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One of our great judges is the co-owner and coach at Cheer Force One in Pataskala. She wanted to share the information for their half season competition teams with all of you! If you are interested you will need to move quickly as tryouts are this coming Saturday Nov 9th from 3:30-5pm. If you have questions call Kellie DeBellis at 614-361-9622 or email cf1office@ymail.com.

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2013 14 half-season packet-1

  1. 1. 2013 – 2014 Half-Season Tryout Packet Owners: Kellie DeBellis, Debi Burnette Billing/Parent Portal: Monica Marcum Parent Booster President: Patty Morrison For Information Contact: cf1office@ymail.com Billing: monica.cf1cheer@gmail.com Website: www.cheerforce1.com
  2. 2. Dear Cheer Force One All-Star Athletes and Parents, Thank you for your interest in the Cheer Force One All-Star cheerleading program. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new families who are looking to join our All-Star program for the first time and welcome back our veteran families! We encourage you to read through this packet thoroughly as it will give insight about what to expect during tryouts as well as what to expect throughout the season. Our veteran families should also read through this packet as it explains our policies this season. If you have questions, please ask! We are happy to help and can also put you in contact with our veteran families that can help answer some questions too. Cheer Force One All-Star Mission Statement – Our mission at Cheer Force One is to enrich the lives of the children and their families through the sport of competitive cheerleading. Our goal is to teach our athletes the value of commitment, hard work, integrity, leadership, selfconfidence, positive attitude and a love for the sport of competitive cheerleading. Each and every family is important to us and our program! You will not get lost in a crowd or feel like just another number. At Cheer Force One, WE ARE A FAMILY! We would like to remind you of the importance of reading through this packet in its entirety. Enclosed is a list of expectations for both students and parents, a breakdown of financial obligations as well as forms that must be signed and returned before your athlete may begin the tryout process. We thank you again for your interest in the Cheer Force One All-Star program and hope you find the enclosed information helpful and informative. We would be happy to help with any additional questions you may have. You may contact us at 614-361-9622 or email cf1office@ymail.com. Good Luck and we will see you at tryouts! Thank You, The Cheer Force One Staff
  3. 3. GENERAL TRYOUT INFORMATION At Cheer Force One, you try out for the CF1 program, not a specific team. This year there will be new teams and changes to our existing teams, in terms of skill requirements, practice schedules and competition divisions. There are NO pre-defined teams and competition divisions will not be decided until after tryouts and teams are formed. We are going to form the best possible teams based on the overall talent, not on current team rosters. All teams at Cheer Force One are built based upon placing each team in a position to score as high as possible in competition. Each team must be able to stunt, jump, tumble, dance, etc. at a level that will enable them to maximize the score sheet. Please trust the CF1 staff to build teams that will be successful in the competition arena. Our focus is to build the strongest teams possible and to make sure each athlete is placed on a team where they can excel and have a positive experience. There are so many sides to designing a winning gym and teams that we appreciate your confidence in our knowledge and experience. The Cheer Force One coaches are confident in the placement of our athletes. The best interest of our athletes comes first at CF1. If you have any concerns about the placement of YOUR athlete, you may communicate them to the coaches via email. Cheer Force One will provide a practice atmosphere at tryouts. Each athlete will be judged on the following skills, motions, jumps, standing tumbling, and running tumbling. Cheerleaders’ skills will be assessed and they will be placed on a team accordingly. Team levels are determined by the skill level of the majority of the team. Levels are decided by the coaching staff and may change throughout the season. ** Please note – No parents will be permitted in the gym area during tryouts. Cheer Force One reserves the right to evaluate all cheerleaders on their previous years of participation. Attendance, attitude, conduct and skills are just some of the areas that will be looked at. All current CF1 athletes must attend tryouts to be considered for placement on a team. The gym may add cheerleaders during the season. Individuals that are added after the season starts must have the equivalent skills for the team where they are placed. Note: Age is a huge consideration when placing athletes on teams. It is our policy that all athletes participate first on the team they are placed on at tryouts, and second, may be chosen to cross-over. A Cross-over is an athlete that participates in more than one team but no more than a total of three teams. Some athletes may volunteer for or be asked to participate on multiple teams based upon several factors. A few of those factors are: skills, their consistency and safety, maturity and availability. Ultimately the decision is at the discretion of the CF1
  4. 4. Coaching Staff. All Coaching Staffs’ decisions are made in the best interest of the program as a whole and are final. Tryout evaluations dates and times The same motion and jump sequences will be taught at each clinic. Tryout packet and registration fee must be turned in prior to attending tryouts. Cheerleaders will be asked to perform the motion and jump sequence at tryouts. Cheerleaders will also perform tumbling at tryouts. Half-Season Team Tryouts Saturday, November 9th, 2013 – 3:30 – 5:00 pm CHECKLIST FOR TRYOUTS All Forms must be completed and turned in prior to the day of the clinics! ____ All-Stars Team Registration Form ____ Phone Directory/Emergency Contact Form ____Tryout Fee: $25 ____ Waiver and Agreement to Terms and Conditions ____ Member & Parent Contract ____ Recruiting Form (optional) All forms must be completed and returned along with your tryout fee. Your child’s birth certificate will need to be uploaded onto USASF at a later date if you are new to the program.
  5. 5. FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS All Star cheerleading requires a substantial financial commitment from each family. The following cost expectations have been carefully put together as an estimate of costs for the 2013-2014 season. Please carefully consider the financial commitment you are making. Please note that the expenses do not include travel and lodging to out-of-town competitions. Monthly tuition is due each month on the 1st and considered late after the 15th. Additionally, All Stars will be required to pay additional fees as outlined in the price list below. It is the responsibility of the parents to stay on top of payments and not fall behind. Any athlete with a balance on the 15th of the month will be required to sit out until the account is made current. Excessive tardiness of payment will result in removal of the athlete from the program. If the athlete is removed due to failure to keep his/her account current, no refunds will be issued for any previously paid fees. Any account with a balance remaining after the 15th of the month will be charged a $25 late fee. A $25 fee will be charged on all returned checks. DISCOUNTS - Monthly tuition for families with multiple athletes on All Star teams will be discounted as follows: A $15.00/month sibling discount will be awarded for the second child of a family participating with Cheer Force One. All other fees will apply per athlete.
  6. 6. FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS EXPENSE Tryout Fee AMOUNT $25.00 DUE DATE Prior to team placement Monthly Tuition $55.00 Level 1 & 2 Teams Monthly Tumbling (OPTIONAL but strongly encouraged) Coaches Fee Choreography & Music This covers the cost of custom music & choreographer fees. Competition Uniform Hair Bow Competition Fees $25.00 level 1 and 2 1 of each month~ will begin in November and end in March st 1 of each month~ will begin in November and end in March Make-up Practice Wear $15.00 Each athlete will be provided with a CF1 shirt. Shoes Each athlete is expected to wear clean, white tennis shoes to all practices and competitions. These shoes are to ONLY be worn inside. WAIVED Booster Fee Extra Costs st $15.00 $25.00 December 1, 2013 December 1, 2013 $125.00 estimate $20.00 $80.00 December 15, 2013 January 1, 2014 ½ due on January 1, 2014 ½ due on February 1, 2014 January 15, 2014 Everyone is expected to wear CF1 tshirt, black or grey shorts and noshow white socks to practice. ** Competition fees are estimated. Half-season team(s) will only compete at two competitions. We will have multiple fundraisers to help offset costs! Please make sure all payments are labeled with athlete’s name and a reference of what the payment is for. If you have any questions regarding your account, please email Monica at monica.cf1cheer@gmail.com. There may be additional fees throughout the season for miscellaneous items such as t-shirts, warm-ups, USASF membership, etc.
  7. 7. PRACTICE Half-season team(s) will practice on either Saturday or Sunday for 2-3 hours. Practice time(s), day(s) and length(s) will be determined by the half-season director and owners post tryouts. Athletes and families will be notified of practice days and times within 48 hours of tryouts. Please note that there may be added practices at the discretion of the coaching staff. Practice wear is a requirement. This would include the required shirt or sports bra(if applicable), black or grey shorts, no show socks, and clean, white tennis shoes. All Star team practices are closed. Parents will have the opportunity at certain times during the season to observe what the teams are working on – these times will be determined by the coaches. At Cheer Force One we offer stunting and tumbling for levels for 1-5. We do not allow athletes to train at any other facilities while at Cheer Force One. We also do not allow advertisement or representation for any other gym. This includes but not limited to wearing other gyms apparel. Failure to follow these rules will result in removal from our program. Our attendance policy is as follows: You are expected to attend all practices, exhibitions, and competitions as a team. Our routines are coordinated around every team member. Therefore, one member’s absence has a negative impact on all other team members. Be prepared to rearrange your schedule as needed; however, we will try to maintain a routine schedule in order for you to be able to make advance personal plans. Although there are no excused absences for competition, if you are going to be absent during a practice night it must be preapproved. Three missed unexcused practices will be an immediate suspension or dismissal from the team/program. One missed competition will be immediate suspension or dismissal from the team/ program. Failure to pay fees will result in the athlete sitting our until fees are current and/ or dismissal from the team/program.
  8. 8. PARENT/CHEERLEADER CODE OF CONDUCT  If you ever have a problem, with anything, please do not hesitate to contact the gym, your coach, or the owners. We are here for YOU.  Please feel free to talk to your coach about anything; just remember to do it at the appropriate times. For example, approaching a coach in the middle of a practice would not be an appropriate time. Respect the coach’s personal time and the gym schedule. If you need to discuss your cheerleader with the coach, please leave them a note or send an email to set up a meeting time.  If a problem arises between you and a team mate or another parent, the problem will be addressed with all parties involved at a meeting with your coach and the owners.  It is your responsibility to wear the appropriate practice wear to every practice.  Any additional clothing items (sweats, long pants, etc.), cell phones, school bags, or gym bags must be taken into the gym and stored in the cubbies. Cell phones must be turned off when practice starts.  Please do not take valuables to the gym; we are not responsible for unattended items.  All cheerleaders are expected to put 100% effort into each practice and competition. Less than that effort affects the total team and based on coach’s discretion, and consequences may be applied.  You must arrive at all practices, competitions or any scheduled event on time. Punctuality is a MUST.  Practices may be changed or added at any time during the season.  During practice all squad and routine decisions are left to the discretion of the coaches.  NO GOSSIP about any other teams (All-Star or school), NO GOSSIP about a child on your team or another team. NO GOSSIP about coaches and staff. It is much better to address a problem than to participate in idle gossip.  Never post any negative comments on any websites or chat rooms.
  9. 9.  No one is allowed to post CF1 all-star music, choreography, routines, stunts, etc. on any websites. This includes, but is not limited to “My Space”, “Face Book”, “YouTube”, etc.  Any use of the CF1 logo needs to be approved. No selling CF1 pictures, videos, and merchandise for your own profit unless approved by Debi or Kellie.  Anonymous emails/letters/texts/twitters, etc. will be ignored.  Every year we go through losses and additions of team members. The dismissal/addition of a team member is solely the coach’s decision.  Anyone threatening to quit or to pull their child from a squad will be dismissed from the program immediately.  Withholding a child from a practice or a competition should never be used as a form of punishment.  It is the parent’s responsibility to know what is going on with your squad. Check your emails and the website regularly.  Athletes should be able to handle school work and All-star practices, homework is not an acceptable excuse for missing practice.  Parents, relatives, friends and cheerleaders are never allowed to speak with competition officials or judges for any reason.  Parents are never allowed to represent CF1 under any circumstances concerning accommodations, competitions or any other situation.  There will be no arguing or questioning of the coaching staff ’s decisions at competitions.  No smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of drugs. This can warrant immediate dismissal from the squad.  No profanity or abusive language.  Challenging the authority of the coach or any person in charge by a student or parent will be an automatic dismissal from the team.  All CF1 cheerleaders and CF1 family/friends will show good sportsmanship at all times.  The Owners may change, add or subtract any rule at any time.
  10. 10. EXPLANATION OF USASF LEVELS 2013 All teams at Cheer Force One are structured based on USASF (United States All Star Federation) rules, guidelines and age requirements. Please see www.usasf.net for the full list of rules. Many people are unaware of these rules and we would like to keep you informed of how we will select our teams for the upcoming 2012-2013 season. Teams will be selected based on tumbling ability, age, and stunting position. (Ages based on age as of August 31, 2013) Senior: 18 yrs. and younger* Junior: 14 yrs. and younger Youth: 11 yrs. and younger Mini: 8 yrs. and younger Tiny: 5 yrs. and younger The USASF has issued new regulations for the 2012-13 season regarding the ages guidelines. They have placed a minimum age on Senior teams. For Levels 1-4, the minimum age is 10, and for Senior Level 5, the minimum age is 12. PLEASE NOTE: ability to execute these skills will not always guarantee or prevent you from being placed on a specific level team. Remember, cheerleading is a TEAM sport. Placements are made to make each Cheer Force One team the best they can be! If a candidate demonstrates an exceptional strength in another area besides tumbling, like jumps, dancing, basing, back spotting or flying, they may be placed on a squad that is higher than their individual tumbling skills. On the other hand, simply having the necessary tumbling skills does not mean that a candidate will automatically make that level. We are looking for well-rounded athletes with a strong work ethic and tumbling skills that are clean and consistent, especially at the higher levels. If a candidate demonstrates a weakness in a specific skill area, demonstrates a low work ethic, or has a history of missing classes or practices due to outside conflicts, they may be placed on a team lower than their tumbling skill level. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that all ability levels will be available for all ages. The creation of squads at specific skill and age levels will be determined based on the demographics of the athletes. Level 1 Standing Tumbling: (Cartwheel, round-off required, prefer back walkover) Running Tumbling: (Cartwheel, round-off required, prefer back walkover) Jumps: One toe touch Stunts: Prep level stunts and below.
  11. 11. Level 2 Standing Tumbling: Standing back handspring Running Tumbling: Round-off back handspring and/or series back handsprings Jumps: One toe touch, pike (not connected) Stunts: Extended two-legged stunts and prep level single-legged stunts. Intermediate flexibility for climbers Level 3 Standing Tumbling: Series standing back handsprings Running Tumbling: Round-off back handspring tuck and/or round-off back tuck Jumps: Double toe touch and/or connected jump sequence Stunts: Extended single legged stunts. Advanced/Elite flexibility for climbers Level 4 Standing Tumbling: Standing back tuck and/or standing back handspring tuck Running Tumbling: Round-off handspring layout and/or specialty pass to tuck Jumps: Triple connected jump sequence Stunts: Extended single legged stunts. Elite flexibility and double downs for climbers. Level 5 Standing Tumbling: Standing full or standing pass with a full Running Tumbling: Running Pass with a Full or Double Full Jumps: Triple Toe Back Tuck Stunts: Full Up to Elite Level Stunt with Double Down; Kick Double Basket
  12. 12. Age as of August 31, 2013 _____________ 2013-2014 All-Stars Team Registration Athlete Name: __________________________________________ Date of Birth: ______________ Athlete Email: __________________________________________ Athlete Cell: (___)___________ Address: _____________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ______________ Mother Name: _________________________________________ Mother Cell: (___)____________ Father Name: _________________________________________ Father Cell: (___)_____________ Current School: __________________________________ _____ Home Phone: (___)____________ Grade for 2013-2014 Year: _____________ Do you accept incoming text: Y or N Parent E-mail ~Important Updates: _______________________________________________________ How Did You Hear About Us? ___________________________ Put an “X” next to the skills you currently have. This does not determine your team placement. Tumbling Tosses (flyers only) __ Lv-1 (no Back Handspring) __Lv-2 (straight up extension) __Lv-2 (Back Handspring) __Lv-3 (Full Twisting __Lv-3 (Back Tuck) Straight Ride) __Lv-4 (Layout or __Lv-4 (Kick Full) Standing Tuck __Lv-5 (Kick Full Double) __Lv-5 (Full or Double) Are you interested in competing on two teams? YES NO Jumps __ Tuck __ Toe Touch __Hurdler __Pike __ Combination Stunting __Base __Flyer __Front/Back Spot Previous Cheer Experience/ Team? ______________________________________________ (You can list NONE – It’s OK!! We have a team for you!!) Please circle T-shirt Size: T-shirt: Youth S Youth M Youth L Youth XL Adult XS Adult S Adult M Adult L
  13. 13. WAIVER AND AGREEMENT TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS I, the undersigned, parent/guardian of, ______________________________, understand that participating in any activities at Cheer Force One or any other affiliated events with Cheer Force One, comes with certain degree of risk of injuries to the athlete. I agree to assume all risk and hereby release Cheer Force One and any of its owners, employers, employees, or volunteers from any and all liabilities. I understand that all medical expenses are sole responsibility of the athlete or the athlete’s family. Cheer Force One expects all athletes to carry their own medical insurance, which is not provided by Cheer Force One. I also give permission to Cheer Force One and any other affiliated approved third parties the right to film, photograph, alter photographs or videotape the athlete. I give Cheer Force One all rights to use any videotapes, photographs, and/or publications of the athlete in any promotional usage and/or any other means, without compensation. MEDICAL RELEASE I hereby authorize and give consent to any approved staff members of Cheer Force One to take whatever action necessary for any medical treatment when parent/guardian cannot be reached. I understand that by signing this form that Cheer Force One is not liable for any injuries incurred during competitions, practices, classes, events, and/ or anywhere upon the premises of Cheer Force One. I have disclosed all medical or physical information on the athlete mentioned above. I certify that the named individual is physically capable and able to fulfill their requirements needed to be an athlete at Cheer Force One. Parent /Guardian Name_______________________________________________ Please Print Signature ___________________________________________________________ I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE TERMS AND AGREEMENTS. Insurance Company____________________________________________________ Policy Number_______________________________________________________ Medical info/Allergies__________________________________________________ Doctor’s Name _________________________ Address _______________________ Dentist’s Name _________________________ Address _______________________
  14. 14. PHONE DIRECTORY/ EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM List ALL phone numbers where you can be reached at ANY TIME! Athlete Name: __________________________________________ Date of Birth: ______________ Athlete Email: __________________________________________ Athlete Cell: (___)___________ Address: _____________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ______________ Mother Name: _________________________________________ Mother Cell: (___)____________ Father Name: _________________________________________ Father Cell: (___)_____________ Parent E-mail: _________________________________________ Home Phone: (___)____________ Emergency Contact: _____________________________________ Phone: (___)_________________
  15. 15. All-Star Recruiting Form 2013-14 New All-Star’s Name__________________________________ Phone #________________________ The All Star Recruiting Program is designed to help current All-Stars reduce their monthly training fees while building a bigger and better All-Star program. For every new recruit a current All-Star brings into the program, they receive a credit for one month’s All-Star tuition. Only one credit can be given per new recruit, so it is very important that you let us know what current All-Star recruited you into the 2012-13 program. Please list their name in the space provided. Remember, in order for us to credit an All-Star, their name has to be listed on this form and signed by you! Please complete and return this form to the gym office as soon as possible so we can properly credit your recruiting All-Star. Please list the name of the current All-Star who recruited you into the 2012-13 Cheer Force One All-Star program. If you were not recruited by a current All-Star, please leave blank. Recruiting All-Star’s Name:_____________________________ Phone # __________________________ Please read the following and sign: I authorize Cheer Force One to assign a recruiting credit to the AllStar listed above. I understand that only one credit can be assigned per new recruit, and that the recruiting All-Star listed above is accurate. _____________________________________________ __________________________________ Parent Signature Date