Filming at first location


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Filming at first location

  1. 1. Filming our Music Video – Location 1
  2. 2. First location – My House Actors involved for this day of filming include: Ex-girlfriend = Jodi Sampson Drunken/alcoholic boyfriend = Ashley Diamond
  3. 3. Ex-girlfriends new partner = Edan Lawson
  4. 4.  We started out by creating the scene of what we named the ‘drug den’  We collected lots of empty alcohol bottles, empty cigarette packets and empty wrappers and placed them on the couch and on the floor around Ashley  We bought an ashtray and burnt paper into it to make it look like ash, and then we placed cigarette butts into the ashtray  We placed all of these props on the couch, coffee table and the floor to make it look like he has been drinking a lot in on that couch, and that is why he is drunk and passed out Creating the Mis-en-Scene
  5. 5. Filming the opening scene  We placed Ashley at my kitchen room table, with a framed picture of myself (his ex-girlfriend), a vodka bottle and a glass of vodka  We placed the dolly behind his chair and filmed a few ‘over- the-shoulder’ shots to try create the effect of Ashley’s POV  We tried to subtly introduce the problem with alcohol that Ashley’s character has  We used the red-head light here to show a focus on his choice between his ex-girlfriend and his alcohol problems
  6. 6. Filming Ashley’s Drunk Scenes  We placed Ashley on the couch, surrounded by empty bottles of alcohol  We used a variety of angles to shoot him, many high angles to create a sense of powerlessness, weakness and inferiority  We turned off the main lights and used red head lights to help try create an intense, sombre, dark mood to these shots  Some of the shots used we shone the red-head the right- hand side of his face, which created a silhouette of him on the wall beside him, which is a common feature in Film Noir films
  7. 7. Filming the girlfriend discovering drunken Ashley  We experimented with this scene and shot it over quite a few times  We tried a hand-held shot with me (the girlfriend) holding the camera filming my feet walking, and then a POV shot finding Ashley passed out on the couch  We also tried putting the camera on the dolly and filming the scene from behind the couch of me walking in, discovering passed out Ashley, picking up empty bottles analyzing them and then throwing them at Ashley and then crying on the couch next to him
  8. 8. Some pictures from filming at our first location…