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Alphasmart presentation given at the Propel Powerful Practices Confernece on August 17, 2009

Alphasmart presentation given at the Propel Powerful Practices Confernece on August 17, 2009



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Alphasmart Presentation Alphasmart Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • AlphaSmart Neo 2
  • What is the AlphaSmart?
    • The AlphaSmart is a portable battery operated keyboard that can be quickly connected to any laptop to transfer work.
    • A student can use the AlphaSmart to type documents, take quizzes, and learn to type.
  • Getting to Know You
    • On/Off Key – Upper Left Hand Corner
    • File Keys – The Neo will save a document as a student is typing in an open file. These documents can be resaved to open up that file.
    • Clear File – Empty’s a file so it can be used on another document
    • Applets – Accesses the control panel and Neo 2 Programs
    • Send – Transfers a document to an open Word file when connected with the USB cable
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  • Changing the Idle Time
    • The Neo 2 will shut down automatically after 4 minutes of not being used to save battery power.
    • To change this, hit option-  -T .
    • Change the time to what is convenient to your student.
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  • Before you get started,
    • You need to install the AlphaSmart Manager to your computer. Find this disc and insert it into your computer.
    • This will provide access to the extended user manual, alpha quiz setup and other programs.
    • Insert the disc. Double-click setup.exe file. Follow the directions provided.
    • You will need to click no to search for configuration files from previous installs if you have not installed this program before.
  • Connecting Your Neo 2
    • Simply connect the USB cable from the Neo to your computer.
    • Your computer must be logged in as an administrator to access the Alpha Smart programs.
    • It may be logged in as a student to transfer files.
  • Typing Documents
    • Turn the computer on. A blank file will be brought up. The student may begin typing in this document. The Neo saves your document as you type.
    • To send this document, install the USB cable from the Neo to your computer.
    • Pull up a blank Word file on your computer.
    • Hit send, your file will transfer from the Neo to your computer.
    • If you want to delete this file off of the Neo, hit Clear File .
  • Adjusting Font Size
    • Hit ctrl – option – cmd – F
    • You can change the font from very small to very large.
  • Saving Your Neo File on Your Computer
    • Pull up the file you want to save.
    • Click ctrl-S .
    • Type a name for the file and press enter.
    • You can now clear the file space without losing the file you’ve saved.
    • To open this file, click ctrl-O and select your file.
  • Using the Smart Applets
    • Smart Applets are programs that are installed on your Neo.
    • We have access to AlphaWord Plus, KeyWords, Control Panel, and Calculator.
  • AlphaWord Plus
    • This is the basic document program we have been using to type.
    • If you are in a different program and you want to return to this, click Applets , scroll down to AlphaWord Plus and hit enter.
  • KeyWords
    • KeyWords allows students to learn and practice keyboarding.
    • Press the Applets key and scroll down to KeyWords , hit enter.
    • Move the cursor to Add a Student . You will need a name and password for each student.
    • Once the name of the student has been added, scroll down to their name and hit enter.
    • The student then completes the lesson on the Neo.
    • Once a lesson is complete, you will see a * next to the lesson title. A + will appear next to a lesson that has been started, but not finished.
  • Accessing Student Results for KeyWords
    • Start KeyWords and pull up the students name.
    • Click on Student Reports . Choose which report you want.
      • The Student Progress Report includes all lessons that have been worked on. The last lesson just shows the previous work.
    • Select how you want to view this report, Send to computer or Transfer to AlphaWord file .
  • Text2Speech
    • Plug the headphones into the receiver.
    • The receiver must be directly in front of the eye of the Neo.
    • Switch to on. After each word is typed, the student will hear the word read aloud.
  • CoWriter
    • Follow the installation directions on the program disc.
    • This will give students a list of words that the computer thinks the student is trying to type.
    • This program works best with older students who are good spellers. Otherwise, it may result in a student guessing at a word and choosing the incorrect one.
    • Once installed, CoWriter can be found in your applets .
  • More information…
    • Neo Documentation Disc - holds all user manuals to the included programs
      • Additional downloads for repairing programs