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M.S. Walker Companies - Texas and California Design-Build General Contractor. We offer turn-key real estate, architecture, engineering, project management and general construction services.

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M.S. Walker: Company Brochure

  1. 1. Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n I N T E G R AT I O N O F D E S I G N B U I L D
  2. 2. Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n M.S.W. M.S.W. Architectural & Engineering Services, Inc. Construction Services, Inc. Due Diligence Constructability Reviews Land Planning Value Engineering Reviews Y o uEngineeringa l P r o j e c t Civil r To t M a n a g e m e Construction u Schedules n Construction t iEstimates t S o l Cost o n Surveying & Mapping Architectural Design Construction Documentation Architectural Construction Documents On-Site Construction Supervision Entitlements Bid Documentation & Management LEED Certified Project Job Costing & Accounting Quality Control Walker Booth WW Pipe & Steel General Engineering, Inc. Fabrication, Inc. Grading Structural Steel Fab & Erection Paving Steel Columns Site Concrete Joist & Deck Structural Concrete Rolled Pieces Parking Garages Stair Systems Site Utilities Steel Moment Frames Sack & Patch LA City Approved M.S. Walker & Associates, LLC Structured Financing Loan Packaging Debt/Equity Sourcing Property Management Asset Management Western Realty Advisors, LP Land Acquisition Brokerage Services Agency Representation Investment Sales and Acquisition Real Estate Joint Ventures Consulting
  3. 3. A HISTO RY OF E XCE LLE N C E I n 1989, Michael S. Walker founded M.S. Walker Companies, Inc. We are a Design-Build, Construction Management and General Contracting company that specialize in commercial, industrial, and residential development & construction. Since the inception, the firm has grown to over 200 employees with annual revenues in excess of 100 million a year in construction projects. We have successfully grown at a rate of more than 20% a year since inception and we continue to implement the business plan to advance the pattern of success. Our offices are currently located in Texas and California, with branch offices in Northern CA and Central TX. M.S. Walker Companies, Inc. ranks among the foremost design-build organizations in the Western United States, while implementing its expansion into the Central Texas market and Arizona. Our progress is based on an established business plan and the latest demographics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School real estate department; which states the biggest growth areas between now and 2020 will be warm-weather locations with California, Arizona and Central Texas leading the way. The firm provides full service architecture, engineering, construction management, contracting and real estate development ser- vices on a single-responsibility basis. Our projects include; Shopping Centers, Industrial Centers, Hotels, Restaurants, Food Industry Projects, Medical & Surgical Centers, Educational Facilities, Public Works, Retail, Office & Commercial Buildings, Apartments and Land Developments. M.S. Walker Companies includes; MSW A & E Services, Inc., MSW Construction Services, Inc., Walker Booth General Engineering, Inc., WW Pipe & Steel Fabrication, Inc., M.S. Walker & Associates, LLC, Western Realty Advisors, LP, and a pre-engineered metal building distributorship. Through our vertical integration staffing, we can completely control the critical paths of our projects. Our experience and professionalism have earned us an enviable reputation among corporate clients, developers, and public agencies that repeatedly select our company based on its leadership in design-build delivery and its consistent record of per- formance. This commitment to excellence is evident in the way we conduct our business in the Central Texas market as well as the Western region of the U.S.A. Gateway To FalconHead Business Centre Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  4. 4. M IS SI O N / VISI ON STAT E M E N T M .S. Walker Companies, Inc. is striving to become the Premier Design-Build Construction Service Firm in the Western United States that delivers the highest quality projects, on time, at competitive prices, resulting in client satisfaction, respect from competitors and vendors based upon the foundation of integrity, dependability, teamwork and total quality management by: • Providing professional services that exceed Client expectations. • Providing a quality work environment to attract, develop and retain top personnel. • Providing our Staff with the leading technology available to perform their tasks. • Building long-term relationships with our Clients by earning their trust and respect. • Achieving a fair profit in order to fund investments in our Staff, resources, and new initiatives The Total Solution to your Development, Construction, & Project Management Needs. Buck Owens Crystal Palace TOTA L PR O J E CT M A NAG E M E N T M .S. Walker Companies’ core services are Design-Build General Contracting, Construction Management, Real Estate Development, Architectural & Engineering, General Engineering and Structural Steel Fabrication and erection. If your project needs to use only one of our services, M.S. Walker Companies can deliver. However, our comprehensive services are best represented by our unique integrated delivery approach—which combines all of our core services, and more. We call it Total Project Management. Total Project Management from MSWC simplifies corporate project and facilities development. Unlike the old multiple-provider approach, an integrated in-house team manages the entire process, including up-front plan- ning services, design, construction and post-completion services. Better coordination of the project from start to finish means a higher quality facility. In addition, single responsibility means less of your management time orchestrating the efforts of separate firms.
  5. 5. DE SI G N BUILD DI VI SI O NS & SPE C I A LT IE S A s your design-builder, M.S. Walker Companies can as- sume full responsibility for the design and construction of your project. Utilizing our architectural, engineering and • • • Assisted Living Business Parks Hospitality – Hotels construction Staff, we can minimize design costs while pro- • Hospitality – Restaurants viding the quality design required insuring your objectives are • Industrial Parks met. Design-Build insures all the advantages of single source • Manufacturing Facilities responsibility. M.S. Walker can provide a lump sum contract • Medical Office for design and construction or if you prefer, we can con- • Medical Ambulatory Surgical Centers tract based on the cost of the work plus a pre-negotiated fee. • Medical Skilled Nursing Facilities Where appropriate, we can provide a guaranteed maximum • Medical Specialty Clinics cost at the onset, whereby you enjoy the benefits of both pri- • Mini-Storage Facilities or contractual methods. In any case, we provide continuous • Multifamily accounting of the cost of your project. Design-Build allows • Office & Office Parks continuous flexibility to modify the project to fit the needs • Religious Facilities of the owner. The only true formula for economical construc- • Retail tion is to provide only what you want, when you want it, at • Shopping Centers the lowest possible cost. • Tenant Improvements • Office • Single Source Responsibility Medical • Early Knowledge of Firm Price Commercial • Value Engineering Industrial • Time Savings/Dollar Savings Retail • Quality Enhancement • Reduced Administrative Burden • Improved Risk Management Deer Valley Business Centre Pegasus Business Centre Delta Business Centre Delta Business Centre Western Career College Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  6. 6. Filmore City Hall
  7. 7. M . S .W. C ONST RUCT I ON SE RVI C E S, IN C. M .S. Walker Construction Services, Inc. Staff has led in the construction and construction management of over 2000 proj- ects valued in excess of $1 billion dollars in the past 20 years of service. The construction and management of a project are determined early on when the decision is made as to the type of delivery method. M.S. Walker Construction Staff is trained in all of the delivery methods whether they are managing a traditional bid project, a design-build project, or if we are the con- struction managers for a project. Although each delivery method has substantial differences, our Staff is capable of managing each project with its individual delivery method and schedule. Through the integration of project managers, project engineers, estimators, superintendents and administration Staff we manage each individual project as required. Our Construction Staff uses the latest technological software to manage each project. By using this technology it enables the company to communicate and manage each project more efficiently. T E NA N T I M PR OVE M E N TS B y providing design and build-out services for all types of tenant improvements, our clients are insured a seamless process from completion of the building core and shell to opening day of their business. During construction, our commitment is to ensure that each suite is completed to the highest quality standards and delivered in a timely manner. Our extensive experience in medical, dental and surgical suites as well as general and professional office suites, allows us to provide a program designed to meet the needs of each client regarding space planning, construction and budgetary require- ments. M.S. Walker performs Tenant Improvement (TI) work with strict adherence to project time lines and specifications. We can perform any type of project from simple office space build-outs to demanding specialty projects in any sector. Our familiarity with various local codes and regulations and our expertise at project logistics ensure project completion on time, on budget and with a minimal disruption to ongoing business operations. M .S. Walker has competed in the tenant improvement business for close to 20 years and we have built an excellent reputa- tion for quality & performance. We have worked on virtually every type of investor, developer, or institutionally owned building in the market. Our project managers, administrative staff and field superintendents are prepared to provide you with construction services in any or all of the following areas: • Office Tenant Improvements • Commercial Tenant Improvements Acura of Bakersfield • Medical Tenant Improvements • Industrial Tenant Improvements • Retail Tenant Improvements Construction & CM Services • Pre-Construction Services • Constructability Reviews • Value Engineering Reviews • Construction Cost Estimates • Construction Scheduling • Construction Documentation • On-Site Construction Supervision • Bid Documentation & Management • Quality Control • Project Job Costing & Accounting • Certificates of Occupancy • Punchlist Coordination • Warranty Documentation & Management • Equipment - Furniture Procurement • Facility Training Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  8. 8. Poway Office Park
  9. 9. M.S.W. ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING SERVICES, INC. Architecture, Civil Engineering, Land Planning, Mapping & Surveying, Environmental, Entitlements CI VIL E N G IN E E R IN G PL A N N IN G & E N T IT LE M E N TS M .S. Walker A&E employs a fully equipped Staff of in-house licensed civil engineers and land surveyors. Wer Companies remember us for the facilitiesM.S.design hile many clients and prospective clients of we Walk- Our civil engineering department has over half a century and build, the services we provide before design and construc- of experience in all phases of land development ranging in tion set the stage to ensure an equally critical and lasting val- projects from a single family custom homes, to 12,000 acre ue. Our pre-design services include examination of all details master planned mixed use communities involving in excess and issues that affect facility performance, cost and future of 100 million cubic yards of earth movement, to commer- adaptability - all before a shovel hits the dirt. Whether you cial/industrial parks, large and small shopping centers, public consider our comprehensive package of pre-design services or and private educational and health care facilities, churches, choose to use our integrated total project management, you cemeteries and institutional work on the behalf of governing will find no better way to maximize your investment in proj- agencies. Our staff has extensive experience with hillside de- ect development. velopment and as such, has previously been retained by gov- erning agencies to provide assistance in the development of • General Plan Amendment (GPA) standards and regulations relative to hillside development. • Zone Change (ZC) • Conditional Use Permit (CUP) We offer survey services from ALTA surveys to construc- • Land & Building Acquisition Due Diligence tion staking. Our planners are experienced in providing a full • Alta Survey / Topographic Survey • Preliminary Title Policy/ range of preliminary services as well as entitlement processing. • Underlying Exceptions Review We also provide an array of public works design services for • Zoning Map Review roadways, sewer, water and storm drain systems, hydrology • Soils Reports / Geotechnical Report and hydraulic studies, and general value engineering analysis. • Environmental / Phase 1 & II Report Our step by step approach to the project provides the client • Utility Coordination & Will Serve Letters with constant project updates and coordination, thereby as- • Specific Plan/General Plan Map Review suring the level of communication vital to the success of any • Arborist / Tree Study project. • Archeological Studies • Biological Studies • Hydrology & Hydraulic Studies • Traffic Studies & Analysis • Retaining Walls • Planning Fee Analysis • Data Collection/Research/Plan Format • Building Permit Fee Analysis • Preliminary Engineering • Pre-Development Schedules & Costs • Street & Sewer Plans & Engineering • Upgrade/Reuse Feasibility & Costs • Storm Drain Plans & Engineering • Facility Condition Assessment • Drainage Studies • ADA Audits • Water Plans & Engineering • Phasing and Expansion • Traffic Signalization Plans & Engineering • Bypass Road Plans & Engineering • Environmental Impact Reports • Street Lighting Plans & Engineering • Entitlement Expediting & Applications • Rough Grading Plans & Engineering • Utility Applications • Precise Grading Plans & Engineering • Fee Calculations/Research/ Negotiation • Horizontal Control Plans & Engineering • Erosion Control Plans & Engineering • Opinion of Probable Cost (Quantity/Cost Est) Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  10. 10. Plaza Retail Center
  11. 11. A R CHIT E CT UR E M .S. Walker A&E Services Staff is prepared to take all of the information generated from planning & real estate develop- ment to provide a comprehensive set of construction documents. Our employees will provide the architectural pro- gramming, schematic design and preliminary engineering for your review. While your workforce is completing a review of the conceptual design, M.S. Walker Construction team will be completing the value engineering and constructability reviews. Therefore, when we receive your comments the Architectural personnel at M.S. Walker A&E Services will incorporate the comments generated by your organization. By integrating our architectural, engineering and construction divisions you will receive the full benefits of Design-Build Integration. Our Architectural, Engineering & Consulting Staff consists of licensed Architects, licensed Engineers & CADD Opera- tors. However, each project is unique so, we outsource portions of the design & engineering depending on the needs, scope and time line of each project. Our entire Architectural & Engineering division works off the latest version of architectural design and engineering software. Bahamas Medical • Schematic Design • Design Development • Construction Drawings • Structural Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Title 24 Energy Calculations • Specifications • Interior Design • Landscape Architecture • Contract Administration • Utility Coordination • TI’s & Remodels M A PPIN G & SURVEY IN G • Topographic Surveys • Architectural Surveys • ALTA Surveys • Lot Line Adjustment (LLA) • Tentative Tract/Parcel Map • Final Tract/Parcel Map • Easement Calculations Springhill Suites by Marriott • Legal Description Preparation • Parcel Merger • Commercial Condominium Plan • Residential Condominium Plan • Construction Staking E N VIR O NM E N TA L • SWPPP Plan • SWPPP Management • Storm Water Treatment Plan • Dust Control Plan • Indirect Source Review (ISR) Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  12. 12. Stone Oak Centre at Knights Cross
  13. 13. Plaza on Calloway M. S. WA L K E R & A SS O C I AT E S, L LC. W e have personally owned and developed more than $100 Million of New Development projects over the last five years and have an- other $100 Million+ in process . We understand real estate development. Our expertise starts long before design and construction, with our com- prehensive real estate services. Our consultants, brokers and development professionals have the unique advantage of working on an integrated team that includes pre-development, design and construction experts. Design, engineering, costing and constructability are considered from conception. The Plaza at Hageman This big-picture approach enables our development professionals to help you make better-informed decisions about site suitability, financing op- tions, regulatory and environmental compliance, project feasibility, maxi- mization of residual project value and minimization of current occupancy costs. In addition, it means faster documentation and transaction closings. If you are a developer of real estate, we can provide you complete acquisi- tion assistance, development feasibility, financial feasibility analysis, syn- dication services, financial & loan packaging, & back office development support services. Chuy’s Mesquite Broiler • Real Estate Development • Property Management • Asset Management • Debt and Equity Structured Finance Acquisition • Site Analysis, Selection & Acquisition • Facilities Management • Real Estate Joint Ventures FACILIT Y/PR OPE RT Y M A NAG E M E N T Del Taco U pon completion of the construction project, there is still a large scope of services to complete. Our design and construction Staff coordinates to complete the Certificates of Occupancy, creates and completes the final project punchlist, initiates the warranty format & policies and provides T.I. services as needed. Concurrently, M.S. Walker & Associates coordinates personnel training for equipment and machinery. If required M.S. Walker & Associates will coordinate all equipment, furniture, and fixture procure- ment, establish the landscape and other maintenance services required by the project. When project closeout is complete, M.S. Walker & Associates Chuy’s Mesquite Broiler will offer complete property management services or interim management between the project being completed and the retention of outside manage- ment services. • Certificates of Occupancy • Punchlist Coordination • Warranty Documentation & Management • Equipment - Furniture Procurement • Landscape Maintenance Services Panera Bread • Facility Training • Property Management • Tenant Improvement Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  14. 14. Meridian Office Park
  15. 15. WE ST E R N R E A LT Y A DVI S O R S, L P W hether you’re a hotel chain, investor, owner or franchisee, you strive to enhance your investments and procedures in an industry that gets more competitive every day. And real estate is at the heart of it all. M.S. Walker Companies’ Real Estate Division is uniquely positioned to provide the advice and services required through our expertise as a builder, developer and owner of hotels as well as our networking with leading commercial brokers throughout the western United States. Our clients look to us for advice and execution on everything from site acquisition, valuations and financing advice to asset management, market and feasibility studies, operator selection to hotel investment sales. Our clients span the hospitality spectrum from luxury single assets and portfolio owner/operators to select and/or limited service and budget hotels. We are continually challenged, trusted and engaged to deliver integrated services, helping our clients to achieve continuous success in an increasingly complicated and transforming world. • Brokerage Services–Agency Representation Consulting • Tenant Representation • Investment Sales and Acquisition • Real Estate Consulting • Investment Management • Transaction Management Olive Drive Retail Center Riverlakes Professional Plaza Deer Valley Office Complex Redhawk Office Complex Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  16. 16. Bahamas Medical Center Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  17. 17. WA L K E R B O OT H G E N E R A L E N G IN E E R IN G , IN C. W ith over twenty years of experience in the commercial concrete industry and concrete tilt-up structures, WB General Engineering, Inc. delivers your project in a timely manner with professionalism and expert knowledge on each project. WB General Engineering, Inc. specializes in commercial site and structural concrete work ranging from 5,000 to 500,000 sq. ft. in size. Our employees play the major role in our success. The key personnel in the organization have worked together for more than a decade. We strive to provide a hands on approach to each and every client. Large or small, each job is given the same amount of care and consideration. General Engineering • Demolition • Clear & Grub • Grading • Compaction • Fine Grading • Base & Paving Concrete • Structural Concrete • Placement & Finishing • Foundations • Tilt Up Structures • Parking Structures • On & Off Site Concrete • Poured In Place Walls • Inlet & Outlet Structures • Catch Basins • Sack & Patch
  18. 18. MD Manufacturing Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  19. 19. WW PIPE & ST E E L FA B R I C AT I O N , IN C. Structural Steel Fabrication, & Erection • Steel Columns • Wide Flange Beams (cambering available in house) • Joist & Deck (panelized roofing available reducing the starting time before other trades can commence phases) • Embeds • Structural Steel Shop Drawing & Detailing • Stair systems both straight & curved • Steel Moment frames, store front frames, & retrofit frames in existing structures for new openings • Rolled Pieces - Wide Flange, Tube Steel, Channel Iron, Angle Iron & Pipe • Steel Ledgers • Reinforcing Bars • Shop & Field Welding • Crane Work • Los Angeles City Approved Fabrication Shop Miscellaneous • Hand & Guard Rails from steel or stainless steel. Most wall & grab rails can be made without miter or angle welds • Ladders trash gates & bollards • Trellis Pergola & decorative items • Pool fences & various decorative fences, & gates
  20. 20. La Bellasera Hotel & Suites Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  21. 21. ABOUT OUR PROJECTS M .S. Walker Companies Inc. has a com- bined 70+ Years of design, development, management and construction for the industry. The M.S. Walker Staff has led in the construc- tion of over 2000 projects valued in excess of $1 billion including apartments, land develop- ments, hotels, restaurants, industrial facilities, medical facilities, commercial facilities, business parks, professional office parks, schools, jails, municipal centers, and utility projects. • Assisted Living • Business Parks • Hospitality – Hotels • Hospitality – Restaurants • Industrial Parks • Manufacturing Facilities • Medical Office • Medical Ambulatory Surgical Centers • Medical Skilled Nursing Facilities • Medical Specialty Clinics • Mini-Storage Facilities • Multifamily • Office & Office Parks • Religious Facilities • Retail • Shopping Centers • Tenant Improvements • Office Medical Commercial Industrial Retail
  22. 22. Holiday Inn & Suites Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n
  23. 23. STAT E S O F O PE R AT I ON A N D PA RT I A L LIST O F S AT ISF IE D CLIE N TS CALIFORNIA - ARIZONA - TEXAS • Allied Development • Hillman Fastener • State Farm Insurance • ARB Inc. • Hopper Properties • Star West Enterprises • Bell South • Housing Authority County of Kern • Sorensen Medical Group • Brown Waits & Armstrong • Instant Storage • South Valley Developers • Bolthouse Farms • Interdent, Inc • Subway • Buck Owens Productions • Jaco Oil • Southwest Surgical Center • CALVIR Taco, LLC. • Kern Community College District • Supercuts • Castle & Cooke Inc. • Meridian Property Company • Surgical Center of Amador • Celeron / All American Pipeline • Mobil Oil • Surgical Center of Ahwatukee • CenterCal Properties • Nestle Inc. • Surgical Center of Casa Grande • City of Bakersfield Public Works • National Health Services • Surgical Center of Davis • City of Bakersfield Fire Department • NMA Hospitality • Surgical Center of Folsom • City of Fillmore • North Bakersfield Recreation & Parks • Surgical Center of El Dorado • Chuy’s / Baja Broiler • OTO Delevopment, LLC. • Surgical Center of Grass Valley • Clifford Companies • Pacific Bell • Surgical Center of Pleasanton • Clinicas del Camino Real • Pacific Coast Surgical Centers • Surgical Center of Porterville • Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center • Pacific West Property Services • Surgical Center of Redding • Corvette, LLC • Palmentto Hospitaty of Chino Hills • Surgical Center of Roseville • County of Kern • Panama Buena Vista School District • Surgical Center of Salinas • Crystal Palace • Panama 99 Properties • Surgical Center of Simi Valley • CW Equities, LLC • Panda Palace • Surgical Center of Tehachapi • Delano Regional Medical Center • Payless Shoe Source • Surgical Center of Tracy • Del Taco Corporate • Pavia Properties • Surgical Center of Truckee • Dole • Petco • The STG Group • Fed-Ex • Pizza Hut / California Pizza LLC • Triangle Surgical Centers • Five Star Hospitality • Pizza Hut / Fugate Enterprises • Texaco • Food 4 Less / Fleming Foods • Pizza Hut • Victoria Development • Forum Capital, LLC. • RG Sloane • VP Properties • Golden Empire Transit • Santa Maria High School District • Wasco Unified School District • GVH - Bill Sidhu • Seabury Lancaster • West Hills Community College District • Grand Shangrila International • Seashore Capital Group, LLC • Yeh Family - Candlewood Suites • Hardwood Floor Company • Selecta Switch, Inc. • Hillcrest Mini Storage • Shepard Eye Center Y o u r To t a l P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n CALIFORNIA TEXAS 3551 Pegasus Drive Bakersfield, California 93308 300 Beardsley Lane Bldg. D Ste. 210 Phone (661) 399-3800 ~ Fax (661) 399-5800 Austin, Texas 78746 1-866-MSWALKER (679-2553) Phone (512) 794-3800 ~ Fax (512) 794-3801 California License #580574 ~ Arizona License #166479 info@mswalkerinc.com ~ www.mswalkerinc.com