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Bwm content product description v2

  1. 1. Blue Wave’s ContentSyndication andMonetization SolutionEnd to End Content Syndication and Monetization for Your Valuable MediaBlue Wave Media’s Syndication and Monetization Platform is a comprehensive, easy to use, massivelyscalable solution which empowers your organization to deliver rich content to Internet-connecteddevices easily, affordably, and with minimal overhead. From application development to cloud storageand delivery, we have simplified the game. Start a new revenue stream for your content today.
  2. 2. Content Syndication and Monetization Solution Blue Wave’s Content Syndication and Monetization Solution sets a new standard for simplicity, management, reporting, and monetization. We’ve raised the bar…again.Blue Wave Media’s Content Syndication and Monetization Solution is a unique offering whichgets your valuable content to IP-connected devices worldwide simply, affordably, and withminimal management overhead. By supporting multiple monetization options, how you chooseto make money with your content is entirely up to you. Whether delivering to mobile devices,laptops, or IPTVs, if it’s connected to the Internet, we can get your content to it.Blue Wave collaborated with content partners, vendors, studios, and OEM solution providers tosolve the challenges associated with rich media content delivery. We offer a single-sourceportal through which we are able to build your application, publish your content, and monetizeit – all from a single, easy to use interface. Our advanced suite of tools allows you to watchyour content statistics, monitor performance, and change monetization options rapidly tomaximize your earnings and fully exploit your content.Blue Wave is a company founded on unwavering principles, strong work ethics, and dedicationto our clients. Outstanding customer support is what we’re all about.Copyright © 2012 Blue Wave Media, Inc. September 18, 2012All rights reserved. Page 1 of 6
  3. 3. Content Syndication and Monetization SolutionApplication DevelopmentIt all begins with application development. Blue Wave’s team of outstanding app design specialists willwork with you to design a captivating, intuitive application. Your app is the first thing your end users willsee, and we believe in “best foot forward” mentality. Working together with you, our designs typicallyintegrate artwork and concepts ofyour choosing, along with tried andtrue design guidelines and best Our app designers arepractices to create a stellar revenue-generating app. experts at integrating the creative with the functional.Not only will your app be built to yourspecifications, it will be on all relevantplatforms from day one. Ouradvanced design tools let us build anapp and deploy it to multipleplatforms with a single click. Thisamounts to continuity betweenplatforms. No longer will your IOSlook different from your Android app.Plus, our advanced ContentManagement Solution provides single-source feeds for your content. This means the applicationstructure, data, images, and actual media are all identical in appearance across platforms. This is key toprotecting your valuable brand and maintaining consistency across the marketplace. Should you chooseto add additional content (we have an interface which allows you to do just that) or move/changeexisting content or structure, you can rest assured you change it in ONE place and it is reflected in allpublished platforms. We offer single-point management of your rich content – without writing a singleline of code – AND without requiring republication of your app. That’s brilliant. That’s Blue Wave.We also offer all relevant social media integration, along with a plethora of other engagement optionsto build loyalty and spread the word about your content.Media DeliveryOur delivery solution makes digital media delivery simple to implement and provides massive scalability.Our Publish Once, Play Anywhere embedded technology allows you to upload content once, transcode it once, and deliver it to any IP-connected device via its native player…all from a single URL. We support subscription, download to own, ad-supported, and other less-common monetization models, as well as hybrid models which leverage two or more monetization methods to maximize your profit and most effectively engage your target market.Copyright © 2012 Blue Wave Media, Inc. September 18, 2012All rights reserved. Page 2 of 6
  4. 4. Content Syndication and Monetization SolutionStorageBlue Wave dug in and assessed EVERY component required to effect quality media delivery. Along withassessing delivery methods, we had to analyze other ancillary services which support our clients’ needs.Once media is transcoded to our delivery service and ready for consumption, it is effectively “in thecloud”; however, many of our clients lack centralized,redundant storage of their valuable media assets. WithBlue Wave’s Solution, you will enjoy not only “stored fordelivery” services, but general storage in a separateinstance of our cloud as well. Our primary storagesolution stores your files “as uploaded” prior totranscoding. A copy of your raw media is stored securelyand ready for transcoding. How many applicationdevelopment and deployment services offer this type ofconvenience, reliability, ease of use and management?We maintain your media “as-is” prior to submission fortranscoding. Think of it as an off-site backup. Youmanage your uploads and storage, or we can do it foryou. Putting your media library in our cloud makes it Storage security extends beyond theft. Brandreadily available for transcoding while eliminating the integrity, reputation, and business continuitycost and complexity of constant capacity planning, are all factors in choosing a management, and upgrades to your existingstorage systems. Whether ripping DVDs or uploading from your PC, know that your media will be safe inthe cloud. If your intent is to use Blue Wave’s Cloud storage as a primary media storage solution, checkwith our technical sales staff to explore security, redundancy, and availability options.Content Management and DeliveryOur Content Delivery Network (CDN) layer integrates the largest delivery network on the planet –comprised of over 100,000 globally distributed servers – to ensure your content is delivered effectively, efficiently, and with the quality you expect. Network latency, congestion, and packet loss can have a dramatic impact on media delivery. By leveraging thousands of edge servers, content is served “more locally” and the delivery infrastructure is dynamically managed to compensate for high- traffic hot spots and failures. Stuttering video and failures to load can quickly spell the end of any application and harm your brand, regardless of appearance or content quality. Our uncompromising delivery solutionensures your rich content is delivered with optimal quality and performance under all circumstances.Reach, scale, and availability are all important features every CDN should offer. Our CDN is specificallyoptimized for media content and reaches and scales based on intelligent balancing and delivery.Copyright © 2012 Blue Wave Media, Inc. September 18, 2012All rights reserved. Page 3 of 6
  5. 5. Content Syndication and Monetization SolutionMonetizationWhether you’re monetizing content or promoting additional products or services, our Platform allowsdynamic ad insertion anywhere in the stream on the fly. Blue Wave’s solution also supports thecontinually expanding UltraViolet services whichprovide access to premium content via any device.It’s not enough to just publish content – maximizingprofit and establishing a solid revenue model isimportant to the ongoing success of your brand andimproving your bottom line.Download to own, subscriptions, and pay per viewmodels are also supported. Use the respective Choose monetization options suited to yourstores’ methodology of handling those events, or application objectives. Blue Wave’s Platformrefer to an external site of your own – we support supports all major monetization options.virtually all relevant monetization models and offer afull-featured integrated paywall as part of our integrated solution. Our expert analysts can assist inevaluating your content and choosing realistic, real-world monetization models which best support yourgoals.Blue Wave applications are currently streaming rich content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to over 200countries on over 400 different devices.Reporting and MonitoringApplication performance is an important part of assessing campaigns and impact of a given application.Our reporting solution offers deep insight into revenue generation, geographical and demographicalstatistics, application performance, and user engagement. It’s not enough toknow how many people downloaded your app. You should know how manycontinue to use it, how many don’t, and why.Server-side insight allows you to change strategy on the fly, and our advancedreporting tools allow you to see exactly what is happening at any given time.Knowing how an application is performing across multiple platforms gives you acompetitive edge in the connected device market and gives you the power to change a campaign orcontent on the fly to accommodate strategic changes and the evolving connected device marketplace.Flexibility is an important part of any reporting solution. Blue Wave offers powerful tools to provideyour organization with deep insight, and all data is exportable to your own management and financialsystems. Use our built-in tools to extract the data with the parameters and format of your choosing.Copyright © 2012 Blue Wave Media, Inc. September 18, 2012All rights reserved. Page 4 of 6
  6. 6. Content Syndication and Monetization SolutionContent IngestionWhere content is already accessible on client servers, the Blue Wave platform can easily and quicklyingest it for distribution. This allows ready content management and updates with single point publishing to all mobile and IPTV platforms. Content may be ingested from remote locations and quickly transcoded to the media delivery platform for immediate distribution and monetization. For clients with stand-alone content (MP4, DVD masters, et al), the Blue Wave Media platform provides an easy to use web interface for uploading and managing client content. Content can also be pre-loaded for future distribution and activated at a laterdate. The Content Ingestion engine is also equipped with a robust batch upload utility capable ofingesting entire libraries automatically.PricingBlue Wave’s Platform is licensed to clients via usage-based and revenue sharing models. Fees for usage-based agreements fall into three simple categories: Storage, transcoding, and streaming. For mostclients, the primary expense is streaming/platform usage. As usage increases, per-hour costs decreaseon a fixed schedule. Blue Wave leverages its economy of scale attained by aggregation of clients andcontent partners to reduce costs. As a result, we offer superiorservice at extremely competitive pricing – all on one invoice –with one phone number to call when you need assistance orhave general questions. No finger-pointing, no blaming. If thereis a problem, we handle it.Revenue sharing models leverage advertising revenue to supportapplication distribution and content streaming. Generally, BlueWave will publish the app and retain a share of advertisingearnings, passing along the remainder to your organization.Each contract comes with an attached Fee Schedule whichoutlines ALL fees and costs associated with doing business withBlue Wave. There are never any hidden charges or gimmicks. Blue Wave treats clients asOur pricing model was designed similarly to the rest of our partners, constantly solicitingplatform – based on input and recommendations from our input and feedback to ensure ourcontent, studio, and OEM partners. As part of the Blue Wave solution meets tomorrow’sclient group, your organization will have direct access to our needs today.development group and be a part of the future of our Platform’sevolution. We view clients as partners and continually strive to build the necessary tools andfunctionality to stay ahead in this very competitive marketplace.Copyright © 2012 Blue Wave Media, Inc. September 18, 2012All rights reserved. Page 5 of 6
  7. 7. Content Syndication and Monetization SolutionSummaryBlue Wave’s Platform allows content owners of any size to rapidly and inexpensively get their contentinto the hands of consumers and start earning revenue. Our flexible pricing models put control of yourmobile strategy completely in your hands. We have brought best-of-breed technologies under onecommon umbrella and leveraged our economy of scale to provide excellent pricing and outstandingcustomer service. We are first and foremost a delivery solution – facilitating direct to consumerendeavors and outstanding media experiences around the world.Blue Wave eliminates the need to engage and contract individually with providers of: storage,transcoding, streaming, ad serving, reporting, application development, analytics, and content delivery.Blue Wave offers you one point of contact and outstanding customer support.Contact Information (800) 732-1495 Main sales@blue-wavemedia.comCopyright © 2012 Blue Wave Media, Inc. September 18, 2012All rights reserved. Page 6 of 6