox /SPEED – Robotic Race Cars, Race Control  Package Goods Sponsors BridgeWave Communications  Capitalize on category competition – Real Time, Broadband Wireless Communication Network  Motorola/Nokia/Samsung Simuline  Theme Park Executives – Fully Immersive, Motion-Base Driver Consoles Thinkwell Design Group  EA Sports / LucasArts – Race Track, Race Control and Show Build-Out  Select Venture Capitalists Spevco  John Henry / Rick Hendrick – Custom trailers  Select Press / Media The Marketing Arm  WRS Summit will be PR Bonanza!  Full compliment of ‘Next Gen Agency’ services 36
  • 40. NASCAR Online Racing Series (NORS) Vs. Motorsports Property of Tomorrow, Today (MPOTT) Entertainment ValueDriving Experience • NORS: Makeshift desktop race car cockpit • MPOTT: Fully immersive, motion-base, special effects-laden race car cockpit with capacity to effectively suspend disbeliefCompetition • NORS: Alone in a room, you become a virtual race car driver racing a virtual car against virtual drivers on a virtual track in front of virtual crowd with virtual announcers in a virtual competition that culminates in a virtual Championship race every 4-6 weeks. • MPOTT: As part of a shared out-of-home social experience, you become a real race car driver racing a real car in a real race against other real drivers on a real track in front of a real crowd with real announcers...real competition culminates in real Championship Race at the top of every event hourSpectator Engagement • NORS: Zero • MPOTT: Event production values will produce exceptional spectator entertainment 37
  • 41. NASCAR Online Racing Series (NORS) Vs. Motorsports Property of Tomorrow, Today (MPOTT) Sponsor Marketing ValueConsumer / Brand Engagement • NORS: One-dimensional • MPOTT: Multi-dimensional + high experiential impactMedia Platforms • NORS: Essentially limited to internet platform • MPOTT: Leveragable across all traditional media platforms + on-site + retail + social mediaRetail Activation • NORS: Zero • MPOTT: Superb--two MPOTT Qualifying Garages dedicated exclusively to retail activation to drive incremental product placement, in-store displays, circulars etc. for all 14 sponsorsVIP Entertainment • NORS: Zero • MPOTT: exciting, one-of-a-kind, 3-hour Championship event for 500+ sponsor VIPsPR • NORS: MMO gaming platform has limited PR value • MPOTT: Fresh, newsworthy story angles around groundbreaking sports entertainment, marketing, technology and business
  • 42. NASCAR Online Racing Series (NORS) Vs. Motorsports Property of Tomorrow, Today (MPOTT)NORS: Technology• Faced with constant battle remain on the cutting edge of rapidly changing computer technology.• Forced to continuously update racing simulation software($) and hardware($) in effort to create an ever more realistic racing experience.MPOTT:• Fully insulated against ravages of rapidly changing technology in that the racing experience effectively realizes the Video Gaming Holy Grail (i.e. suspension of disbelief).• No matter how advanced computer generated racing software/hardware becomes in the future, MPOTT will always maintain the upper hand--Total Reality trumps Virtual Reality every time! Business ModelNORS:• Primary revenue stream built around monthly subscriptions. In order to generate $34 million /year revenue, NORS must sell (and maintain) 4 million+ monthly subscriptions at most popular $8.25 /month price point• 20,000+ monthly subscriptions to date• Primary revenue stream built around capturing % of $88 billion+ in new media ad dollars.• In order to generate $34 million in yearly revenue, MPOTT needs to sell 14 fully integrated, value-packed event sponsor packages--at an average of $75k /each--across 33 events held in conjunction with 33 prestige event properties (i.e. Motorsports Events, Fairs/Festivals, Theme Parks, Malls, College, Military etc.)