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CultureofFuture.com: Trending For Influence and Social Innovation

CultureofFuture.com: Trending For Influence and Social Innovation



How to trend in order to influence for betterment. How to create and inspire others through trend POV pieces, stories, visualizations, creativity, concepts and concept charting. Resources included.

How to trend in order to influence for betterment. How to create and inspire others through trend POV pieces, stories, visualizations, creativity, concepts and concept charting. Resources included.



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    CultureofFuture.com: Trending For Influence and Social Innovation CultureofFuture.com: Trending For Influence and Social Innovation Presentation Transcript

    • TRENDS & CULTURAL INFLUENCING JODY TURNER, CultureofFuture.com +1.310.584.1021 JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Tracking Trends – Placing Observations Within Understandable Frameworks Helps In Gaining a Useful POV Regarding The World and Your Place In It. Trends are converging across disciplines. Within the marketplace the iPhone is competing with every category from fashion to technology. Expectation Economy means just that - people have less money but have higher expectations of product, service and experience. There is a reinvention going on because of this high level of engagement. As we negotiate through the economic crisis together some worry we will get through this faster than we should. While we have been going on a certain course for centuries this crisis can be seen as an opportunity for reconfiguration and re-evolution. This is what trend language can help influence forward. Tracking trends regularly will give you confidence on how and where to connect with important points of citizenry and cultural meaning and will help you gauge where to focus your resources now and in the future. It will give you a voice to communicate these choices outwardly to your cohorts and to the public. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Listening, Synthesizing, Categorizing. Seeding Ideas of Change By Understanding Human Context. Very simply begin to observe and note, what you see, what makes sense, what does not. (Go to IDEO.com and get interesting books on this such as Thoughtless Acts) What are you into, what are your friends into? What are you yearning for, what are they yearning for? Notice your life and the lives of others, go outside of your norm and look at the lives of those in different classes, genders, cultures. Notice what is similar and what is not. Turn off the world news and begin to feel humanity without interfering overlays. Be a collector of people doing interesting things (forward leaning early adopters – term from Malcolm Gladwells book Tipping Point) and those doing normal everyday things (mass living). Notice who is living the older industrial model, who is living the future cocreative model and how this is playing out in their lives without judgment. Collect in interesting ways, create charts of what you see in order to capture into powerfully condensed bites what matters to you and your company. Two ways to get people to pay attention to a concept: (1) Put the word “economy” at the end of your concept – a joke but many people do this … the info economy, the experience economy, the reinvention economy, it simply shows your intent for good and for profit; (2) Create charts to communicate your ideas… make sure they are succinct and intuitive for absorption and that they include strong visuals… Important right now are info graphics. For examples check out the info graphics issues of Wired and Good Magazines. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Charting and Making Sense of Trends - Trends in terms of time and perspective (market based delivery) - Slow Moving MacroTrends are the 10,000 mile high view of what is going on, a slightly longer now of 5-15 years out, - Here we see many things humans have in common. Example: Economic Crisis and Reinvention, Entrepreneurial Living, Mobile Consciousness, Glocal Awareness (Global and Local awareness concurrently), Passion Purpose and LoCarbon Living. Fast Moving MicroTrends are the seasonal to 2 year trends within the marketplace - Here we see things within our production cycles for product. We are currently encouraging two manners of green product making: (1) Iconic and long lasting, (2) Biomimicry and sustainability based short-term cradle to cradle innovations… There are more, we leave space for innovations/further conversations in all we do. Quick Moving Fads - We don’t focus on this as much as this is a part of culture we don’t want to encourage. However we do make note - fads may serve a temporary need and there is typically a greater desire behind it that once solved or addressed can eliminate this category. (Such as addressing identity building through buy and discard fashions, pleasure through quick purchase toiletries and toys) JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • How Do You Know When A Trend Matters To You? Ask yourself if a certain trend has the potential to: - Influence or shape the company or personal vision. - Inspires you to come up with a new concept, an entirely new venture to meet a need. -Or help you to speak the language of those already ‘living’ the trend in order to connect, serve and understand them better. In order to be well received and create partnerships in change, it is important to engage with the world conversation. Through ethnography and empathy (mixed with our own passions and visions) we are better able to create innovation that is authentic to the culture we live in and wish to live in. This ensures a better acceptance rate. The less marketing and PR we need the better. People want to talk about what serves them well in an inspirational and innovative way. This is called the ‘Baked In’ effect which comes from a book of the same name by Alex Bogusky and John Winsor. Trendwatching.com and JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • SIMPLE TREND STORIES SELF CARE/EARTH CARE – Wellness stories, empowerment education, special health features, natural amplification MOBILE GLOCAL – Abbreviated yet careful, real materials but intelligently efficient, locally linked with global effect. YOUTHFUL EXPRESSIONS – Not young but energized, passionate, playful, innocent, full and positive. VOCAL – Authentic but worldly, a contributor caring for what is important, not edited down but smartly played COMMUNAL – Linked together by human commonalities, invited to join something safe, creative, worthwhile. SOCIAL – Sharing with others, skill sets are seen, creativity knowledge as contributor is felt. EARTH CO2 – Knowing where it comes from, what it is doing to me now, where it is going to? Brand stands for you in the landfill as much as they do on the street. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Example Micro Trend Drill Down H O N E S T  AUTHENTIC  FUNCTIONAL  SIMPLE  CLEAR  RELATABLE  CLEAN  REALISTIC  GENUINE  STRAIGHTFORWARD  RELIABLE  CALM Opportunity Spaces: Leading an Efficient and Stress  SINCERE Reduced Lifestyle is Important  USEFUL These Days, Embedded Gifts of Customization in Self Care Clear words and Rule Today. Example: Life inspirational images Tracking for health, Nike Plus – iPod Personal/Social Running. focus teams and help sell In meaning ideas.
    • Example Micro Trend Drill Down B L A N K C A N V A S  PRISTINE  CUSTOMIZABLE  PURE  TRANSPARENT  IMMACULATE  EVOLUTION-FRIENDLY Opportunity Space:  LUCID Simple manufacturing efficiency eco  EMPTY SPACE AS DESIGN ELEMENT triple bottom line provides a product  ELEMENTAL story of beautiful meaning that can  UNCOMPLICATED be filled in by the creative user.  TABULA RASA Example: GetUncommon.com Clear words and inspirational images focus teams and help sell In meaning ideas.
    • IDEATION Helpfuls per IDEO and The Art of Innovation (IDEO.com book). 1.  Purpose of ideation stated in one sentence. 2.  Set a strong deadline, push yourself a little. We do our most impassioned work just before the dawn. 3. Pick a team of cross-disciplined peoples for surprising perspectives that ignite. 4. Set up 4 – 6 trend categories with sticky notes on hand for quick thoughts – Put up 4-6 long white papers with headings to capture stickies or marker thoughts. 5. Don’t edit yourself, don’t cut off or put down anyones ideas (could be useful for something else later). You can add to them but not dismiss them… AND is good. Give everyone have a chance to speak, don’t dominate. 6. Go at it for the set time with expectations of an outcome. Keep culture of moving! Note that there will be a point of chaos and discomfort future emerging in the process, this is a part of creative growth. 7. Bring extras as foder: Example inspirations, user knowledge, tactiles, visuals... 8. Record everything. At end have teams vote on those ideas to bring forward. Expect another innovation session or review, schedule it on progressive timeline. 9. Create a beautifully bound report for your online Cybrary or Real-time Library. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • culture Various Resources Here, of future Sample Slides At End. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Resources: IDEO Ethnography & Ideation Books - http://www.ideo.com/
    • Resources: IDEO Patterns Thinking - http://patterns.ideo.com/
    • Resources: Forum For The Future, Scenario Planning
    • Resources: Forum For The Future, Scenario Planning Helpfuls per Tim Nichols of The-Hub.net Berkeley and ForumfortheFuture.org From website: How does on create future scenarios? We can’t predict the future, but we can think more about the sort of future we want, and how to achieve it. In fact, it is vital that we do just that. That’s why futures thinking underpins Forum for the Future’s approach to promoting sustainable development. We believe that using simple techniques to think in a structured way about the future, and the impacts of global trends like climate change, population growth and emerging technologies, can make a big difference to how organisations approach sustainability. Per Tim Hughes, www.futurestandard.wordpress.com “All things change, business thinking out of the box is vital.” A day in the life scenario planning begins with collection of 6-700 factors with an elimination and filtering down to 3-400. With time you get better and faster at filtering and drilling down. Documenting what you find is important for a later look to see how and if it panned out. With time this teaches you how things evolve and change. Also, collections can be used for later projects. Charting, blocking and graphing: 2-axis chart broken into 4 quadrants charting behaviors that are closer to one, the other or both. Axis are defined by the information gathered during research and are typically social, tech, environmental, economic or political… STEEP. Factors that fall under the 4 quadrants can for example be: Oil prices going up, people being rebellious to this or not, designing more efficiently, environmental degradation, reaction to degradation, service economy trends… etc. Essentially you have factors from the four quadrants that you extrapolate a day in the life from what you see in those quadrants. Future scenarios can be found at Forumforthefuture.org. For an example:
    • Resources Sign up for various trend TREND BEST TREND SITE: trendwatching.com resources ID MATERIALS transstudio.com/tm (free e-sub of new materials) services but trust your own trendcentral.com joshrubin.com BEST MATERIALS: Ecolect.com intuition the most– When coolhunting.com Coolhunter.com YOUTH FASHION/CULTURE ypulse.com some bit of info sticks to trendhunting.com ubercool.com trendcentral.com newexpression.org you, pay attention. Trust psfk.com joshspear.com giantrobot.com livejournal.com/community/welovefashion/ yourself and your own dailycandy.com urbanjunkies.com FASHION purpose or POV, let ubercool.com springwise.com myfashionlife.com jcreport.com everything else flow by. ypulse.com hintmag.com bagborroworsteal.com When something seems it SOCIAL STATS www.pewsocialtrends.org fashiontribes.typepad.com megustalamoda.blogspot.com should be interesting or is www.pewresearch.org/millennials/ MOVIE/TV almost interesting save it BRAND/MARKETING/ADVERTISING influxinsights.com imbd.com Hulu.com for later review and agendainc.com/recent.html sethgodin.com MUSIC DOWNLOADS AND MORE decision. madisonandvine.com coolnews.com Pandora.com Emusic.com brandchannel.com Audiolunchbox.com Bleep.com YOU NEED A POV to begin GREEN BEST GREEN SITE: Treehugger.com earplug.cc pitchforkmedia.com with, but you don’t need to Inhabitat.com Gliving.tv stylusmagazine.com popmatters.com know or have the answers to Branchhome.com allmusic.com Greenergadgets.com neumu.net everything. Posing just the Sustainablemind.com dustedmagazine.com right questions can influence Idealbite.com Ideabite.com arthurmag.com fluxblog.org and inspire the future too. Ecolect.com H.I.P.investor.com prefixmag.com tinymixtapes.com Sustainable-everyday.net JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Resources CITY DESIGN tropolism.com/about.php printpattern.blogspot.com superfuture.com/city designboom.com flavorpill.com mocoloco.com gawker.com dexigner.com googleearth.com (PC) velocityartanddesign.com artkrush.com surfacemag.com kultureflash.net metropolismag.com buggaboodaytrip.com (children) svenskform.se/english dutchdesignevents.com STREET FASHION IDSA.org hypebeast.com Mossonline.com japanesestreets.com TECH DESIGN.POLITICS Greengadget.com massivechange.com Engadget.com slashdot.com PHOTO gizmodo.com tenbyten.org Greenergadgets.com polanoid.com ilounge.com lomography.com boingboing.net fiftycrows.org weblogs.media.mit.edu/SIMPLICITY/ or Allroadsproject.com lawsofsimplicity.com/ techjapan.com THINGS mossonline.com PODCASTS CultureofFuture.com charlesandmarie.com Free downloads in radio or video formats. colette.fr Go to www.apple.com/iturnes and select: theapt.com Engadget gizmag.com Cool Hunting (Trends) Lonely Planet (Travel) Karl Lagerfield (Fashion) PurseStrings (Female Marketing) JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • culture POV Slides that I include: of future -However, don’t necessarily use these, research and formulate your own stories of society, generations, communication, sustainability economics and lifestyle. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Example/Sample Demographic Chart (specific class) JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Example Story: Gen Give&Take Stereotype: Materialistic Actually: Idealistic Providers BOOMER Rebellion: Freedom to do it Bigger Gift/Challenge: ‘My children will not suffer as I did’ leads to overworking, over consumption. Stereotype: Slacker Actually: Sensual Life Focus GENX Rebellion: Senses vs. Accomplishment. Current Music, Culinary, Design, Spa and Creative Culture are a result Gift/Challenge: ‘I will not overlook friends and family as my overworking parents did.’ Stereotype:Entitled Actually: Empowered GENY JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com Rebellion: Non-rebellious, integrative Gift/Challenge: Expects everyone to step up and deal authentically with issues.
    • Example/Sample Charting: Industrial to CoCreative Model Moving From ME Branding. To WE Branding. “EGONOMICS” – Individuation “ETHONOMICS” – GroupThink -Economy geared to self -Economy geared to solutions -Body: Earthwell-Selfwell Focus, “Earth as my body” -Body: Healthstyle-Selfstyle focus, Earth Separated From Me As ‘The Environment’ -Security Means: Community Inclusion - -Security: Elite Exclusion ‘My town does well, I do well’ -Relationships: Performance Driven -Relationships: Co-Creation of New -Recognition: Reputation Driven -Recognition: Contribution of Skill Sets -Self Actualization: Seeking/Reaching For -Self Actualization: Inhabiting Life, I am enough Credit: Trendburo Munich and Cultureoffuture.com JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Example/Sample Charting: New Communications Styles Talking Head Broadcast To SOCIAL INTERACTIVE Segmented Message Quick Consumption To To Idealized INVITATION LONG TERM SUPPORT To DELIVERED Product Based Aspirational Life To To STORY & CO-CREATED REALITY BACK STORY JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Your Contextual Thinking Here – Story I tell from meeting and knowing various professionals over the decades (including meeting Jobs 1980) -An early Steve Jobs (80s) kicks off grunge tech -Daniel Coleman helps us understand ourselves as emotionally intelligent (late 90s) - Daniel Pink (00s) ushers in the Creative Culture mind Other influencers or the social stories I have created: - 70s-80s: Architect glut creates mall designers & consumption boom - 80s-90s: Graphic designer glut results in the web boom/crash - 90s-00s: Product designer glut creates new roles in branding/research - Current focus is on social innovation impact and contribution thru NGOs, .ORGs and social entrepreneurship. - Going forward the mix between brand and social innovators is potent. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • No company is perfect - These are slides I always show to encourage company and brand to contribute in new ways. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com Credit: Trendwatching.com
    • No company is perfect - These are slides I always show to encourage company and brand to contribute in new ways. Nike: Trash Talk Shoe, Benefit Bracelet, Livestrong Cancer Center, Considered Sustainable Design (See PopTech 09 online talk) JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • No company is perfect - These are slides I always show to encourage company and brand to contribute in new ways. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • No company is perfect - These are slides I always show to encourage company and brand to contribute in new ways. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Points I Make: New meaningful work communities are growing. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Points I Make: New meaningful work communities are growing. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Points I Make: New meaningful work communities are growing. ART ACTIVISM JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • Points I Make: Meaningful media is growing.
    • Meaningful media is growing.
    • New meaningful communities are growing. Share designs, vote, sell it, learn how, eco product support, creative community recognition JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • New meaningful communities are growing. JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com
    • New meaningful communities AND media are growing.
    • Good Mag + Pepsi. There Are Brands Contributing, Drop Cynicism, Encourage Brands + Social Innovation. Pepsi is giving away MILLIONS to social innovators
    • For more information please contact JodyTurner@CultureofFuture.com JODY TURNER, CultureofFuture.com +1.310.584.1021