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Done for think tank Demos of Helsinki, a current to future leaning visual and verbal report on Lo-Carbon Lifestyle thinking and breakthroughs.

Done for think tank Demos of Helsinki, a current to future leaning visual and verbal report on Lo-Carbon Lifestyle thinking and breakthroughs.



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  • 1. LoCarbon Lifestyle Opportunities in Redesigning How We Live, Work and Play
  • 2. Global Content From - -Helsinki LoCarbon Trends -Istanbul, New Retail -Mumbai, Brands Making Meaning -Hong Kong, Greening Trends -Brazil, Architecture & Design -San Francisco, Youth Culture -NYC, Global Trends Vital research resource: OUR CHOICE, Al Gore
  • 4. Economic Crisis Brings Mass Reinvention CRISIS. OPPORTUNITY? . Credit:
  • 5. What are we facing?  
  • 6. What Are We Facing? “Global Warming is considered the greatest market failure of humanity.” “There’s something inherently wrong treating the earth like a business liquidation.” “The GPN measures all but what seems to matter most.” -Robert Kennedy We credit the Guide To Global Warming pages to: OUR CHOICE by Al Gore  
  • 7. What Are We Are Into? There Are 6-7 Different Types of Air Pollution To Care About: Major: 1.  Carbon Dioxide from burning coal, oil based natural gas, diesel jet fuel 2.  Carbon Dioxide from the transportation industry, electricity heating, forests burning, 3. Methane from livestock and landfill decay fugitive emissions 4. Black Carbon from burning forests, grasslands, cooking fires Other Players: 5. Nitrous Oxide and 6. Carbon Monoxide – more toxic, from agriculture 7. Halocarbons from industry are much less but a thousand times more toxic
  • 8. The Situation We Are In 40% -Modern agriculture is the greatest source of global warming due to deforestation primarily, soil erosion and pesticide use -Rice and livestock are the big leaders in this CO2 damage -We are at the brink of the 6th great extinction as a result -Reforestation and replanting makes a big difference -It takes 10 calories of energy from fossil fuels to produce 1 calorie of food -It takes 7lbs of plant protein & 6,000 gallons Of water to produce 1lb of beef. -Industrial livestock waste is so toxic that it Cannot be used for fertilizer
  • 9. The Situation We Are In 10% 10% of pollution comes from the transportation industry. -The industry has been slow in shifting in the US due to powerful and greedy lobbyists in the government -The hybrid is taking off with complications in the battery -The economy is forcing the US to move to smaller cars -China and India are rising as a problem in this area -The electric car once seen as “dead” is now a contender
  • 10. The Situation We Are In 5-7% -Unexpectedly, cement and concrete are contributors. -In the process CO2 is emitted and will off gass as time goes by. -Small amounts are reabsorbed over long periods of time
  • 11. The Situation We Are In Solutions Unending elements & the movement toward UNLIMITED natural power: -Sun powered with silica/sand -Dirt powered batteries -Water powered forces -Wind powered forces
  • 12. The Situation We Are In Solutions Education of girls is seen as the solution driver to keep families living at higher levels of education generation to generation and to keep population levels down. SUPERSMART ENERGY GRID: -The US loses more than $206 billion a year in power waste. -Plans are being proposed now to redo the US grids while Europe and Africa innovative super grids of energy are being discussed.
  • 13. INFLUENCERS: Robert Redford, America In Flux
  • 14. INFLUENCERS: Al Gore & Stewart Brand, America In Flux 1960s
  • 15. Coming Down to You And Your Passion Community. Edible Schools, Alice Waters
  • 16. Coming Down to You And Your Passion Community. Global Urban Gardeners, Guerilla Gardeners, Greening Ghettos, Rootop Green, Victory Gardens…
  • 17. Coming Down to You And Your Passion Community. Create your own collective, series…
  • 18. Coming Down to You And Your Passion Community. Education in Community Creation
  • 19. Coming Down to You And Your Passion Community. Reuse Design and Innovation
  • 20. Coming Down to You And Your Passion Community. Social Knowledge Sharing/Community Building
  • 21. Coming Down to Innovation Drivers. Trend Toward Endless Energy  
  • 22. INFLUENCERS: Creative Energy Sources ENDLESS GEOTHERMAL: -Potential to create 280,000 times the annual consumption rate for the US or a 30 year supply -No CO2 emissions, unlike solar and wind it is 24/7 -Smallest footprint of all solutions
  • 23. INFLUENCERS: Creative Energy Sources Endless Wave Power
  • 24. INFLUENCERS: Creative Energy Sources Algae Biofuel
  • 25. INFLUENCERS: Pop Tech and TED Inno-ventors Green Inno-ventors
  • 26. Inno-ventors: Tagging Your Trash To The Landfill The  Trash|Track  project,  done  in  partnership  with  Waste  Management  “removal-­‐chain”.  Supply  chain   has  become  increasingly  efficient  (and  well-­‐documented),  but  waste  management  is  not.     -­‐Invited  members  of  the  SeaGle  community  to  tag  their  garbage,  researchers  tracked  its  movement.   -­‐Currently  have  ~2,000  objects  tagged  and  expect  to  tag  another  1,000.  The  early  results  are  now  on   display  as  a  show  at  the  SeaGle  Public  Library.     -­‐An  awareness  of  where  your  garbage  actually  ends  up  could  have  great  impact  on  changing  behavior.    
  • 27. Inno-ventors: Biochar, Refeeding A Depleted Earth Jason  Aramburu,  founder  of  re:char  -­‐  developing  soluSons  to  fight  climate  change.     -­‐Aramburu  was  working  on  “clean  coal”,  when  he  realized  the  term  was  an  oxymoron.     -­‐This  lead  him  to  create  Biochar,  a  substance  by-­‐product  of  agriculture  (husks,  stems,   etc.):  basically  charcoal  made  from  natural  waste  products.   -­‐Biochar  acts  as  a  great  soil  amendment  (highly  needed  today  with  soil  depleSon  and   erosion)  and  reduces  amounts  of  CO2  in  the  air  concurrently.  
  • 28. Inno-ventors: Challenging Styrofoam Eben  Beyer,  a  2009  Poptech  Fellow,  is  the  CEO  of  EcovaSve  Design,  which  seeks  to   address  the  issue  of  how  to  reduce  the  usage  of  styrofoam  (or  as  Beyer  calls  it,  “toxic   white  stuff”).  Beyer’s  vision  is  to  use  the  naturally-­‐occurring  mycelium  (from  the   roots  of  mushrooms)  and  replace  styrofoam  with  100%  compostable  material.  With   this  material,  10  Smes  less  CO2  is  emiGed  in  the  atmosphere.  Beyer  invites  everyone   to  send  pictures  of  unnecessary  use  of  styrofoam  to  in  an   effort  to  raise  awareness  about  this  issue.  
  • 29. Inno-ventors: Art And The Oceanic Trash Patch Chris  Jordan  is  a  photographer  who  documents  consumerism  a`ermath.     -­‐The  giant  garbage  patch  art  to  bring  home,  make  it  real  to  consumers   -­‐Used  2.4  million  pieces  of  destrucSve  oceanic  plasSc  from  the  giant  garbage   patch  to  create  a  massive-­‐scale  recreaSon  of  a  portrait  of  the  ocean.  PlasSc  in  the   ocean  is  destroying  habitat,  killing  wildlife  in  the  most  remote  regions.  
  • 30. Inno-ventors: Dirt Powered Battery 2009  Poptech  Fellows  Aviva  Presser  Aiden  and  Hugo  Van  Vuuren  are  the  creators  of   Lebone,  a  dirt-­‐powered  baGery.  The  baGery,  which  was  created  for  the  base  of  the   pyramid  populaSon,  uses  microbial  fuel  cells  to  generate  energy.  The  baGeries  can   currently  power  an  LED  light,  and  soon  able  to  also  power  radios  and  cell  phones.  
  • 31. Inno-ventors: Nike Considered Design Nike’s  first  area  of  focus  was  reducing  their  footprint  and  the  amount  of  waste.  They’ve   reduced  their  waste  50%  in  the  past  ten  years.  They’ve  also  focused  on  energy  use  and   removing  toxics  from  their  products.  Reducing  your  footprint,  says  Vogel,  will  never  get   you  to  a  “green  economy”.  That  needs  to  be  done  at  the  product  level:  they  were  at  first   inspired  to  try  and  create  a  shoe  that  you  could  plant  in  the  ground  and  it  would   biodegrade.  Their  second  thought  was  to  try  and  make  a  product  that  would  last  forever.   From  a  human  nature  standpoint,  that  wouldn’t  work  and  ulSmately  end  up  in  a  landfill.  
  • 32. Profitable, Open Sourced Uniquely, corporations can share breakthroughs with each other, and the world.
  • 33. Future Lifestyle: Food, Transport, Product, Fashion  
  • 34. Zero LIFESTYLE In the future with pervasive air quality challenges, we will be rewarded for low and zero carbon lifestyles… Carbon bartering will become like money reward and exchange. With limited resources we will focus on product and manufacturing reuse and efficiency, our diets will shift to keep our health at an optimum along with the planets. The following are examples of explorations and implementations that are future leaning in terms of product, food, power and shelter.
  • 35. Innovators: Sharing Trash Stories Creativity Frog  Design  Studio   “Birds outside my window were my iPod.”  
  • 36. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention - Vacations travel Stay Vacations, Reclamation Vacations, Eco Vacays… -The Dasparkhotel in Ottensheim, Austria - Old concrete pipes -The Jumbo Hostel - Reclaimed 747 -Lancaster PA’s – Reuse ‘Red Caboose’
  • 37. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Food
  • 38. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Food
  • 39. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Transport
  • 40. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Transport
  • 41. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Transport
  • 42. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Transport
  • 43. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Power “Plug-in home energy Wattcher Personal energy - Is a strategy of unique methods awareness.” ~ - M. Wanders Air quality bunny alerts you… Phillips 2020 Habitat China: Power through OFF THE GRID rails and floors Smart Skin Walls Future Scenarios Personal wall Community OEI by Accountability: Rocco meter tracking Avallone Tweet-a-Watt power lifestyle
  • 44. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Space
  • 45. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Space To Small Spaces. Large upkeep: The Vatican Solar Panels
  • 46. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Space
  • 47. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Space
  • 48. INFLUENCERS: Creative Reinvention of Fashion New York Fashion Week’s high fashion debut of AirDye tech using 88-95% less water than typical textile industry process.
  • 49. THE FUTURE While becoming efficiency focused and tech aggregate focused, we must not forget about becoming real as humans, not losing touch with ourselves or our emotions and what our mission is in terms of pleasure and peace. Removing want without stressing earthy resources is the road to peace and can equally be a road to new ideas of pleasure. There is enough for everyone on this planet. We simply need to manage smartly, wisely. A shift to energy sources from abundant materials such as sand, dirt, wind and water will prevent the 6th great extinction and prevent wars being fought over resources. A focus on education of girls worldwide is accepted as a major solution driver preventing over population and seeding generational global care consciousness going forward.
  • 50. Research Resources  
  • 51. Green Lifestyle Websites,,,,,, livingclimatechange,,, Trend Sites Including Green, Knowledge Sites,, Carbon Offset:,
  • 52. Eco FASHION Resources: 1. Great Eco Fashion textiles site 2. Eco Fashion Stories Provided by Lexus Hybrid Living -Lara Miller (Also: Linda Loudermilk; Stewart+Brown; Bahar Shahpar) 3. Linda Loudermilk focus (Including Jane Fonda on Letterman; Linda L on Sundance Channel) 4. A Discovery TV Company, Best of Beauty and Green 09 Competition -Fashion and Beauty Slide Show Winners 5. Style Will Save Us, Online UK Magazine 6. Patagonia Footprint Chronicles 7. Nike Considered Design, environmentally_preferred.html Nike Trash Shoe: %2Ftwo%2Dgirls%2Dgo%2Dgreen%2Fsqueaky%2Dclean%2Dsneakers%2Dmade %2Dscraps&feature=player_embedded Jordan Jumpman23 lux eco shoe NOT touted as eco: 8. Ethical Fashion Forum, UK:
  • 53. +1 310 5841021