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Cover model

  1. 1. Royal Classic Miss Cover Girl Online PreliminaryRecognizing the beauty in every girl!
  2. 2. Welcome to the Royal Classic Miss Pageant System! The Royal Classic Miss Pageant believes in the true beauty of every girl. For this reason, we stress community involvement, talent and personality above all else. This is not just a glitz pageant. We are looking for natural andpersonable young ladies who will represent themselves, their families and the pageant to the community with grace. Girls are encouraged to express themselves in whatever way they see fit and since girls are competing only against themselves, natural or glitz contestants are all welcome. Girls take detailed score sheets home following the pageant that detail the judges’ comments and suggestions. Our girls are all winners and are recognized as such. Every girl will receive a medal for participation in the Cover Model contest.One winner from each preliminary region will receive a crown and banner aswell as a free Supreme package for her local preliminary pageant. In addition,her photo will be featured on the website for her local preliminary pageant as one of our Royal Classic Cover Model. This prize package is worth $175. Runner ups in each region will receive a free optional package for her local preliminary, and a participation medal. This prize package is worth $105. If we do not have a preliminary within 250 miles of your home address, you will be entered into a category for your state. One winner from eachrepresented state will receive the title of State Cover Model and $150 towards registration fees for our National Pageant as your state representative. She will also receive a crown and banner to wear at Nationals. Runners up will receive $100 towards registration fees for our National Pageant.The girl with the highest combined score will be the winner in each state or region as appropriate. Scores will be based on a combinationof one photo (60%) and a completed fact sheet (40%). You will receive your score sheets following judging.Registration is just $25 for the first photo and $10 for each additional photo. We will use your highest scoring photo.
  3. 3. 2011 Preliminary Regions Mid Atlantic (Ocean City, Maryland) Southern Classic (Natural Bridge, Virginia) Alleghany (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) New England (Danbury, Connecticut) Red River (Dallas, Texas) Pacific Coast (Seattle, Washington) Heartland (Chicago, Illinois) Gulf Coast (Kissimmee, Florida) Southwest (Phoenix, Arizona)(250 mile radius will be determined by the pageant staff using commercial mapping software)
  4. 4. Royal Classic Miss RegistrationName: ________________________________________________________________________Age (as of January 31): _____________ Date of Birth: ________________________Address: _______________________________________ City/State/Zip: __________________Phone: _________________________ Email Address: (mandatory) ______________________Parent or Guardian Names: ______________________________________________________Referred By: ________________________________ Dance Studio: __________________ Amount Quantity Total Royal Classic Miss Registration $25 Extra Photo $10 Total Due at Registration I understand that the Royal Classic Miss pageant, its directors, judges and volunteers are not liable for any damages or injury that should occur from my participation in the Royal Classic Miss event and I waive all rights to damages or injury claims. I further understand that my conduct must at all times berespectful and in accordance with my representation of myself, my family and the Royal Classic Miss pageant and that any violations of rules or inappropriate conduct can result in my or my child’s disqualification. I have read and agree to abide by all rules as stated. Full rules and policies are available by visiting or by requesting a copy of the rules from the director. I further agree that any photos or video taken of my daughter during the course of the event become the property of Royal Classic Miss and may be used by the pageant for promotional reasons. ____________________________________ Signature ___________________ Date Payment should be made via paypal to Any questions should be directed via email or via our Facebook page.Completed paperwork and photos should be submitted via the above email address. We will make one attemptto secure a new photo if the one received is of inferior quality. If no new photo is received, we will judge based on what we have received.
  5. 5. Royal Classic Miss Contesta Number _________ Contestant Fact Sheet ntName:____________________________________________________________________________________________________Age: __________ School Attending: _________________________________________________________________________Honors/Awards: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Activities: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Hobbies: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Ambitions/Goals: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Fun Facts: 1.) ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 2.) ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 3.) ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________